Paranormal Hunters

10 years ago, Emma and John Caster lost their parents. To what? Demons. Well when an old friend calls and says the demons are back, Emma wants some revenge, but what about John. Why are the demons back? What more news about the demons will the Caster siblings incounter during the hunt. Read and you'll find out in "Paranormal Hunters"


2. Chapter 1

     "John I'm going out." I yell from the front door. I open the door to have the smell of sweet pine hit me in the face.

     "Wait!" He runs in here and stops, putting his hands on his knees then raises back up. "You remember Daniel Watson, right? He was our neighbor when we liv-"

     "Yes I remember. What about him?"

     "Well, he called last night. He really needs to talk to us. About our parents."

     I look at him, my mouth opening, but not saying anything so I just shake my head. "No, I'm not going."

     "Em, come on. It's been almost ten years."

     "Yeah, ten years of not having a mother. Ten years of not having a father. Ten years of ....not having the perfect family. Ten years of living with someone I barely knew. Ten freaking years...of knowing what killed them, but didn't do a damn thing." I look at him for a few seconds then turn back around and start to walk out.

     "That's what he was wanting to talk about...the demons."

     I stopped. I haven't heard about them in ten years and all of a sudden they appear. I stand there thinking about that night then walk out without saying a word.


     The whole time I was out all I could think about was what Daniel has to say. I was so caught up in the whole thing that I accidently ran into someone.

     "Oh my god, I'm so sorry. I wasn't paying," I look up to see a boy with brown hair with little blonde highlights, his skin was a little tan, and had the most beautiful blue eyes, and damn that boy was tall. "attention." I finished.

     He half smiles looking me up and down. Was he...was he checking me out? Danm, he has a perfect smile too. "No it's my bad. Um, I'm Drew." He puts out his hand for me to shake it.

     I smile. Cute name too. "Emma." I reach for his hand and shake it.

     "So, um, what's a pretty girl like you doing walking around alone?"

     I couldn't help but blush, "I needed to get away."

     "Oh well, um, you wanna get some coffee?"

     I smile and nod. "I'd love to." I follow hime to the coffee shop. As we open the door, the strong smell of coffee came sipping throught my nose. After we get our coffee we sit at the table next to the window.

     "So tell me about yourself." He smiles. He's teeth were so white they could shine the whole night sky.

     "Well my name is Emma Caster. I'm nineteen. I live with my brother, John, and his girlfriend, Hannah. They're both twenty-two and she's five weeks pregnant."

     "Whoa, wait, why don't you live with your parents?"

     But even he can't keep the memories away.

     "Um, they died. Ten years ago." I wrapped my hands around the cup looking at it not wanting to catch eye contact.

     "Oh...I'm sorry." I could tell in his voice that he felt bad. I check my phone to see the time. It was three-thirty.

     "Shit, I need to go." I get up fast and put my bag strap over my head and letting the bag rest at my side.

     "Okay well here." he gets out a pen and writes his number on my hand. "Call me sometime."

     I smile and rush out the door to home.

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