Locked out of heaven

Stephanie is the nicest, prettiest, and most popular girl in school. Until one day a new kid arrives, his name is Harry Styles. Harry will do everything he can to learn more about Stephanie, but what happens when he learns alittle to much? He learns a secret to dark, but Stephanie finds Harry's little secret even darker. Who tells the truth? Who lies? And who's that blonde kid with a knife?


13. Chapter 13.

 Here's the next chapter guys!!! Enjoy!! <3 



  This is the end of me. Goodbye Brandon, Goodbye Allison, Goodbye Joey, Goodbye Harry, Goodbye Niall, Goodbye world. My dad was about to reach for me when he stopped and fell to the floor, a knife stabbed in his back. It was quiet for a moment before I heard laughing. Niall's face appeared and I screamed followed by a room of laughter. I climbed out from under the table and wrapped my arms around Niall. I sobbed into his shirt and clenched onto his back basically scratching off his skin. He flinched then shoved me away. I giggled then kissed his cheek. "Thanks, really" I laughed causing Niall to smirk. "Ahh finally following my advice and staying away from Harry"? Niall joked handing me my knife. "Thanks but I don't think i'll need this knife right now". "You keep saying that but when the time comes don't come crying to me" Niall joked starting to walk up the stairs. "Hey umm Niall" I called out. Niall turned back around and came back down. "Yes"? "D-Do you wanna do something tonight"? I asked hoping for a yes. "Uhm sure, where would you like to go"? "Midnight picnic"? "You really like picnics in the dark don't you"? Niall joked holding out his hand. I took it and he led me upstairs and out the house. Our hands were still entwined when we reached Harry's house. I saw Niall blush as we let go. Ughh first joey, then harry, then Niall!!  Why do all the hot guys like me!?! I snapped back to reality and said bye to Niall then knocked on the door. Harry opened it and smiled pulling me inside. "You took forever, i almost gave up on you being alive" Harry joked beginning to dance with me. I fake laughed because I almost did die! "I'm not much of a dancer" I laughed trying to stop dancing. Then he spun around and dipped me, pecking me on the cheek. "Me neither" He whispered just like Joey did at the club, then picking me back up and he threw me to the couch causing me to crash into Brandon. "Ouch dance somewhere else" Brandon complained getting up and going into the kitchen. I started to laugh and I fell to the floor causing me and Harry to laugh more. Harry helped me up and we sat on the couch. "Harry"? Harry turned to me and smiled kissing my cheek. "I need to tell you something important" i confessed telling him everything that's happened. 


*Harry's P.o.v* When Steph finished her story I got so furious, but remained calm on the outside. I sighed then grabbed her hand. "I'm sorry I never came with you, I wouldv'e saved you not that dumb N kid" I grunted slamming my fist on the couch. Stephanie flinched and scooted away from me. "S-Stephanie I-I" "Save it, I already know your a killer just don't do anything to scare me or especially Brandon, one incident and were out of here" Stephanie hissed. I tried to comfort her but she stood up and walked to Brandon. I-I just have to take care of this N dude, he's getting in the way of me and Stephanie! I stood up and grabbed my coat 

from the coat hanger and stepped out the door. 


