Locked out of heaven

Stephanie is the nicest, prettiest, and most popular girl in school. Until one day a new kid arrives, his name is Harry Styles. Harry will do everything he can to learn more about Stephanie, but what happens when he learns alittle to much? He learns a secret to dark, but Stephanie finds Harry's little secret even darker. Who tells the truth? Who lies? And who's that blonde kid with a knife?


10. Chapter 10.

   When I woke up I had a HUGE headache, realllll bad! I went downstairs and took some medicine, then went to the living room to watch some TV. Awhile later my stomach growled, and that's how I realized I was starving. I went upstairs and changed into a short dress, flats, I straightened my hair, and put on some makeup. When I went downstairs I left a note to the boys that I was leaving and I was on my way.


 I decided to go to a place called dennys, a breakfast place. When I got inside and waited to be seated I saw this blond haired guy, about my age keep looking at me then to his friend. When I caught him looking at me I turned to him and smiled. "Take a picture, it'll last longer" I joked.  "Sorry...Stephanie" he laughed. His friend, who had brown hair looked at him then back at me. "How do you know her"? he asked the blond guy. "I'd like to know the same thing" I said scooting a little bit closer to them. "My name's Niall, this is my friend Derek" he said causing me to give a confused face. Niall rolled his eyes then leaned closer to me, whispering "Nice for us to finally meet, I'm N". "N-N is that really you"? I said, my mouth dropping. "Close your mouth, you'll catch flies" Derek said closing my mouth. I laughed but then my name was called. "See you soon" Niall, I'm more comfortable with saying N, so N said leaving. I was going to call wait but he was gone. When I was seated at my table I saw Harry come in. My heart stopped as he saw me, heading towards me. He sat down at my table and smiled. "W-When did you get out of the hospital" I asked trying to scoot away from the table. "Today" he harshly said. "I have a question, real simple, how long does it take to kill someone your mad at" he said glaring at me. I stood up from the table and started speed walking to the bathroom. Before I entered the ladies room Harry grabbed my arm and shoved me up against the wall. "Stephanie, beautiful, you never answered my question" Harry laughed shoving me harder. I stayed quiet and he gripped my arm harder making me squeal. "Please let me go" I whimpered causing Harry to laugh. "Where's little Joey, your boyfriend, now to save you"? he laughed playing with my hair. I lifted up my leg and shoved him off, he fell to the floor and grunted. This gives me a chance to run! I entered the ladies room and went out the back door leading to a forest. I followed a trail to the city and went around an alley way, stopping at a dead end. I hid in a little corner behind a garbage can and heard footsteps coming. I peeked out and saw Harry walking over. I held in my scream when I heard a small whistle. I quickly turned around looking through a hole, the size of me, and an arm pulled me through. I screamed and N covered my mouth. Boy am I glad to see him! "You won't get away, I.....love you Stephanie, I-I...." Harry yelled but then stopped. I looked over the wall and saw him sitting on the floor breathing. "Lets go" N hissed trying to pull me away. I shoved him away and jumped over the wall, walking over to Harry. "I-I so sorry, I'm sorry" he whispered crying. He looked up at me, his eyes red and tears falling down his cheeks, and frowned. "I'm sorry, I don't know what came over me, I-I'm so sorry" he whispered standing up to hug me. I stepped away and Harry began crying again. "Let's go" N said peering over at me from the wall. "A minute" I said lifting up Harry's face. He wiped away his tears and took something out of his pocket. It was a necklace that read 'Your the most beautiful girl in my eyes'. He handed it to me and began to walk away. "Harry" I called. He turned around and I ran over to him, hugging him. "I'm sorry, I never meant to hurt you, or say any of that" he whispered kissing my cheek. "I d-don't know if I forgive you, but it's ok" I said hugging him harder then kissing his neck. Then he let go and took the necklace. "Turn around please" Harry said, and I did what was told. He placed the necklace around my neck and locked it. I turned around and smiled, but he was already walking away. Then I felt a hand grab my arm and pulled me away, it was N. "You idiot, after giving you a heart attack, and almost killing you, you still l-love him"? he yelled rolling his eyes. "Yes, no, yes,...maybe" I answered. "J-Just stay away from him" N sighed walking to the wall, and jumping over it.


*Later that evening, at 9:00 p.m*

"Someone is calling you, someone is ringing, pick me up" my (new) phone sang. I looked at the collar I.D-N

Me: Yessss

N: Search up 'Harold Edward Styles, criminal past records, A.S.A.P!

