Rock Me


24. Santorini

Olivia's POV

"And that's how the cookie crumbles," Harry says, making me laugh. After giving me a ten minute lecture about the crumble factor of crispy chocolate chip cookies, he finally comes to a conclusion.

"Is that so?" I laugh. He laughs to, kissing my temple.

We lay on the floor in the jet cabin, our backs resting against the white leather couch.

"Can you tell me where we're going now? I mean, surely we're almost there, right? Its been-" I grab Harry's wrist and look at his watch. "nine hours. And we slept for seven hours before that, so sixteen  hours."

"I'll give you a clue. We're going somewhere European," Harry says.

"Then why has it taken so long?" I ask, my eyes going wide.

"I want us to get there when its only nightfall, so we can get rest and start our honeymoon full swing in the morning."

"So we're flying west, when we should have gone East to get to the continent?" I laugh, closing my eyes, unbelieving of how much thought he put into our arrival alone. I can't imagine how much thought went into everything else.

"Yes, my love," he sighs.

I lift his hand to my face, looking at the ring on his finger. He's officially a married man. I've been wearing a ring for months, but seeing him with a ring makes it all the more real.

"Mr. and Mrs. Styles, we'll be landing in five minutes. Please find a safety seat for touch down," the pilot says over the intercom. I stand up slowly, pulling Harry and the fuzzy blanket we were cuddled up in with me. We sit in the safety seat and buckle up as the plane's nose begins to dip down.

"Oh my lord, where are we?" I gasp as the ground comes into view.

Harry laughs at my astonishment.

"You'll see soon," he smiles.

Harry's POV

"Welcome to-" the pilot begins as we climb off the plane.

"Shhh!" I smile before he gives away our location to Olivia.

He smiles and nods before shaking Olivia's hand, then mine. Olivia is walking in front of me, but my hand rests on her hip, keeping her close to me, my free hand gripping my carry on and her Louis Vuitton back on my shoulder.

"Where are we?!" Olivia yells, running ahead of me and spreading out her arms, spinning around in the fresh island air.

I smile at her as she approaches the airport doors. She spins again as she passes the man pushing our luggage cart.

I catch up with her right as the doors slide open. She glances around in search of a sign and finally finds one. She squints her eyes to read it due to her lack of glasses or contacts.

"Welcome.... to.... San-tor-ini," she sounds out the island's name and then whirls around. "Harry!" she squeals. "Oh my god, we're in Greece!"

"Santorini, Greece, to be exact," I laugh.

"Oh my god!" she laughs, in the way somebody would hysterically laugh. Like laughing in excitement.

She runs over to me and wraps her arms around my neck, nuzzling her nose into my shirt.

"This is amazing," she mumbles into my chest.

"I'm glad you like it, baby," I smile, rubbing my fingertips up and down her arms. "Should we get to the hotel?"

She nods and grabs my hand, and we walk through the camera and fan free airport.

We walk to the front of the airport and out the doors, seeing our first view of the ocean surrounding Greece. A man waits for us with three donkeys, our luggages strapped to the harness of a fourth one in the back of the little line. Each has a harness with a rope tied to it, keeping them in a line. Olivia looks up at me in confusion, and I smile.

"This is our ride," I say. She gasps and pulls me over to the donkeys. The man directs her to the middle donkey.

"In Greece, men always, um... surround the women for protection," the man says, struggling with his English.

His hand rests on Olivia's bum as he readies to help her up. I step forward and force a smile.

"I got it," I say, spinning Olivia around to face me. She puts her hands on my shoulder and my hands go to her waste, lifting her up onto the donkey.

"It is tradition that the women rides side-saddle," the man says, but Olivia swings one of her legs over the side, ignoring him. I smile and snake my arm around her waste, which is at my neck level, and plant a kiss on her hip.

I walk to the donkey behind hers and push myself up onto the donkey, the man doing the same with the donkey in the front.

"Opa!" the man shouts as the donkeys begin walking.

Olivia turns around and I can's even begin to describe the smile on her face. A little bit of shock... but complete and utter excitement.

"Baby, we're in Greece," she whispers excitedly as she sways back and forth. I can't help the smile on my face and I nod.

"Yeah, we are."

The ride to the resort is about ten minutes, and the entire time Olivia and I are playing I spy. It went a little like this...

"I spy something blue," she said.

"The ocean," I guessed.

She nodded. "I spy something white," I said.

She thought for a second then said, "The buildings!"

I smiled and nodded.

"I spy something.... blue."

"The ocean?" I asked, rolling my eyes.

"Yep," she laughed.

Yeah, we didn't have a lot to spy and its dark... so you can't see anything.

"I spy something gold," Olivia whispers. I look up the hill we're trotting up and my eyes widen.

The resort is huge, from what I can see. There's tons of little houses with balconies over-looking the entire island. The gates lining both the balconies and the gate surrounding with resort are decked with golden fairy lights.

"Let me guess."

Olivia's POV

"This will be your house," the concierge says, stopping in front of a house and pulling out a key card. "Your rental car has been parked. Please come to the front desk tomorrow morning if you plan on going out."


"Whoa," I whisper.

"No kidding," Harry laughs. "Its been six months. I needed that."

I laugh and crawl out of bed, wrapping a sheet around my chest. 

In the first hour of being here, we had sex three times. And so I can't imagine this honeymoon will be anything but... perfect.


(Ahhh! I have finally updated! Man, that took a long time. I've been crazy busy!! Confirmation was earlier this week and I just got done training for a marathon with my boyfriend, who helped in writing this chapter. The next chapter should be up sometime next week! And sorry for the make-shift, improvised ending. It'll get better... :) xx )




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