Rock Me


2. New Beginnings



      I look across the table at Olivia, who is laughing at something Louis said. Why is she so perfect? I mean, I know I just meet her yesterday, but I like her. I might even love her. We spent the entire day walking around Miami, getting to know her. And to be honest, she already feels like family.

"Where are you from, again?" Zayn asks.

"Ugh. Probably the most boring town in the world. Kansas City," She replies.

I laugh. "Kansas City is not that bad."

"Harry, have you ever been to Kansas City?" She asks.

"Of course. We played at The Chief's stadium," I say.

"Okay. And how many nights did you spend there?" She asks.

"One," I say, all of us breaking down in laughter.

"I thought so," She says breathlessly. "So you have no idea how boring it truly is. It was only exciting that one night because you all were there."

"Were you at the concert?" Niall asks.

"Of course I was! First of all, I'm a major Directioner. And second, My father is the  Governor of Kansas, so he goes to all the concerts they have there," She explains.

We all look at her, shocked.

"So you're basically the 'princess' of Kansas?" Louis teases.

She elbows him in the rib cage. "No. I hate that my father is the governor. It draws to much attention. Thats why I came here. For new beginnings."

"Well then. I guess We're your 'New Beginnings'," Liam says, smiling kindly at her.

"I guess you are," she says, smiling over at me. I smile back and she kicks my shin lightly under the table. I kick back and we start laughing.

Everyone looks at us like we're crazy.

"So, Tomorrow you have a press meeting. Then you're on Good Morning America on Friday. Then on Saturday morning, we get on a plane to London." She goes over the schedule for the week.

"Yup," we all say in unison.

"Great. Okay, since we have an early morning, lets get to bed," Liam says.

We all nod and head to our rooms. Once I'm in bed, I can't help but toss and turn, Olivia on my mind.



  I turn around in my bed, trying to find sleep, which I doubt will come. I can't stop thinking about Harry. He's just... perfect. He's always been my soft spot in the band, and I think I'm falling for him.

I hear a knock at my door and quietly get up to answer it. When I open it, Harry stands there in a ridiculous, yet adorable, Midnight blue onesie.

"Can't sleep?" I ask.

He nods. "To busy thinking about you."

I look at him and smile, flattered that he was thinking about me.

"Wanna go for a walk?" He asks.

"At midnight?" I ask, laughing.

"Yup," He smiles, holding out a hand.

I look at his hand and smile. I quickly slide my jacket on over the tank-top and pink pajama pants I had warn to bed. I take his hand and we walk out the suite doors, careful not to make noise. But we accidently slam the door and once we get on the elevator, the guys are all at the door.

"Harry!" Louis yells, laughing.

They start running down the hall to catch up with us, but the doors close to soon, and we're on our way down to the lobby.

Harry and I start cracking up once we're outside. I lean against the side of the escalade and continue to laugh. Harry places one hand over my head on the car, the other pushing a strand dark hair away from my eyes.

"Remind me to call you if I ever decide to rob a bank," He teases.

"Will do," I laugh, thinking about how it was my fault the door slammed.

Harry leans in slowly and I wrap my arms around his neck, sealing the space between us with a passionate kiss. We both pull away, breathless. He smiles and I smile back, going in for another kiss.




    Me, Liam, Niall, and Zayn rush out to the balcony, just in time to see Harry and Olivia making-out against the escalade. We all stare, shocked. Harry had told us he liked her, but we didn't think she liked him back. Liam looks at me sympathetically. He knows I liked her, but Harry got her first, and He didn't know. Besides, I wasn't that upset. I still had Eleanor.

"Get a room!" Niall yelled at them.

We all joined him, yelling things like "Ow!" and "Go Hazza!" He smiled up at us.

Olivia leaned her head against his chest, obviously laughing in embarrassment.  He kissed her forehead and wrapped his arms around her, giving us a look that said, "Go back to bed." We all caught on and went back to our room, pretending to sleep, even though we could hear them loud and clear back in Harry's room.



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