Paranormal Hunters

10 years ago, Emma and John Caster lost their parents. To what? Demons. Well when an old friend calls and says the demons are back, Emma wants some revenge, but what about John. Why are the demons back? What more news about the demons will the Caster siblings incounter during the hunt. Read and you'll find out in "Paranormal Hunters"


3. Chapter 2

     I arrive home at four twenty. I walk through the front door to find John sitting on the couch.

     "It's about time you get here. We need to be leaving. He wants us there at five." He gets up grabbing the remote turning off the t.v, and heads to car.

     I don't want to go. I don't want nothing to do with those demons. I don't care and I never will. This isn't gonna bring back my parents. Nothing will.

     We finally arrive at his house at exactly five. Daniel was already outside, leaning over his porch railing watching us get out of the car. His dog, I think his name is Dex, barking at us from behind the fence.

     "It's about damn time you guys got here." Daniel says raising up as we step up onto the porch.

     "sorry, Em took forever." John looks up at him from the ground.

     Daniel smacks him up side the head. "Boy don't you dare blame you actions on your sister. Now get your ass in the house."

     I chuckle as I follow John inside. I remember that Daniel likes us to take our shoes off when we get in, but I'm guessing John didn't cause he left his on. Before he could take another step, Daniel smacks him upside the head again.

     "Dude, I'm twenty-two. Will you quit smacking me like I'm freaking twelve." John says holding his head.

     "Boy, take your damn shoes off,"

     John looks down and walks to door and takes off his shoes and walks to couch, but gets smacked again.

     "and don't you ever snap at me in my own house or I will smack you into next week you ignorant son of a.."

     "Daniel," I interrupt, "why are we here?"

     He motions for us to sit and we do. "Now you both know you're here because the demons. Well I've been doing research and there are clues everywhere leading to the fact that the demons are back in town." He pulls out a file from beside his chair, pulls out some photos and lays them on the table. "These symbols showed up a few months ago at a local house where a couple and their nineteen year old son live...officers found the couple dead at the scene, necks turned all the way around. The nineteen year old...missing."

     When he said neck turned, all i could think about was the sound I remember hearing, when I was under my bed. That awful cracking, breaking sound. I zone back to ask him a question. "What does the nineteen year old look like?"

     "They don't know that's the thing. There wasn't a single picture of him. All they know is that his name is Adam."

     John looks up from the phots in his hands. "I'm not understanding. What do these symbols have to do with the demons and this family and more importantly or parents?"

     "Well, after your parents death I went over to ya'lls house." He pulls out two more photos from the file and hands them to us. They were pictures of the same symbols but in different areas that I recognized.

     They were in mine and Johns old room.

     Daniel talks more. "These same symbols were found in both of ya'll's room."

     I set the photo down on the table and stand up. "Okay. I'm done. I can't..."

     "Wait." Daniel interrupts. "There is one more thing I have to show you." He pulls out another photo but holds it against him. "The demons...they came back to town for a reason."

     "What reason?" John leans forward, resting his elbows on his knees.

     "To get what they came for years ago." He sets down the photo on the table. I looked at the photo carefully not believeing what I'm seeing. The photo has dark, red blood spelling out a word. A word I hope I was reading wrong.


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