surfa chick

this is about a girl that has been on the run for a while, but when she catches the eye of austin mahone. will she run or stay near him?


7. The text!


Part 7


You opened your text and it said.

Hey (YN) its Austin today was fun. How are you doing? X

You texted back

Hey Austin, yeh it was best bit was seeing your body ;) I’m fine thanks, your mum okay? Xx


It said

Yeah feeling your hands on my body felt good ;) good glad your okay... shes fine she was just worried about me, because of the weather. Xx

You sent back

Maybe we could carry on next time ha-ha ;) aww bless your mum worrying about you. Yeh that weather was really bad. Xx


It said

Anyway babe, I’m going to bed got early morning. Ohm was wondering if you wanted to go to a party with me tomorrow night. A bunch of celebs will be there, please come? Xxx

You said

Ermm sure go on, do I need to look fancy? Sounds fun. Aww you calling me babe, that made me smile...: D xx


Good, and yeah just come as you. Yeh that’s because you are my babe. Anyway night (YN) don’t dream of me too much ;) xxx

You said

Aww okay, don’t worry I wont Austin... night xx


It said

Night (YN), love ya <3

Omg you couldn’t believe it Austin said he loved you, maybe he meant it as a friend.

You fell asleep smiling your head off.

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