Locked out of heaven

Stephanie is the nicest, prettiest, and most popular girl in school. Until one day a new kid arrives, his name is Harry Styles. Harry will do everything he can to learn more about Stephanie, but what happens when he learns alittle to much? He learns a secret to dark, but Stephanie finds Harry's little secret even darker. Who tells the truth? Who lies? And who's that blonde kid with a knife?


7. Chapter 7.

  "What do you want" I said coldy. "Umm since were both in the same place, some how" he smirked, "would you like me to drive you to my house to work on the P.E project". What should I do? The boy on the phone said not to go with him... "Fine" I said blankly. Harry nodded his head then went back to Skylar. "What was that about" Brandon asked. "Umm teenager talk" I quickly said. "Were basically pre-teens" Ryan blurted out. "Oh shut it" I hissed.


  After the shake shop I said bye to Allison, dropped the boys back at the house, and now I'm in Harry's car.

"You don't talk much" Harry said looking at me. I sighed and looked at him, suddenly getting lost into his eyes. They are so pretty...Oops back to reality. "Does it make sense that I just don't want to talk to you" I hissed. Then Harry pulled out to the side of the road and stopped the car. "What are you doing" I asked. "What's the problem" Harry asked. "Nothing" "Come on there's got to be some problem" "Nope nothing" "Is there something wrong with me" "Maybe" "Ever since I've arrived here you've kept your eyes on me, why"? I looked out the window then at Harry. "Did you ever text me this morning"? I asked. "Not that I remember why?". "Did you pretend to be some N guy" "What"?. I sighed then showed him the texts on my phone. Harry's eyes squinted as he looked at the texts, and he kept on re-reading them over and over again. "Umm this is definetly not me, who would play such a ridiculous game on you, you should call the police if he's stalking you, you know"? "Yeah but I kind of believe him" "What! Steph- "Don't call me Steph, were not exactly close enough to be calling eachother nicknames" I hissed. "Stephanie" he hissed. I smiled and he continued speaking. "Look Stephanie I would never get into your family business and would never lay a finger on you, just like you said were not exactly 'friends' " Harry finished. I snatched my phone away from him, and deleted all the messages. "Ok" I said looking down at the floor. Harry sighed then started the car again, then continued driving.


*Harry's P.O.V* She's a strange girl, I'll give you that. But I'm probably strange to her too. Why does she care about me so much? Sure I probably am now more popular than her, but what did I ever do to her. I was just trying to make her my friend that's all. She's beautiful though, I remember the first day I saw her. Well like two days ago.


  *Flashback* I walked up the stairs into the building and took a look around. So this is my new school huh? Interesting... I headed to my locker when I heard a commotion going on by the main doors. "Hi Stephaniee" "Your so beautiful Steph" "OMG hi Stephanie lets hang out sometime" "Dang Stephanie someone is looking hot" is all I heard. Who's Stephanie? I looked to the doors and saw a girl about my age helping a 9th grader pick up her books. "Thanks Stephanie Rodriguez" I heard the girl squeal. The girl, I mean Stephanie, stood up and patted the girl's head. "Call me Steph" Stephanie laughed. As she walked by she said hi to everyone and when she spotted me I almost fainted, she was super pretty. She smiled at me then quickly walked over to her friend. I put my bag in my locker and closed it. Then I leaned on my locker watching Stephanie talking to her friend. "Why the eyes?" I heard her friend ask. "Don't you like being popular". "Of course I do! It's just I-OMG HOTTIE AT 3 O'CLOCK" I heard Stephanie yell as a guy with chestnut hair and hazel eyes walked over to them. I felt angry that she was already interested in another guy. I am sooo much bettter... Then the guy gave her a strange look, but then smiled and walked away. I rolled my eyes and grabbed my schedule and book from locker, then when I turned around someone bumped into me and knocked my schedule out of my hand. It was the guy Stephanie likes. The guy bent down and picked up the paper and examined it. He smiled at me and handed me back my paper. "Sorry dude" he said. He patted my back and he made me walk with him. "But in the bright side of things, we have Biology and Homeroom together, so lets go" he laughed. "I'm Joey Matters by the way" he added. "Harry Styles" I replied.


  And when the moment I saw her standing before me in lunch I couldn't take my eyes off her. She was just too beautiful, I just had to know more about her, get her to be my friend. So that's why I wanted to be her partner for the P.E project.

