Locked out of heaven

Stephanie is the nicest, prettiest, and most popular girl in school. Until one day a new kid arrives, his name is Harry Styles. Harry will do everything he can to learn more about Stephanie, but what happens when he learns alittle to much? He learns a secret to dark, but Stephanie finds Harry's little secret even darker. Who tells the truth? Who lies? And who's that blonde kid with a knife?


15. Chapter 15.

  *Stephanie's P.o.v* Do you ever have that feeling that someone's watching you? Like ever? I do, all the time. Thanks to the king of idiots Harry Styles. He was mysterious at first, hard to get kind of guy, but I liked him. I wanted to learn more about him or, sooner or later, date him. But when I found out he was a killer I became less interested. But he kept his lovely charm and made me like him again. I-I still do love him but why would he slit my throat. I mean it doesn't make any sense. 

Everything was a blur, I saw Allison's blurry body tackle Harry and they were fighting. I saw Harry throw Allison to the ground and hover over her, then a scream. Then darkness...


i woke up in a white room. Correction, hospital room. I remember everything that's happened but not who took me here. Did Allison die? Did Harry die? Where's N? Most importantly where the heck is Brandon?!


*Brandon's P.o.v* That girl wasn't coming back. What a relief! That means I can get out of here and find that guy, or Steph. I got up from the chair I was currently sitting on and exited the back door of the club. I snuck around the bodyguard and disappeared into the the fog. I seriously have no idea where I'm going but I ended up at someone's house. I knocked on the door but no one answered. Strange. The lights were on but no one was coming to the door. "Hello?" I called out, no answer. I snuck around to the back and climbed her fence. Okay, if your wondering what I'm trying to do I wanted to find someone to call the police and report that girl. While I was walking to their back door I stepped on something...fleshy. I looked down and screeched. A girl's body lay there, fresh blood flowing out of her chest. I-It's the girl at the club, but who killed her? Harry? I pulled out my cellphone and dialed Steph's phone number. She didn't answer. I began to tear up. "Please Steph I need you" I cried out, tears pouring down my cheeks.

I decided to call the police. And about five minutes later they arrived, and took me to the police station. A policewoman sat with me in the room and offered me a burger and fries. I happily ate the burger while explaining everything that happened at the club. "So this N guy is good right"? The lady asked scribbling notes down on a piece of paper. I nodded my head and shoved some fries in my mouth. "He wanted you to deliver a note to Harry Styles?" She asked. I nodded my head again. "Thank you so much Brandon, you just got us closer to the recent serial killer Harry Styles, and you found our lost agent Niall Horan" the policewoman said standing up and patting my shoulder. She was going to walk out the room when she stopped and turned around. I looked over at her and she gave a reassuring smile. "And brandon?" She said. "Yea" I said my mouth full of fries. "I'm sorry about your brothers and your sister, we'll find her and your dad soon okay buddy?" She said giving me a thumbs up. "Okay" I said almost choking on my words when She mentioned my brothers. Hmm I miss you Ryan and Jake. Please come home...


*Harry's P.o.v* I didn't kill Allison, no matter how much I wanted to. But I had to do it for Steph, Allison's one of the people she most loves. I backed away from Allison and looked over Steph, her eyes were closed and she wasn't breathing. No time to think now! I dropped the knife and ran out the house as fast as I can. Running... Running... I don't know where, but somewhere...


*Stephanie's P.o.v* I woke up once again and heard talking, then a couple of familiar faces hovered over my head, smiling saying things I didn't understand, Everything was a blur, but I recognized someone, Allison! So Harry didn't kill her! Where ever you are Harry I hate you, but thank you...

Sooner or later my vision became clear and I now know what the nurses were saying. "Oh look she's awake" the red headed nurse cheered heading over to me. "Mrs. Rodriguez I'm doctor Gonzalez, if it wasn't for your friend here you would've died, but we treated you as best as we could, and as soon as you get rested and you feel it's time to leave do so. Feel better Stephanie" the nurse said softly patting my shoulder and then she and the other doctors walked out the room. I sat up in my bed and felt a pair of eyes watching me. I turned to the side and met my eyes with Allison's. I smiled as she ran towards me softly hugging me. "I'm so glad your awake, and ALIVE"! Allison laughed. "Me too" I sighed. "Where did H-Harry go?" I asked causing Allison to frown. "I don't know and I don't care, he was about to kill me when he just stopped, dropped his knife, and ran out the door" Allison explained sitting down on the bed. "Also don't worry about Brandon, he's alive and well at the police station, the police found you here and are bringing him in about 10 minutes". I sighed and smiled, thank god Brandon's alive!   Awhile later I was sitting on the bed in Brandon's arms. "I love you" he whispered. "I began to tear up, he's never said he loved me. "I-I love you too" I whispered a lump forming in my throat. I tried not to cry as Brandon let go and smiled at me. "Will they ever find Harry?" Brandon asked me. I shrugged lost for words, I'm just glad he's away and the people I most love are here with me now. Nothing could ruin this moment.

Awhile later I was dressed and out of the hospital riding in Allison's car. Me and Brandon would be staying with Allison for awhile until we go into foster homes. As we got to her house I was greeted by Allison's parents with warm hugs and smiles. They've always loved me, not so much Brandon. Him, Jake, and Ryan would always ruin Allison's mom's flower bed garden. But this time Allison's mom smiled at Brandon, kneeled down and opened her arms allowing Brandon to give her a hug. I smiled knowing we were in good hands.


Two weeks went by and no word from the police, Harry, N, my dad, or even my ex- boyfriend Michael. I wonder where he is? Until later this afternoon I got a text. I looked at the collar I.D and almost dropped my phone. *New text message from: N*


N: How are you?

Me: N! Where have you been? I missed you...

N: I needed to get away for awhile. Everything was happening so fast you know?

Me: Yea..so where are you?

N: At the club (sorry) meet me there?

Me: Yea be there in 5

N: Bye


I slipped my phone in my pocket and told Allison's parents I'd be out for awhile. I left the house and made my way to the city, entering the alleyway, through the hole, to the left, and up to the club. The black body guard nodded his head when he saw me and let me in the club. I grabbed a drink, before meeting up with N.  When I saw him I grabbed him and squeezed him. "I missed you" I whispered. "I missed you too" he laughed pulling me away. "Any news?" I asked sitting down with N at the bar. "The police has spotted Harry in Kentucky, he's going to get arrested right when he steps out of his apartment, finally" N sighed. "T-That's great" I lied. But deep down inside I kind of felt sad. I don't know why I just still love Harry.   I got snapped back to reality when N scared me when he asked a question. "What's your secret?" N asked. I gulped remembering my time back in the basement. "What are you talking about?" I nervously laughed. "I sat the tools in the basement, and I know you have a dark secret so tell me" N said seriously. I sighed, no use in trying to lie now. "Fine my secret is..."


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