*Stephanie's P.o.v* After I told Harry everything he looked so pissed, like he wanted to kill someone. After I got up to go with Brandon I saw Harry mumble something to himself, then he sprang from the couch, grabbed his coat and he was out the door. "Where's he going" Brandon asked. "I have no idea" "But I'm gonna find out" I said. "Stay here and don't follow me it's dangerous at night" I instructed Brandon. I grabbed my knife, because you may never know what might happen, and ran out the door. I saw Harry disappear into the streets, the a lot of screaming. I ran after Harry and ran into the city, it was packed! I looked around for Harry and didn't see him. I continued to run through the crowd when I spotted Harry turning into the same alley he chased me in...strange. I ran after him and turned into the alley, he wasn't there. I tiptoed to the back of the alley and slipped through the hole behind the garbage can, the one N pulled me through to save me last time. When I climbed through the hole I spotted a part of a shoe turning to the left of the alley. My luck! I dusted off my clothes then began running again. I turned left of the alley and noticed Harry was gone. The area was really foggy, and quiet, but mostly foggy. I began to slowly make my way through the fog when I saw a figure ahead. It was Harry! But what the heck is he doing here! I got up closer to Harry and hid behind a garbage can, but still watching him. He was talking to some big tough black guy, guarding an entrance to...a strip club? Ughh typical boys. The guy shook hands with Harry, then Harry slipped through the club doors. I have to get in there, but how?! I climbed out from behind the can and walked up to the guy. "Hi there missy, what's your name so I can see if your on the list" the man said, actually pretty nicely. I smiled at him then thought for a moment. My names not gonna be on the list. I sighed, I guess i'm gonna have to say it. "I'm Harry Styles' girlfriend" I groaned causing the man to smirk. "If so through this entrance" the man said opening up a secret door behind him. I fake smiled at the man then entered the hallway, the man slamming the door behind me. The hallway was dark, but little torches light up the hall along the way. I walked by many doors, taking a peek inside at a few. I saw some things I did NOT want to see. "Yuck" I mumbled as I made my way to the last door. The name plate on the door read 'Harry Styles'. No duh door! I rolled my eyes and slowly opened the door. I peeked inside and saw no one, so I stepped inside. I closed the door behind me and looked around the room. There was a couch named 'the love nest', very weird, a bathtub, and a...bed. Okay this is taking a strange turn. I walked over to the door that lead to the club and looked out the window. Harry was leaning against a table taking to a waitress. I opened the door, closed it, then hid behind the curtain when Harry turned to me. When he disappeared through the crowd I noticed N sitting at a table watching a stripper dance on her stupid little pole. Fury built up in my body, why is he here? I-I thought he loved me! I mean no what am I saying I love Ha-Joey! Yes Joey... I banged my fist on the wall and tried to calm down, this is getting out of control. I ran up to N and pulled him out of the chair and into the girls bathroom, luckily the bathroom was out of order so no one could come in. "Stepha-" I slapped his face and shoved him to the wall. "Save it you jerk" I screamed slapping him again. "W-What's that for"? N yelled tears forming in his eyes. "I thought you loved me and then you repay me by going to some strip club to watch some stupid girl dance on her stupid pole" I yelled shoving him harder. "Stephanie I-I'm sorry if you thought we had something but, I-I don't love you, I was only hired to protect you" N said lightly shoving me off him. "I-I sor" I began to say but then ran out the bathroom. "Steph" I heard N scream behind me. I shoved people out the way and ran out the exit, running out of the alleyway, into the streets, past Harry's house, past my house, and all the way to Allison's house. I climbed up Allison's balcony and banged on her window. I saw the light switch on and Allison sit up on her bed. Allison got up and trudged to the window, then sliding it up. Screaming when she saw me. She wrapped her arms around me and pulled me into her room. "I missed you so much" she cried jumping up and down. "I-I sorry I didn't come to see you straight away when things went wrong" I whispered hugging her back. After a few minutes Allison let go and closed the window then telling me to sit down on her bed. I walked over to her bed and layed down. "Your lucky my parents aren't home" Allison joked sitting next to me. I laughed then began to cry. "W-What's wrong!" Allison asked wiping away my tears. I then told her everything thing that's happened just like I did with Harry. I told her everything! By the time I finished I left her speechless. "W-What the" she began but then stopped and sighed. "I'm so sorry" she whispered causing me to shrug. "It's ok" I whispered hugging her.


*Brandon's P.o.v* Steph and Harry were taking forever! It got bored just sitting here alone, so I put on my shoes and headed out the house! Not like I'll find them in the city, but why not just check anyways. I ran into the city and got stares from many adults, more like all of them. "What you have never seen a 12 year old boy alone in the city before"? I mumbled to myself as I pushed along the crowd. After about a minute I shoved people out the way and ran across to the other side of the streets, the empty side. I began walking again until I bumped into someone. It was a teen about Steph's age and he looked frustrated. "Sorry" I said helping him up. "Thanks" he mumbled dusting off his clothes. "So what were you doing coming out of an alley way" I asked causing his face to go blank. "I was at a strip club" he confessed. "Oh-kay t.m.i" I joked. "Look kid, you know Harry Styles right"? the guy asked, causing me to back away alittle bit. The boy scoffed then put his hand on my shoulder. "Look kid I'm a friend of your sister, Stephanie, and I'm the good guy trust me, Harry's the bad one, now look follow my instructions carefully,  behind that trash can in the end of the alley has a hole, go through that hole the turn left at the end of that alley way, keep going straight, and make your way to the strip club, there will be a man guarding the entrance. You'll need to sneak around him and through the back of the club, the room there leads to Harry's private room" the guy said, stopping to breath. "There will be a pair of shoes on the desk, I put them there specifically for you, put them on they'll make you taller so you can gain entrance to the club. Make sure to put on one of Harry hats, and enter the club, find Harry and give him this letter" the boy finished shoving a crumpled letter into my hands. "After you hand him the letter run out the club as fast as you can, return the hat and shoes first, and return back to Harry's house by the time your sister gets back" the boy finished shoving me towards the alley. "Wait" I said turning around, to find the boy gone. This mission's going to be interesting, since I'm going to a strip club and I'm only 12! "What did I get myself into" I mumbled beginning to walk into the alleyway. "On the bright side Brandon" I whispered to myself as I squeezed through the hole the boy told me about. "You do get to see some babes so your all good" I laughed continuing to walk. As I turned to the left of the alley the fog started to clear up. I saw the club entrance at the end of the alley, and a black man guarding the entrance. Now how do I exactly get into the back of the club?



Hope you enjoyed this chapter! I know it's kind of weird with the whole strip club thing and all, but I just needed a location for Steph to run into N. Want to find out what happens when Brandon's mission  takes a horrible turn? Well comment for me to update, like and favorite and do what you do best, be awesome! Love you guys and (become my fan! and I'll become your fan right back!) -M.R 


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