Locked out of heaven

Stephanie is the nicest, prettiest, and most popular girl in school. Until one day a new kid arrives, his name is Harry Styles. Harry will do everything he can to learn more about Stephanie, but what happens when he learns alittle to much? He learns a secret to dark, but Stephanie finds Harry's little secret even darker. Who tells the truth? Who lies? And who's that blonde kid with a knife?


9. Chapter 9.

   *Harry's P.O.V* Why didn't she answer my text?!? Ughhh! I grabbed my phone and smashed it to the ground. I felt my hands curl into a fist, but then softened up, what did I just do? Was that a little too overdramatic? I cleaned up my phone and had to throw it away. Thankfully my mom has an IPhone 5 but never uses it. I took a shower and then put on some boxers, then went to bed.


That morning something, or someone, was tapping on my window. I sat up in bed and climbed over to my window, slowly opening it to see if I recognize the person, it was Joey. I lifted my window up all the way and helped Joey come in. Joey brushed off his jeans and shut my window. "This is an emergency"...."A hair emergency"!. I rolled my eyes and hopped back into bed. "Come on helllllp" Joey whined shaking my bed. "ENOUGH" I yelled climbing out of bed. "Why is your hair the problem"? "Look at it it's awful"! "Then go to your girlfriend's house" I whined trying to get back to bed. "Fine" Joey grunted. I heard him open the window and jump down outside.


*Stephanie's P.O.V* I was sleeping but then woke up to the door bell ringing. I quickly got off the bed and covered myself in a blanket. I opened up the door and I met my eyes with Harry's. I felt a lump forming in my throat as I tried to say hello. "Hi Steph, umm can I call you that now"? he said staring at me. I nodded my head and he smiled. "May I come in"?  he asked. I swallowed really loud and gestured for him to come in. He stepped inside and made his way to the couch. "Have you eaten breakfast"? he called from the couch. "N-No" I said sitting as far as I can away from him on the couch. "Then your in luck beautiful" he chuckled reaching into his pocket, he pulled out an energy bar. I grabbed the bar and fake smiled. "Are you scared of me"? Harry asked moving closer to me. "No, w-why would you t-think such a thing, I'm actually happy your here umm.....e-ecstatic" I fake laughed opening up the bar. "Good" he said moving closer to me. He was about to touch me when the phone rang. I sprang up from the couch and ran all the way upstairs to my room, slamming the door. I snatched the phone from the dresser and answered it, it was Joey.

Joey: Hey! Umm I have a ughh...hair crisis. I know it sounds weird but it's horrible. And I was wondering if I could come over to see what you could do about it?


Me: Ummm...   "Stephanie" Harry called.


Joey: Was that Harry? Boy you two have been spending a lot of time together.


Me: I-It's not what y-    "Are you alright up there"?     "Perfect"!!! I screamed.


Joey: A-Are you cheating on me with...him!


Me: NO not at all, are you serious. *nervous laugh* I-I would never even c-consider liking him!


Joey: Suuuure. Were through...Goodbye


Me: W-WAIT!!!!!

*Call ended*  Why does everyone hang up on me?!?!?

I slammed down the phone and ran back downstairs. "Is everything ok"? Harry asked standing up coming closer to me. I started to cry and Harry comforted me. I began shoving him away and kicking him, "Get off of me" I yelled. Harry let go and I shoved him causing him to fall back on a vase and he slipped down to the floor, the vase crashing onto his head. I saw blood peaking out onto his face and I began to cry again. "Your crazy"!! Harry screamed trying to stand up. I wiped away my tears and helped Harry up. "I-I am so sorry, I d-didn't mean to do that I-I swear"!! I yelled hugging him. He shoved me away and stumbled into the kitchen. He sat down on a chair and tried to calm down. "C-Call  the ambulance" he said reaching for the phone. I ran over and picked up the phone, dialing 911.


*Skip Ambulance, now at hospital* I brought my brothers, and Allison with me. A nurse came out and told us we could visit him. "You first" Brandon said shoving me forward. I walked into the room and saw Harry laying down sleeping. I sat down next to him and slowly grabbed his hand, squeezing it. "S-Stop touching me" Harry whispered. I let go of his hands and his eyes slowly opened. "Boy am I tired" he said trying to sit up. I carefully pulled him back down and played with his hair. "The doctor told me you could not sit up now, unless you want a never ending migraine" I said causing Harry to smile weakly. "I-I'm sorry" I whispered feeling a tear fall down my cheek. Harry smiled and closed his eyes. "It's ok, I shouldn't of bothered you" he said. "Can you forgive me" I asked causing Harry to smile again. "Sure but, can you tell me what's this N guy business" he asked. I paused for a moment, then rested my head on his chest. "H-He told me you were dangerous, and not to fall into your trap, that you have a dark secret? He said he could be lying, but he could be telling the truth, then he said you could be lying to me, or you can be telling the truth, I'm just so confused I need answers" I said beginning to close my eyes. Harry rubbed my shoulder and kissed my forehead. "H-He's playing a joke on you, I would never hurt you in any way possible...I-I think I love you" he chuckled. "Okay" I said making it sounded like I believed him, which I kind of didn't. What if he really is dangerous? Or not? Ughh I just want to know, I'm feeling more scared than ever laying on him. "C'mere" he tiredly laughed making me cuddle with him. I wrapped my arms around his shoulder and snuggled into his neck. I fell asleep for awhile until Allison came in and woke me, telling me someone called her phone to speak with me. I got up and kissed Harry's cheek then grabbed the phone.

Me: N I know it's you


N: Good the whole static intro was to much


Me: What lies are you going to tell me now?


N: I'm not lying to you, Harry is dangerous. Search his full name up when you get home, Harold Edward Styles...


Me: No


N: Fine if you don't want to learn his past th-


Me: *sighs* fine


N: Good but i'm telling you only once, leave Harry now! Leave the hospital and don't visit him there again. I'm allowing you to go to his house, but never, never, in his room, or basement. Don't trust those innocent eyes girl because those eyes who look so beautiful and kind, belong to a dark and evil guy. *Call disconnected*


I gave Allison back her phone and felt tears forming in my eyes. W-Why is that guy lying to me? Harry is innocent, right? I saw Harry open his eyes and gestured me to come over to him. I ran out the room and dragged Allison and my brothers down to the lobby. I ran all the way home, not even waiting for them. When I got home my head was pounding, and I was out of breath. I layed down on the couch and began to breath slowly.


Awhile later I got a text from N.

N: Look inside your mailbox, I brang you a present.....>:)


I went outside and found a brown package in the mailbox. I brang it inside and opened it in the kitchen. I lifted a knife out of the package and looked at the note attached to it.


In this period of time, the light can only seek true safeness from this, against darkness. Believe me Stephanie you'll need this when the time comes...soon-N xoxo


I know he made me the light......and Harry is the darkness...


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