surfa chick

this is about a girl that has been on the run for a while, but when she catches the eye of austin mahone. will she run or stay near him?


4. i think i like him


Part 4:

Austin: hey (YN), you okay? Why did you run off?

(YN): sorry I just didn’t want my face all over the papers. I wasn’t trying to be rude.

Austin: no don’t worry I understand, it’s annoying. So mind if I join you in surfing?

(YN): you surf?

Austin: pfft course I do.

(YN) pov:

Ha-ha he couldn’t surf but you both had fun, he was sweet. I finally tourt him how to stay on the board when it’s still but when it moves he falls over.  His smile made you weak at the knees if you could touch the floor. You have butterflies with butterflies in your stomach, it felt weird but in a good way.

I think I like him.

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