Rock Me


17. Without A Goodbye

Olivia's POV

"Have you chosen the color palettes you're considering? Or the people you want to have cater? Or who your bridal parties are?" my mom shoots out question after question about the wedding and I swear, Harry's hand resting on my thigh is literally the only thing keeping me in this chair.

"Well we got engaged last night," Harry says kindly. "We haven't really had time to discuss what either of us are thinking, we're just enjoying being together again."

I smile up into his green eyes and he meets my blue ones with genuine sympathy.

"Do you have an idea on when you'll start planning?" she asks, making me close my eyes for a moment of sanity.

"We'll probably talk to a wedding planner when we're back home," Harry says, making my older brother Chris snort in disgust.

For a moment, I wonder why Chris is even here, but then I remember it's Thanksgiving and we're sitting at the table, enjoying brunch. Or at least trying to enjoy brunch.

"Is something wrong, Christopher?" I ask.

"No, not really. But your perfect fiancé should probably let you speak for yourself," he says, slouching over and picking at his muffin.

I feel Harry's hand tighten on my thigh and I know that he gets the drift. He knows that Chris doesn't like him.

"What's that supposed to mean?" Liam asks from his spot next to Taylor.

Thank you, Liam.

"Oh, I don't know. Answering all our mother's questions about the wedding, calling god damn London Olivia's home," he says.

"Excuse me?" I ask, my instinct to protect Harry washing over me. "He's only answering because I have no answer, and London is my home, so you better watch where you take this conversation because we all know you're just looking for reasons to ruin my god damn happiness as always."

"Olivia Jane," my mother says, angry at my choice of wording towards my brother.

"No, its okay mom. Let her be unkind. At least I went to college, while she's over in England, fucking this thug and having tea with the queen," he shoots.

Both Harry and I, along with Liam and Niall stand up in protest.

"Now look here!" Eleanor shouts, her maternal persona kicking in. "Harry in not a thug, he's a great person and Olivia is not with him for the sexual benefits."

Chris laughs at how Eleanor defends Harry and I, but brushes off her comment.

"And worst of all, she's all over the news and the tabloids looking like a damn whore," he slurs as he sips from his bloody mary.

Harry's POV

"And worst of all, she's all over the news and the tabloids looking like a damn whore."

I nearly lose it when Chris says this, and this time her father joins us in standing in protest.

You let it get that far, Mike. Nice.

As soon as Chis calls my perfect, beautiful, kindhearted Olivia a whore, Liam and Zayn, who are sitting on the same side as Olivia and I, are behind me, holding me back from leaping across the table and tearing his fucking head off. But nobody is there to stop Olivia, and she bounds across the table, throwing punches at her only brother's face. He falls back onto the floor and she's on top of him. I don't think he realizes he's fighting a women, much less his sister, because he starts pulling her hair to get her off of him.

I'm soon behind her, pulling her off the sleeze back she calls her brother while Niall and Louis hold back Chris.

"Baby, baby, shhhh. It's okay, you're okay," I whisper, holding her in my arms. I make sure her face is in my chest so she can't be aggravated by seeing her brother. "Everything is alright, it's going to be fine."

Her heavy, angry breathing slows down and she begins to get teary eyed, but she turns around with as much pride as she can muster.

"We're leaving now," she says sternly, walking out of the dining room. Zayn, Louis, Liam, Niall, Ry, El, Perrie and I follow closely behind, and I think I see Taylor get up, too.

Liam's POV

"I've never seen them fight like that," Taylor says sadly as I follow her into her room. I pull her into a hug as she mourns the relationship between her older brother and baby sister.

"I'm sorry, Tay. But I really need to know what's going on between us," I say, pointing a finger at her, then myself. "Because I'm pretty sure we're heading back to London today, and I just... I need to know."

"I want to be with you, Liam. I really do," she says.

"Then come back with me to London. You said it yourself, Christopher and Matteson were the only two to ever actually get along with your parents. So come to London. Be part of our little family."

"She looks behind her for a moment to hide her emotion and turns back to me with her lip between her teeth.

"Okay," she nods. "Yes, I'll go to London with you."

My smile multiplies by a thousand as she agrees to come and stay with us in London, but my happiness is quickly degraded when Niall pounds on the door.

"We're all meeting at the guest house in fifteen minutes. Get packed and be there or be square," he calls through the door, making me laugh at the last part.

Taylor and I begin rushing around, packing whatever we brought, or in her case, whatever she wants to bring with her for the time being.

"We can buy you new stuff in London. The girls know all the hot shopping spots and get this, Olivia and Perrie have close ties with both the founder of Topshop and the Ralph Lauren," I laugh as she attempts to zip her overflowing suitcase.

"I think this may end up being too heavy for the suitcase thing," she laughs when she finally closes it.

"Oh, no. We'll be on a jet. You'll be fine," I laugh, lifting my suitcase onto my shoulder and pulling hers behind me.

Olivia's POV

"Don't you dare listen to a thing he said about you or us," I say as Harry and I wait in front of the guesthouse.

"I'm not concerned about that, Olivia. It's the fact that he chose to pick a fight, first of all. And second of all, he called you whore. You're not a whore, Olivia. You're the most perfect person in the universe and sometimes I question whether or not I'm worthy of you. I'm questioning whether or not I deserve to call you my wife-"

I cut him off.

"No, Harry. Stop. You're the only person in the world who is worthy of marrying me, which is why I said yes, which is why I love you so much that it scares me sometimes. So no, don't let him question your worthiness," I say as Liam and Taylor begin crossing the yard from the main house over to where we stand.

"What are you doing here?" I mumble and kick some grass as I see Taylor's purple suitcase in Liam's hand.

