Locked out of heaven

Stephanie is the nicest, prettiest, and most popular girl in school. Until one day a new kid arrives, his name is Harry Styles. Harry will do everything he can to learn more about Stephanie, but what happens when he learns alittle to much? He learns a secret to dark, but Stephanie finds Harry's little secret even darker. Who tells the truth? Who lies? And who's that blonde kid with a knife?


8. Chapter 8.

  *Stephanie's P.O.V* I woke up early so I can avoid my father's consequence for being home so late. I brushed my teeth and then began to straighten my hair, something I haven't done for awhile. My signature look is curly hair and lots of mascara. I changed into a casual shirt, black high waisted shorts, and blue toms that matched a part of my shirt. I packed my bag with the books I needed and then woke my brothers up. "What do you want"? Ryan complained. "Shh it's friday, hurry and go get up dressed for school so I can take you" I whispered. "Why"? Brandon asked. "Do you want our stupid father beating you and then taking you to school" I said glaring at them. "Fine" Jake said sitting up. "Good be ready in about 20 minutes, and hurry" I said tiptoeing out of their room and into the kitchen. I poured myself a glass of water and sat down at the table. I shivered thinking about my father touching me. It hurts so much to be punched amd kicked. Luckily he doesn't hit me hard enough to leave any scratches or bruises. About 5 minutes later my brothers came into the kitchen all dressed and ready. I gave each of them a piece of bread and butter and we quickly, but quietly, left the house.

As we were walking down the sidewalk In the corner of my eye I saw a black van pull up to us and roll down their window, it was Harry. "Look who it is the Rodriguez family" Harry joked. "Oh shut it and leave us be" I yelled walking away from the van. I turned around and saw the boys going into Harry's van. I ran back over to the van and opened their door. "Get out, you don't just go around going into strangers cars" I yelled trying to pull Ryan out. "Technically we know Harry so he isn't a stranger" Brandon yelled. "Yeah and we would rather go with Harry any day then stay with you, you don't even care about us, you talk to us like were ghosts and you care more about Allison then us" Jake added. I felt my stomach churn up and I felt a lump form in my throat , I had to hold back the tears. I let go of Ryan and wiped away a tear that was forming. "If I didn't care about you then why did I wake you up early enough so dad wouldn't beat you like he always does when I'm not around, I try so hard to be at home but I can't stand dad a-and I'm only mean to you guys sometimes because that's what siblings do, we fight, but that doesn't mean I love you any less then Allison, or joey, in matter of fact I love you guys more, and If I had to pick between dad, even mom, and you guys, i'd pick you guys any day, any time, so go ahead and go with Harry, but i'm walking to school" I yelled hearing my voice crack a couple of times. I wiped away a couple of tears and stomped away. A few seconds later I got a text. 

Harry: Please come with us to school? 

Me: No don't try to act like you care so much about me when you clearly don't...

Harry: Atleast I don't push people way instead of trying to be their friends

Me: I happen to be the most popular and nicest girl in school, I befriend everyone, even 9th and 10th graders.


Harry: then why not me?

Me: because your different...

Harry: how so? 


I didn't answer him and i shoved my phone in my pocket. 

*Harry's P.O.V* As I sent her the text "How so"? I felt my body shiver. How was I different? At least I tried to be her friend from the start, but she just pushed me away. Why? I waited a couple of seconds until i realized she wasn't going to reply. "Alright lets go" I said to the boys starting up the car. As i drove past Stephanie she looked at me and glared. I ignored her and kept on driving. 


*After school at 3:00* I ran downstairs and realized my dad was home. "Dad" I yelled running into his arms. "Hello Harry how have you been" my dad chuckled. "Where did you and mom go all this time"? I asked not letting go of the hug. Then my dad let go and patted my shoulder. "I'm sorry we worried you, your mother had a very difficult thing going on at her work and we just ha to be there, I'm sorry we didn't tell you sooner, we tried calling but no one answered" my dad said. "I was probably at school" i laughed. My dad chuckled and hugged me again. "Mom's still at work but she's coming home soon ok"? "Okay". "I'd love to stay and chat dad but I'm meeting someone at the park" I said grabbing my coat. "Meeting a lady friend" he chuckled. "Umm ya you could say 'friend'" I fake laughed running out the house. I hope Stephanie still comes to the park, she may be a jerk, but she doesn't seem like a lier. I sat down on a swing in a quiet part of the park and waited for about an hour until I saw Stephanie walking by looking down at her phone. I got up and snuck behind her. I saw she was texting some guy who ended his texts with -N...What it's that N guy!! "Why are you texting him" I yelled. She screamed really loud and her phone fell to the floor breaking. "You little prick" she yelled shoving me. "I'll pay for it, a-and the outfit I dirtied with spaghetti" I said panicking. "You better" she hissed shoving me again. I felt stunned by her strongness, she is stronger than she looks, literally. She shoved her broken phone in her bag and sat down at a nearby bench. I sat down next to her but she just scooted further away. "So... what were you doing at the park"? I asked trying to start a conversation. "Looking for you" she yelled. "O-Oh umm I was waiting for you too, sorry about the phone, I really am, how much in total do I have to pay you"? "150,000 dollars" she yelled. "what's dollars" I said confused, sorry I am from the UK! She sighed then glared at me, "Pounds". "O.....Oh ok" I whispered trying to scoot closer to her, but this time she moved closer to me so we bumped into eachother. She laughed but then scoffed. "D-Do you want to like...go see a movie or something" she blurted out causing me to jump. "Yeah" I laughed sighing of relief. We walked all the way to the movies and picked to see Sinister. We bought some gummy bears and popcorn, and poured lots of butter on it. Then we bought a huge soda we will share.


