Rock Me


6. Unwanted Surprise



"Okay... Never have I ever gotten drunk," Olivia giggles. Me, Harry, Niall, and Zayn all take a sip from our drinks.

"Oh really?" Harry asks, kissing her shoulder.

"If you continue to hang with us, that'll change," Niall says, laughing. We all start to laugh.

"Don't worry babe. You're not the only one," Liam says, giving all of us a disapproving look.

"Okay, okay. Never have I ever gone to the hospital," I say. Olivia takes a sip.

"Wait, you've been to the hospital?" Harry asks curiously.

"Yeah, several times," She says.

"For what?!" Zayn asks, shocked.

"Well once because I was hit by a car. Then about 4 times because I've had pulsars. And then at least twice a year because of an allergic reaction," She says casually.

"What are you allergic to?" Liam asks.

"I have a severe allergy to peanuts. Even if I smell it, I'll start going into shock," She says.

"Well that just made me more more protective, if thats even possible," Harry says. I look at Olivia sitting in Harry's lap. She looks so happy with him.

"Excuse me," I say, walking back into the suite from the terrace. I storm into the kitchen and place both my hands on the cool granite counter. I rest my head against the cabinet.

"Are you okay, Lou?" I hear her concerned voce and I get a fuzzy feeling in my stomach.

"Yeah, I'm just thinking. I miss Eleanor a lot," I say. She comes over to the counter and stands next to me.

"Well lucky for you, You'll be seeing her tomorrow," She says.

"Wait, what?" I ask.

"You've seemed really, I don't know, lonely lately. So I called her and set up a flight out to London tonight. I'll drive into London tonight and me and her will go shopping. You guys will stay here and do... whatever guys do. You guys will drive into London tomorrow morning and we'll all spend the day together," She says. I pull her into a tight hug.

"Thank you," I whisper in her ear. She pulls back slightly and I look into her blue eyes.

"Baby?" Harry calls from the terrace.

"Yeah, one sec!" Olivia shouts. She turns and starts walking out the kitchen door but stops quickly and says, "No problem, Lou. Anything for my best friend."

When she's gone, what she said plays in a circle a my head. 'Anything for my best friend.' If only I didn't love her so much. If only I thought of her a just a best friend.


Olivia lies back down in my lap and swings her legs over the arm rest of the chair we're sitting in.

"I'm gonna miss you tonight," I say, kissing her neck.

"I'll miss you more," She laughs, laying her head on my chest and closing her eyes. I lay my chin on her head and close my eyes as well. I start to nod off when my phone vibrates and Olivia's makes the little pop sound at the same time.

@NiallOfficial: @Olivia_Jakobs and @Harry_Styles :)

Niall had tweeted a picture of us sleeping.

"You look like an angel when you sleep," I say.

"Mmm," Sh says, closing her eyes again. We both fall back asleep.

I'm suddenly jolted awake by Louis. "Harry! Harry, wake the fuck up!"

"Louis, what!?" I yell.

"Its Olivia. You better come quick.

I run into the suite. I hear sobbing coming from the kitchen and start to panic. When I run into the kitchen, I'm taken by surprise. Liam is talking to 911, Zayn is tearing apart a muffin, and Niall sits on the floor, sobbing. Olivia lies in his arms, purple faced and gasping for air.



Sorry! Another short chapter! I will update soon!




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