"I'm coming with you guys," her smile is so broad that I wonder under what circumstances she's coming. I raise a brow, asking her to explain. "Liam asked me to come with you all back to London. I've been wanting to get away from this city for a long time, so it feels good to be doing just that."

"She'll live with me, at my house, of course," Liam steps in. "They called and said the renovations are done, so that's good."

So now Liam and Taylor are living in a house, Eleanor and Louis are married and living in a house, Perrie and Zayn are married and living in a penthouse on the other side of the bridge, and Niall and Rydelle live in Niall's luxurious flat.

Harry and I are engaged and living in a penthouse.

I'm not sure why I ran through the living arrangements, but oh well.

"Well welcome to the family, Tay," I smile.

"Okay, okay, we're here," Eleanor says breathlessly as her, Louis, Niall, and Rydelle walk out of the guest house.

"Where's Zayn and Perrie?" Harry asks.

"They're coming," Louis says right as they walk out of the house. I look at their attire and laugh. We're all dressed back in our jammies and Zayn and Perrie are still in their nice outfits from brunch.

"You're kidding me," Perrie groans. She pulls Zayn back into the house and they come back out after a few minutes, Perrie in her jammies and Zayn in sweatpants and a t-shirt like the rest of the guys.

I look over at Harry and get weak in the knees. He's dressed in sweatpants, converse, a t-shirt, and a beanie adorns his perfect curls. I look at his bare arms and wonder how he's not cold. I'm dressed in the one piece Harry designed that has his hand print on it and it's rather thick and made of wool, and I'm freezing.

When we're all piled into the van the airport sent, He pulls me into his side and wraps his arms around me. I relax and let myself meld into his warmth as I rest my head on his chest.

The next twenty-eight hours of flying to Alaska, then over the entire Eurasian plate is a blur.


Harry's POV

I smile as I lay Olivia in the passenger seat of my Audi and the boys put our luggage into the trunk.

I had to carry her to the car because she was so tired and I can't help but laugh as I think of the cover photo for tomorrow's edition of People; one of the pictures the paps snagged of me carrying her through Heathrow.

"Do you think any of them got a shot of the ring?" Louis asks as I close Olivia's door and stand in front of it to guard her from the paps' bright lights.

"I hope not. They'll found out eventually, but we both would like to keep a secret for a while," I say. The girls are all in the cars, and I thought they all fell asleep while the guys loaded the cars, but Eleanor steps out of Louis's new yellow Lamborghini.

"Louis, I'm tire and its four in the morning. I want to go home!" she whines. None of the girls ever whine like this, so I can tell they're really tired.

"Night, lads," he smiles, and runs towards his car.

"That car is hideous!" I call.

"Like yours?" he calls back. I do a sexy pose against my Audi, making him snort.

"Yeah, not helping your case!" he calls as he lifts up the door of his ugly ass car and jumps in. As soon as the door is pulled back down, he revs the engine and then takes off.

I smile down at Olivia sleeping and decide I should get her home.

"Alright, then. We'll all meet at our place tomorrow morning, nine o'clock, for breakfast, yeah?" I ask.

"See ya then, mate," Zayn says, pulling me into a hug. Liam and Niall hug me too, and Liam scruffs up my hair with his elbow as he pulls me into a headlock.

"I can't believe the baby of the group is getting married!" he says, pretending to cry.

"Get off me," I laugh, pulling away and making the others laugh. "I'll be seeing ya."

"Night, mate," Niall calls as all the boys walk to their cars.

When Olivia and I get home, I park next to her Audi and leave the luggage in the trunk. I walk around to the passenger side and pull her out, carrying her up to the penthouse and laying her in the bed.

As I lay next to her, she moves around a little bit and I smile at how even in her sleep, she gravitates towards me.

"Do you think my parents are mad at Taylor and I for leaving without saying goodbye?" she asks. I jump a little, having not realized she was awake.

To be honest, I don't know the answer.

"I don't know, baby," I say sadly.

"Do you think they'll still want to come to the wedding?" Again, I'm not sure of the answer. She can tell I'm not sure, so she changes the subject slightly.

"I called the Abbey and they booked us for April 30th," she says.

"That's great, baby. At least we've booked the church, yeah?" I say, hoping to induce her motivation.

"Yeah. And I was thinking for the color scheme, we could do pearly metallic white and gold," she says, yawning.

"I love it," I say genuinely. I really do. Its perfect.

"Who are you thinking for the groomsmen?" she asks.

"Niall will be the best man. Then Louis, Zayn, Liam, Grimmers, Tom, Josh, Dio, and Will .

"Why Grimmers?" she laughs.

"Because he's one of my better mates," I say.

"And Tom Atkins, I'm assuming?" she asks.

"Yep," I smile.

"Dio.. Niall's cousin?"

I nod.

"Josh Devine?"

Another nod.


"My cousin."

"I'm going to have Eleanor be my Maid of Honor, so she'll be paired with Niall. Then Rydelle will be paired with Louis, Perrie will be paired with Liam, Taylor will be paired with Tom, Lou will be paired with Zayn, Jesy will be with Dio, Jade with Josh, Leigh-anne with Will, and um..."

I smile as she tries to think of a ninth bridesmaid.

"Oh, Gemma! Gemma will be paired with Grimmers," she says. I smile at the fact that she's so close with my sister.

"Sounds perfect," I nod.

"We'll tell everyone tomorrow when they come over for breakfast how it will all work," she says.

"Okay, baby," I smile, glad that she's forgotten about wanting her brother to be in the wedding party, or her sister Matteson. Quite frankly, they would have ruined it. "Go to sleep baby. I love you."

"I love you," she says groggily as her body loses all its tension and she falls asleep in my arms.



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