Here No Matter What


1. One

I walked into the school and people everywhere were staring. I turned to look at Jason, "Okay, why is everyone staring. I can't be the only new student that's ever rolled through here.
"Rolled through here? Really?" he joked.
I nudged him playfully with my elbow. "I'm serious Jason. Why is everyone staring? It's weird."
"Don't worry about them short stuff. They're just jealous."
"Yeah right. Of what?"
"Because you're hanging out with the hottest guy in school, duuuh." he chuckled.
"Oh righttt. That's why." I rolled my eyes playfully and kept walking down the hall, with Jason by my side. Jason has been my bestfriend ever since I moved here. I honestly have become so close to him since I met him. He's extremely sweet and pretty funny. I'm kind of starting to like him more than a friend. Is that good or bad..? I don't even know.
"Hey. It's true and you know it." he laughs.
"Yeayea, suuure," I say sarcastically, "If you say so."
We both laughed and walked down the hallway to our first hour class, Chemistry.

I wanna know what y'all think. is it good or no.? I think ima sucky write but some of my friends say it's good. so let me know please(: and be honest. thank you.
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