Me: You are the only teenager I've ever heard say the actual letters A.S.A.P

N: Oh shut it! Just do it geez!!

Me: *groans* fiiiine

Still on the phone (put N on speaker) I grabbed my laptop and went on google. I searched up what he said and several stories popped up.


Me: Which story?

N: The very first one that appears!

Criminal records: Report on Harold Edwards Styles a.k.a 'Harry Styles'

Oh crud! Freakin' 100 crimes Harry has commited!!


Me: Freaking 100 crimes!!

N: Yup


I scrolled through each story, all either about him raping girls, stealing stuff, or murdering people. I felt tears forming in my eyes and a lump formed in my throat.


N: Scroll to the bottom of the page, that story was just posted today!


I scrolled to the bottom and noticed the picture of Harry and me by the alley way.


Me: What is that?!

N: Read the story!


April 4, 2013 published by: Aaron Barrocn *4 minutes ago*

      The young teen, who had just gotten out of jail two months ago is at it again! I have just captured a picture of Harry with a mysterious beauty, who might she be? But this mischevious lover isn't finished with the ladies yet! Reporters later that day captured pics of the 'young teen' all over a famous model at a mansion. Then seen an hour later heading to the club, locking hands with a local female teen just like the mysterious beauty. And you will not believe what I captured 20 minutes ago! I witnessed Harry leading the two ladies to his house, and hearing blood curling screams. And out came Harry with two dead bodies, and dumped it in his trash, the throwing a bloody knife. And you'll never believe I called the police, and when they finally arrived and checked his house, he was gone. The evil teen has not been seen in the last 10 minutes, and hopefully we will capture him soon for our safety...


N: Have you read it?!


I began to cry and shake, has Harry been tricking me this whole time! H-He's a killer!!


N: Stephanie?

Me: I-I'm here

N: Did you read it?



I have to get away! I shut my laptop and ended the call with N, then cleaned my tears and re-applied my makeup. I ran out the house and to the downtown club, as I was walking I felt a presence near, like someone was following me. I shook off the feeling and went into the line for the club. I looked at the people ahead of me and saw...Joey! "Joey" I yelled beginning to cry. He turned to me and glared but then noticed me crying. He ran over to me and dragged me out of line. "W-What's wrong"? he asked hugging me. "I never should of hung out with Harry" I cried onto his shoulder. "I want you back, I've only loved you, all this time...only you". He sighed and kissed my cheek. "I unlocked from his hug and he rubbed my shoulder, making me shiver. "What did Harry do"? "He's just not...safe, and I feel like he's here so can we head inside"? "Sure follow me" he said holding my hand and leading me to the v.i.p room. We took a seat at the bar and Joey wrapped his arm around me and kissed my cheek. "I'm sorry for never paying attention to you because of my stupid football practices" Joey said smiling at me. "It's ok I'm sorry I always hung out with Harry". "It's alright, and I'll take you back" "Thank you". Joey laughed then ordered us some shots. "I-I don't drink, were underage" I whispered to him. "C'mon Steph, lets try it...together, and if all goes wrong we could just dance" Joey laughed handing me the shot. I gave him a puzzled look and he nudged me to drink it. "On 3 we will try it together" he said. I nodded my head and on 3 we both tried it, it was soooo gross. "Ohhh eww" Joey laughed. "Never again" I said shoving the glass away. "I'll have another one please" Joey asked the bartender. "After the horrific taste your going to still try it"? I laughed. Joey shrugged and chugged another one down. Long story short he had four more shots and by the time I took the fifth one away he was drunk. "C'mon hot stuff hand it over" he slurred trying to take the drink from me. I gave it to some random lady and held him still. "Noo" I said as if I were talking to a baby. Joey laughed then pulled me to the dance floor. "Let's dance" he joked spinning me. "I'm not much of a dancer" I laughed getting dizzy. He spun me the faced me right to his face. "Me either" he whispered kissing my cheek.


*At like 3:00 a.m* "Alright ladies and gents, were going to do the dance called 'the switch'" The dj yelled then basically told us what to do. We start of with our own freestyle then the boy spins the girl and the girl spins over to another boy, then another boy, then another, then making their way back to their date, or friend. I spun to all different boys until I spun to a boy I did NOT want to see. You could tell he was drunk and I noticed a small pocket knife pocking out of his pocket. He grabbed my hands and we began to dance. "You know Steph, I did NOT expect you to be here" his british accent slurred.




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