surfa chick

this is about a girl that has been on the run for a while, but when she catches the eye of austin mahone. will she run or stay near him?


5. his body, makes me want him so much!


Part 5:

The weather started to get really bad; it wasn’t safe in the sea any more. So he grabbed your hand and pulled you out of the sea on to his soldiers, he just ran with you away from the paps. You covered your face so they couldn’t see you. You got to his car, and man was it nice. You couldn’t wait to get into it, but you was wet and you didn’t want to ruin the seats.

(YN): you sure I’m really wet.

Austin: here ill put a towel on the seat.

(YN): okay.

You sat in the car in a matter of seconds you was really warm.

You put some music on and Austin’s song came on so you thought you would sing it.

Austin: thought you wasn’t a fan, and nice voice.

(YN): well I’m not a fan fan I just like your music, okay and maybe your body but that’s it. And thanks I love to sing.

Austin: you like my body?

(YN): yeh its well sexy.

He pulled his shirt up and you couldn’t help but moan at his hot wet abs on him, they was tanned as well which got a second moan.

Austin: hahaha want to touch.

(YN): your weird you know that.

Austin: yeah but I’m being serious.

(YN): okay

You put your hand on his chest and it made you moan so bad, you wanted him right there and then. Your hand ran over every part of his body, he grabbed your hand and looked into your eyes.

(YN): what?

Austin: you have no idea how much that feels good.

(YN): I think I can, you have a boner. Ha-ha

Austin: oh right sorry.

(YN): Nahh its okay, but I’m not rubbing that for you.

Austin: aww, I’m joking ha-ha

You laughed for hours, but then you got to his.

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