Locked out of heaven

Stephanie is the nicest, prettiest, and most popular girl in school. Until one day a new kid arrives, his name is Harry Styles. Harry will do everything he can to learn more about Stephanie, but what happens when he learns alittle to much? He learns a secret to dark, but Stephanie finds Harry's little secret even darker. Who tells the truth? Who lies? And who's that blonde kid with a knife?


3. Chapter 3.

  "M-M-Michael" I said. "Hey Steph, can we please talk"? Michael said trying to step into the house. I stepped into his way and glared at him. "We have nothing to talk about" I hissed. He grabbed my arm and pulled me inside. He threw me to the couch and he sat next to me. I started to kick him but he held me down. "Give me another chance please" he begged. "NOOO" I screamed. "Please I love you" he cried. "Well I don't love you" I spat in his face. He ran into the kitchen and got a knife, he held it at my throat causing me to gag out blood. "If you don't go out with me again I'll kill you" he hissed. "Your mad that's what you are" I yelled. Then I heard a knock on the door. Michael let go of the knife and ran out the house bumping into Joey. "Joey" I yelled running to him. He hugged me and kissed my head. "I'm sorry I didn't come sooner" he said kissing my cheek. "It's okay" I laughed going into the kitchen to clean up the blood. "Who was that anyways" Joey asked throwing away the knife. "My ex-boyfriend Michael, he was always an assasin" I replied. "Well I have to go" Joey said hugging me. "Already you just got here" I asked sad. "Ya I have football practice, I'll call you tonight I promise" he laughed kissing me. I wanted to scream, and I did. "Oh uhh haha sorry" I said nervously. He chuckled and tucked a strand of my hair behind my ear. "Go wash up Rodriguez" he joked walking out of the house. If I was feeling fresh that would've been more magical, but it still was. I took a shower and blow dried my hair, then curled it. I'm not going to even try to be disgusting so I did my hair. I dressed into a white dress with red flowers and white fancy sandals. I tucked a white flower behind my ear and watched some tv. By 11:59 I heard the door bell ring. I turned off the tv and opened the door, it was Harry. "Umm I thought I was supposed to meet you at the park, and if you were to pick me up you were really early" I rudely said. "Well I thought It'd be extra special if I walked you to the park" he laughed. I rolled my eyes and invited him in. "Nice cozy house" Harry cooed. "Ya ya just go sit down and wait for me" I complained heading to the boys room. "What a woman" I heard him say. I rolled my eyes and opened the boys room, they were sleeping. I walked over to each of them and kissed them goodnight.


*Park* We set up the picnic and sat down on the blanket. We sat by a lake and the moon was full. "Did you know it was going to be a full moon" I asked. "No I think we just got lucky" he smirked. "Hey why dressed so fancy, you know if you dressed like a hobo I would never like you" he added. Dang it! I knew I should've stayed dressed in the mud. I rolled my eyes when Harry kissed my cheek. I threw a piece of bread at him and he laughed. "Why are you laughing, your supposed to be mad, and don't kiss me again I have a boyfriend" I yelled. "I know" he joked. "Ughh" I complained. "Besides I wasn't laughing cause I was happy, I was laughing cause of this" he yelled spraying mayo all over me. "You retard' I yelled tackling him. "Now your dirty" I evily laughed. "I know, but it was worth it" he laughed. I looked at him and noticed I was laying on top of him. I scoffed and climbed off of him. "Not in your dreams Styles" I laughed. "But in yours" he joked. "Please I have a boyfriend" "You say 1000x" Harry laughed. "Ughh why do you like me so much?" I asked. "Because, your smart, beautiful, funny, energetic, and the most prettiest person I've laid eyes on" Harry replied. I started to blush and I hugged him, I wrapped my arms around his shoulders and he kissed my cheek. I unwrapped my hands and placed them on his thighs. We held hands and he blushed. I held his cheek and kissed him. Woah woah woah what the heck am I doing?! I quickly stopped and shoved him away. I scoffed and grabbed my phone. *3 missed calls from Joeyxoxo* I quickly called him back and he answered with a sleepy voice. Harry call over and I shoved him away, he just laughed.


Joey: *yawns* Hey babe

Me: Hey! I'm so sorry I didn't call you back, I was doing something important

Joey: It's alright, so what were you doing?

Me: Ummm


I looked over at Harry and he was smirking, he wrapped his arms around my waist and kissed my neck. I tried to shove him away but he held on tight. "Go home your drunk" I yelled.


Joey: Who's drunk? Is there someone there with you?

Me: No it's no one I'm just watching tv, and there's some guy hugging this girl and he's drunk


I glared at Harry, he just laughed.


Joey: Well alright, I got to go to sleep now, I have to wake up early for football, I'll stop by later k?

Me: Alright babe bye I love you!

Joey: *makes kissing noise* Love you too


*Hangs up* "Alright Harry you can let go now" I yelled. He unwrapped his arms and spun me around. "Lets dance" he laughed. "Seriously stop touching me" I yelled. He started to spin me around and I got dizzy. That's when I threw up on his shoes. "My shoes, there new you idiot" he yelled trying to clean them off. I started laughing then stopped. "I-I'm so *giggles* sorry" I chuckled bending down to help him clean up. Then he grabbed my hands and I looked into his eyes, sooo pretty! He started laughing and kissed my cheek. "Gotcha" he laughed pulling me to him and we fell. I layed on top of him and I laughed. "Okay that was pretty fun" I laughed getting off of him. "But sorry about the shoes" I apologized. He shrugged and he started picking up the picnic. I helped him and we said goodbye. I ran all the way home and took a shower, once again. I changed into my pj's and went into the boys room. "Stephie" I heard Ryan say. "Yes" I answered. "Can you sleep with me, I'm scared" he asked. "Fine but grow up, your 12" I joked. I climbed into his bed and wrapped my arms around him. I kissed his ear and we fell asleep.


*Around 4:00 a.m* I heard the phone ringing and I got up and answered it. It was my Mom and Dad's boss. "Hello is this Stephanie" the lady asked. "Yes". "I-I'm sorry to say this but..."


I knelt down on the floor and started to cry. This can't be true.


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