*End Of Flashback*

"Something on your mind" I heard her ask. "Just umm thinking of Skylar that's all" I blurted out. I saw her gave me a dirty look then she looked out the window. Great move Styles, reminding her of your girlfriend. I love Skylar I really do, but she'll never be as special as Stephanie. When we arrived to my house it was 7:00 p.m. I quickly headed to her door and helped her out. She smiled at me as she stepped out of the car. "Thanks" she said heading up to my porch. I turned off my car and unlocked the house. "Your parents home"? she asked. "Umm actually no I don't know where they go nowadays" I said feeling myself about to cry. "Oh I-I'm sorry" she said hugging me. "It's alright I'm sure they'll come back soon enough, sorry about your mom" I said squeezing her. She began to cry and I went into the kitchen and poured her some water. "I-It's going to be ok" I said rubbing her shoulder. "No It's not, since my mother is gone our father abuses us, I don't like when he touches my brothers, they shouldn't deserve this life" she said taking a sip of the water. It's kind of weird seeing her in pain and crying, the Stephanie I knew, or was introduced to, was a girl who had her eye on me for some reason. I don't really know what to reply, I mean I care for her but like, can we just get to the project I really don't care about her backstory, even though it's sad. I feel real bad. "I know what your thinking, my backstory isn't important, lets just work on the project" she said wiping away her tears. I nodded my head and I brang us both a pen and paper. "Ok what should the first qu-" I started but she interrupted me. "My name is Stephanie Rodriguez, you already know that, I was born on February 2nd 1994 I love the color Pink, my bestfriend is named Allison Watson, my boyfriend is Joey Matters, I live with my father, Daniel, and my three younger brothers Brandon, Jake, and Ryan. I love to go shopping, running, dancing, singing, and horseback riding. On my free time I write mini stories, watch tv and go to the park to feed the birds. And you'll just have to find out the rest of the things I like to do" Stephanie laughed. "Wooow that's alot of info, now what came after My name is"? I joked. "Don't start with me" she laughed.


  "The proper way is pants" Stephanie yelled. "These are called trousers" I yelled back. "Pants" "Trousers" "Pants" "Trousers" "PANTS" "PANTS" "TROU-hey not fair" Stephanie laughed. "No seriously the correct way in America is pants" Stephanie said. "Ya I know I just wanted to bother you" I joked. Stephanie rolled her eyes then looked at her paper. "Well I think we got enough info about eachother for today" she said. I nodded my head and put our papers away. "Hey let me drive you home" I said. "Nah I think I'll walk home" Stephanie said. "Still can't trust me ey"? I laughed. "Not really Styles" she laughed. "Hey I think I remember a special someone say, *squeaky voice* were not exactly close enough to be calling eachother nicknames" I joked. "Shut it" Stephanie hissed. "Hehe ok but no seriously it's dangerous for a young girl to walk home alone at 11:00 p.m" I said leading Stephanie out the door. Then she took a piece of paper out of her bag and wrote something down, then she handed me the paper, it was her number. "And I'm serious, I'll be okay I'll call you if anything happens" she laughed walking away. She was about to disappear across the street when I called to her. "Hey Stephanie" I yelled. I saw her look over and she gave me an annoyed look, but then smiled. "Would you like to go to the park to run tomorrow" I yelled. "Nooope" she laughed. I rolled my eyes and was about to close the door when I heard her call back to me. "Hey Harry"? she yelled. "Yes" I said looking over to her. "Be at the park at 3:00" she said smiling. I nodded my head and closed the door. I lay back on the door and felt myself blush.


*Stephanie's P.O.V* When I got home I checked on the boys and then went up to my room. I hopped onto my bed when I got a text. *Recieved test from: 786-667-9145 (I made this up)*



786-667-9145: Hey Steph It's Harry just wanted to make sure you made it home safe



Me: First of all>>>>>>>>STEPHANIE



Harry: For heavens sake who the heck cares....Stephanie >:)



Me: Very good, and yes I made it home great, but I think my dad hurt the boys again :(



Harry: :( I'm sorry I wasn't there to protect you like a strong man like myself should've done-



For heck's sake why does he have to joke.



-It'll all be okay, you should report him to the police, and that mysterious N guy.



Me: It won't be okay, I think. But thanks for trying to help. If my dad finds out I call the police he'll kill me and the boys, then just run away before the police could get to the house. And ya your right I have to see what's up with this weird N guy. :/



Harry: :( I'm sorry about your mom, do, do you wish your mom made it not your dad? Sorry to ask.



Me: Kind of...my dad never supported or loved me as much as my mom.



Harry: :( Same with me. Sorry to ask a weird question. I'll let you sleep now <3



Me: Alright goodnight Harry :)



Harry: Goodnight princess, hey pick you up for school tomorrow?



Me: Not a chance Styles



Harry: That's HARRY to you >:)



Me: Whateverrrrr goodnight geez let me sleeep



Harry: Alright selfish little girl :D


 I felt myself blush.



Harry: Goodnight Rodriguez



Me:Goodnight Styles




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