Fix My Broken Soul

(not a true story, but close enough)

This story is dedicated to my love;

I ran away when I was young. I never looked back. I come from a broken home and I couldn't take it anymore. Here is the story of me, and how my life turned around.

If it wasn't for you, my life wouldn't be the same. I probably wouldn't exist.


1. About Me

Everything about my life was broken. I think when so much about your life is broken, your soul will crack. Mine has. 

I was sitting alone in my room with my headphones on. School was bad. My dad came up to my room and delivered the news. 

"Your mother is dead, son."

My mother had been in a car accident that night. It was around midnight. The truck hit her and the impact evidently killed her. I was driven to the hospital with my father and my sister. She was too young to know what was going on. My father and I were in tears. There is no staying strong when you've lost someone you care about.

I sat at her funeral in the corner with my hands covering my face. I cried until I felt there were no more tears left. My little sister was too young to understand; her mother was dead. Our mother was dead.

They buried her the next day. Curse the truck driver that hit her. Car accidents happen way too often. I hate cars. As if my life wasn't already bad enough, there goes my mother.

When I was born, 15 years ago, my dad and mom were fighting. I guess I was an accident. I was never meant to be. That seems about right, considering how messed up my life is now. My mom and dad got back together after my birth. They didn't want me growing up with a single parent. 

I can't remember any of my years of schooling except 8th grade and after. 8th grade was my last good year before high school. High school sucks.

I've always been sort of different. I've always been sort of a nerd. I'm good with computers and I'm smart. My biggest hobby is photography. It is the only thing that I can do to express myself. 

My name is Ryker. I'm 15 years old and my sister Olivia is 4 years old. This is where the story starts.

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