Locked out of heaven

Stephanie is the nicest, prettiest, and most popular girl in school. Until one day a new kid arrives, his name is Harry Styles. Harry will do everything he can to learn more about Stephanie, but what happens when he learns alittle to much? He learns a secret to dark, but Stephanie finds Harry's little secret even darker. Who tells the truth? Who lies? And who's that blonde kid with a knife?


6. Chapter 6.

  It was like time froze. I ran all the way back to my house and found the door open. I ran inside and started yelling Brandon's name. "Brandon", I yelled. No answer. I checked in all the rooms and found none of them. I ran back to the kitchen and my heart started to beat faster. I turned my head and saw the basement door. No, they can't possibly be in there. Even if they were I can't go back in there, again. Okay Steph get yourself together, it's just a dark, scary, smelly basement. No biggie. I felt myself sweating as I walked towards the door. Steph your brother's lives are at stake get yourself together! I gripped the handle and slowly and opened the door. As I stepped down the stairs the floor creaked, my family's never been down here for years, excpet me. When I reached the last step I noticed no one was in here. At that exact moment my phone vibrated. *New text message: Unknown user*


Unknown user: You really shouldn't believe random strangers honey. ;)-N


The idiot! He tricked me! I ran all the way back upstairs and slammed the basement door shut. I started to pant really hard and I grabbed a glass of water. When I finally calmed down I checked the time. Crud! I'm going to be late for school. I grabbed my bag and left the house, running super fast to school. By the time I reached school I was sweating, my hair was a mess, and I was late. I ran up to my homeroom and got stares from my classmates, but I didn't pay attention. I sat down next to Allison and she started laughing. "What" I angrily whispered. "Beautiful hair Steph" Allison joked giving me a mirror. I looked like an ape, so I screamed. The teacher cleared his throat and walked up to me. "No screaming Mrs. Rodriguez" He blankly said handing me a detention slip. Just great! Allison started laughing, until the teacher gave her a detention slip for disturbing the class. I started to laugh and began brushing my hair. At lunch I sat with Joey, leaving the girls to gossip away. We sat far away from our, "Clique", and I recieved angry glares from Joey's friends. I stuck my tongue at them and began eating my lunch. "So I was think-" Joey said but then was interrupted by Harry walking past our table holding hands with the 2nd hottest girl in school. Then "accidentally" bumping into our table, making me spill my spahgetti all over my outfit. Harry turned around and smiled at me. I slammed the table with my hands as I sat up. I walked over to Harry and spun him around. "Oh hey Stephanie nice outfit" Harry's little "pet", "Girlfriend", said. "Shut your mouth, do you realize how much this outfit costs, 100,000 $!" I yelled causing Harry to smirk. "And you" I yelled shoving Harry. "Why are you laughing do you think this is a game, your paying for my outfit and that's final" I yelled stomping back to Joey. Joey was laughing and I kicked him. "I'm sorry but it was alittle funny" Joey laughed. I scoffed, grabbed my plate, and walked to a random table. "Wait Steph" I heard Joey yell behind me. I rolled my eyes and sat in a table by myself. I fixed up my plate as much as possible and began eating again. A few seconds later everyone started yelling and screaming. I looked over to where everyone was and realized Harry was doing some type of challenge no one in the world can do, and apparently he won. "Ohhhh" everyone screamed. Been here for only two days and half the school already knows him, it took me 3 months to get popular!


I had cheerleading today so after school I headed to the locker rooms when I spotted Harry shaking hands with the football coach. Oh heck to the no, he is not joining the team! Then the coach handed him a uniform and he started walking to the locker rooms. I continued walking to the lockers when Harry, on purpose, bumped into me. "Oh hey partner, I made the team, isn't that awesome, now I can watch you all practice" he joked, but he seemed serious. I pretended I didn't know he made the team and hugged him. "That's great Styles, break a leg" I yelled. "Literally" I mumbled when he walked away. I changed into the cheerleading uniform and put my hair in a messy ponytail. I walked outside and the team was waiting for me, I'm the captain. "Hey captain" they all yelled. I smiled at them and we all grabbed our Pom Poms. I turned on some music and we started our excersises, not keeping my eyes off Harry, who was practicing running with his teammates. When he passed us he waved at me. I rolled my eyes and glared at him. When it was time to do the pyramid I was at the top. When I climbed up, Harry, on purpose once again, screamed. Causing me to jump and we all stumbled down. I helped everyone up and looked over at Harry, who was cracking up. I rolled my eyes once again when I felt a sharp pain in my wrist. I sat down and the nurse came to look at my wrist, it ended up being broken. The nurse wrapped up my wrist, and placed a cast in it and handed me a lollipop. Yay! Because she thinks were like 5! I threw away the lollipop and walked over to Harry who was talking with some boys on his team. I pushed them out of the way and grabbed Harry shirt. I pulled him out of the crowd and to the side. "Go get some Harry" I heard one boy yell. Harry made a thumbs up at him when I made him look at me. "Because of you, my wrist broke, so I can't cheer" I yelled. "And now I can't be the captain" I added. Harry laughed then looked over to the cheer squad squealing and cheering. His "Girlfriend" was becoming the new captain. I swear I felt my body shock when I slapped Harry so hard, his whole face turned red. His eyes started to tear up as I stomped away from him.


"He deserved to get slapped" Allison said sipping her milkshake. Me and Allison after my cheer practice, picked up my brothers and we all headed to a shake shop. "I guess but now I feel bad, I mean when I slapped him it was like full force, and I felt a shock in my body, and pleasure in seeing him in pain, you know?" "No I don't" Allison laughed throwing away her shake. I massaged my wrist when I saw Harry walk in the shop with his girlfriend, Skylar. Skylar looked over at me and put on an evil smile. Harry's face was still red on the side I slapped him and he smiled when he saw me. He just got slapped, really hard, and he smiles! That's when my phone rang. It was the Unknown User. I answered it and heard nothing in the background, except static, then muffling.


Unknown User: Hello Stephanie

Me: Why are you whispering? Who is this?

Unknown User: Don't mind that, did you slap Harry?

Me: Umm you didn't ask me to, how did you know I wanted to slap him?

Unknown User: Great you slapped him no-

Me: You didn't answer my question!

Unknown User: Don't let Harry take you to his house tonight goodbye

Me: W-Wait don't hang u-

*Call disconnected*


I put away my phone and noticed Allison staring at me. "Who was that?" she asked. I shrugged my shoulder and looked over at Harry, who was sharing a milkshake with Skylar. Why didn't the caller want me to go to Harry's house? Guess I have to find out. And with that Harry walked over to my table and smiled at me.











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