*Stephanie's P.O.V* As we were walking to the theater Harry playfully threw a gummy bear in my shirt. "Retard get it out" I whined. Harry looked at my shirt then to my eyes. "I'd rather not" he laughed. I playfully shoved him and took the gummy bear out of my shirt, then threw it away. "Sooo what your saying is you don't want to touch this" I joked. "Nope" he chuckled giving me an evil grin. Playing hard to get hmm? What umm I mean who cares...I have Joey! Right... how could I totally forget about my own boyfriend. I should call him. I grabbed my phone, but then realized it was broken. I grunted then took a sip from the soda. "Hey Harry before we go in can I quickly call Joey"? I asked. "Umm sure" Harry said, he sounded alittle mad too. He handed me his phone and I dialed Joey's number. "Hello Styles what can I do for you"? Joey said sounding really tired. "Hi Joey this isn't Harry it's Steph, Harry umm happened to have broken my phone" I said looking over at Harry who was talking to some random girl. "Hey babe, why are you with Harry"? he said sounding a bit mad. "Oh well you know were partners for that P.E project so we decided to go see a movie" I replied. "Oh alright well can you meet me at the club at 10:00 p.m tomorrow? I wanna talk about something" "Sure thing" "Alright have loads of...fun bye" "bye". I handed Harry back his phone and he said bye to some girl our age. "Who was that" I asked entering the theater. "Just some girl who asked me where I got my shirt, and I kinda got her number" he answered. "You are dating Skylar remember"? "Oh god right how could I forget"! "Don't worry I kind of forgot about Joey" I laughed. "Oh someone must liiiike me" Harry sung. "No-I-I kind of j-just uhh shut it" I whined shoving him once again. Harry chuckled and we sat all the way in the back of the theater.


*Harry's P.O.V* When we sat down I slowly yawned and put my arm around her. She scoffed and shoved my arm off. "Very cheesy Styles" I laughed eating some popcorn. "Come on you know you like those cheesy type of things" "Yeah I guess". During the movie Stephanie kept jumping and cuddling into my chest, I let her cause you know...ya you do ;). After the movie I took her home and she invited me in. "Don't worry my dad was away all day today, thank god" Stephanie said turning on the kitchen lights. I took a seat on the couch and she joined me.


* Stephanie's P.O.V* "So Harry boo- "Harry boo"? Harry chuckled. "Yes now let me finish" "So why do you think one moment I hate you and then another I...like you" I asked causing Harry to smirk. Here's comes a joke in 3...2...1... "Because you know you can't resist me" he laughed winking at me. Yup knew it. I rolled my eyes and turned on the tv. Awhile later the phone rang, I went to pick it up when I got shot with a nerf gun. I heard Brandon giggle and their bedroom door slam. Those idiots! When I answered the phone it was all static and then the same guy as last time started talking.

*Unknown guy*= known as N

N: Hello lovey girl *laughs* I see you broke your phone, but whatever, I told you I didn't want you going over Harry's house. He is dangerous!


Me: How so?    I felt my breathing getting deeper.


N: He's not normal, do you want to know why he sleeps and flirts with so many girls?




N: Nah you don't. Look if you want to be safe don't ever talk or be with Harry again. I'm serious...but in matter of fact-


Me; Why would I listen to you, I've just learned that I still hate him, but I think I'm falling for him.


N: Do not get stuck in his trap! Do not let him deceive you with his beautiful green eyes, don't get pulled into his spell with his kind words.......................but in matter of fact why should you listen to me? I'm just a random guy who knows just to much, but I can still be lying *laughs* or am I telling the truth? Or maybe Harry's lying, buuuuut he could be telling the truth.


Me: S-Stop trying to trick me! (Just to let you know she's whisper screaming so Harry won't over hear her) I'm confused, stop! Harry is a nice person, h-he's fine, I-I love him.


N: Would you rather be confused or tricked? Pick one, because basically that's a life or death question. Your Harry's next meal honey, and he ain't afraid to bite. *laughs once more* Goodby-


*Called ended*


I put down the phone and tried to calm down. I jumped when I heard footsteps behind me, "Is everything ok"? I heard Harry ask behind me. I shivered and I had goosebumps, I turned to him and fake smiled. "Umm yes everything is fine" I lied. Harry nodded his head and then he tucked a strand of my hair behind my ear. I felt cold and scared I mean is Harry really dangerous, sure he was a pretty strange guy at first but I finally realized I love him. "I better go" Harry said walking past me to get his car keys. When he walked past me his arm brushed across my thigh and I jumped stepping away from him. He turned to me and laughed, he looked at the ground and before he stepped out of the house he turned around giving me a small smile, a smile that would a long time ago calm me, but now frightens me. Finally when he closed the door I locked it and lay down on the couch. Awhile later Harry text me which made me shiver, thinking about him scares me.


Harry: I can't wait to see you again :)))


Me: Ummm ya :/


Harry: Is everything alright?


Me: Perfect.


Harry: Come on stop lying Princess


Me: I'm not......are you?      How stupid why would I text him that? I guess maybe I would get an answer out of him.


Harry; Nope why would you think such a thing, I would never lie to you, all truth


Me: Oh...okay


Harry: I want you right now

I never answered his text, but I know I fell asleep to the picture of his dreamy, lovely eyes that look so innocent but could maybe be holding a dark lie?...


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