Rock Me


22. Man and Wife

Songs for this chapter:

Say Something (Non-lyrical)- A Great Big World

Don't Say Goodnight- Hot Chelle Rae

All Of Me- John Legend

Don't Forget Where You Belong- One Direction :-)

Harry's POV

I gaze around the large abbey, completely and utterly shocked at how many people we know and invited. I mean honestly, Olivia wasn't joking about having at least 600 people, and another 100 press representatives.

"Who decided to have the press here?" I ask Paul, who is sitting next to me.

"Modest," he mumbles.

"Why am I not surprised," I sigh.

"Don't worry," he says. "Press members have to wait outside until the ceremony is over."

"Good," I breathe a sigh of relief. Olivia would be pissed if there were camera flashes that didn't belong to family and friends throughout the entire ceremony.

I look behind me at my mum, sitting next to... nobody?

"Where's Olivia's parents?" I ask.

"Olivia and Taylor told them not to come to the wedding..." mum bites her lip.

"Good," I nod. "I can't even imagine how happy she is to know they won't be here."

"Harry," she whispers harshly.

"What? She hated them anyways," I shrug. Mum opens her mouth to say something but is cut off by the violinists beginning their concerto.

"That's your cue, my love," mum says, kissing my cheek before I stand up.

As I make my way to the top of the stairs leading to the archway of roses where the priest stands, Eleanor and Niall emerge behind Lux and Olivia's little cousin Evangeline. Rydelle and Louis follow after Eleanor and Niall's first twenty paces. Then Perrie and Liam follow right as El and Niall part so they can stand in their spots.

Taylor and Tom.

Lou and Zayn.

Jesy and Dio.

Jade and Josh.

Gemma and Grimmers.

After Gemma and Grimmers have taken their spots, the music slows, then the pianist plays the chords to "Say Something." Of course, I agreed this should be the song for Olivia's walk down the aisle. But we agreed to leave out the tragic lyrics. 

And Olivia and Robin emerge.

"Oh my god," I whisper, tears pricking at my eyes.

She's beautiful. Stunning. She's an angel. I glance at the boys, who are smiling wide, mirroring the girls. But no doubt I'm smiling the widest. I've never been happier in my entire life. Nothing has prepared me for this moment. She's knocked the wind out of me, she's so amazing and stunning and beautiful.

"Take care of her," Niall whispers in my ear right as they're approaching the stairs.

As Robin places Olivia's hand in mine, he kisses her temple and pats me on the back before walking over and sitting by mum.

"Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today, in the sight of god, to join this man, and this woman, in holy matrimony," the priest begins. Olivia squeezes my hand, and I squeeze back.

"I'm right here," I whisper to her.

"Me too."


"Olivia, will you please read your vowels," the priest says, lightly grazing Olivia's forearm.

She nods before looking me dead in the eye. The piano begins again with "Say Something", but much softer. Luckily, though, we have microphones.

"Harry," Olivia starts. "We have a rather epic story." Everyone laughs lightly. "When I was little, Taylor would always tell me 'Don't believe in love at first sight, because then you're falling in love with looks, not the heart.' As much as that advice was valid, it doesn't apply here. I fell in love the minute I looked at you, and look at us now. Cases like ours only happen in the movies. So I guess you're my prince, and I'm your princess. And just like every other Disney princess movie, we'll live happily ever after. But much more epicly. I love you, baby." She ends in tears.

I wipe tears away from my eyes as Olivia finishes her vowels and it takes everything in me not to just kiss her right then and there.

"Harry," the priest smiles.

"My love," I begin, already choking up. "You're my everything. I wish I could say I saw you coming from a mile away, but I didn't. You came in smashingly, and slammed into me like a ton of bricks. All I've ever wanted-" I choke up badly this time, and I have to breathe heavily to regain speech ability. "All I've ever wanted is that love. There's no name for that love, but its that love worth fighting for. And I've found it in you. I love you, so much."

"The rings?" the priest says.

Ben walks up the stairs and Olivia and I take one another's rings off the pillow.

"Thanks, buddy," I smile down at him.

"Harry, repeat after me. With this ring, I thee wed," the priest begins.

"With this ring, I thee wed. I, Harold, give you, Olivia, my promise to honor you, to be faithful to you, and to share my love, life, and moral devotion with you, In all ways, always, for the rest of my life," I say flawlessly, thanks to Olivia insisting I memorize them.

I slide the ring onto Olivia's tiny finger and smile.

"Olivia?" the priest laughs, assuming she memorized them, too.

"With this ring, I thee wed," she begins, her tears a steady flow, but her makeup not smudging a bit. I smile as she struggles to go on without catching on a sob. "I, Olivia, give you, Harold, my promise to honor you, to be faithful to you, and to share my love, life, and moral devotion with you, in all ways, always, for the rest of my life."

As she slides the ring on my finger, I smile. Its silver, with carvings around it of little stars and garlands. Its perfect.

"With the power vested in me, by our united kingdom, by our Shining queen, under the sight of god and those above, I pronounce you husband and wife. Harry, my friend, you may now kiss your beautiful bride," the priest says, and everybody erupts in applause and cheers.

I wrap my arms tightly around my wife and dip her down, kissing her passionately on her soft lips.

I can hear the boys behind me, whooping and whistling like there's no tomorrow. And the girls. Well, I can hear their sobs, as if saying, "I want a wedding!"

As I pull away, Olivia's eyes remain closed for a moment before opening and revealing their icy blueness.

"We're married," she smiles, her crooked smile showing off, something it only does when she's really smiling. When she's really happy.


Olivia's POV

"Whoo," I sigh as we climb onto the carriage outside the abbey. "I need to get this dress off."

"Fine by me," Harry smiles, kissing at my neck.

"No, no, no," I laugh. "I didn't mean dress, I meant dressings. I need to get my veil and tiara off, they're digging into my scalp." Harry helps me pull off the tiara and veil carefully, then he places them in my bag Lou insisted I bring with us. Once the dressings are off, I collapse against the seat, sighing with relief.

"Olivia," Harry says.

"Yeah?" I smile, resting my hand on his cheek.

"We're married."

I press my lips to his as a few camera flashes go off behind us. Of course. The paps are following us.

"Don't let it get to you," Harry says, pulling up my legs and resting them across his lap.

"I love you," I whisper.

"I love you," he whispers back, kissing me on the shoulder.

Harry's POV

When we get to the O2, Olivia is rushed off by the girls and Niall grabs me as soon as I'm off the carriage.

"Where did Olivia go?" I ask, disappointed that I've already been separated from her and we've been married for twenty minutes.

"Apparently the girls have party dressed. Olivia's is exactly like her ceremony gown, just shorter. Like, to her knees. And the bridesmaids are wearing gold bodycon dresses," Zayn says.

"Oh," I say, happy Olivia won't have to find a way to dance around that huge princess dress.


Olivia's POV

"Gemma and Grimmers!" the DJ says as the Bridal Party's entrances come to and end.

"The Best Man and Maid of Honor, Eleanor and Niall!"

Eleanor walks out and joins Niall in the middle, who walked out on the other side, where the boys are.

"Okay, darling. Chin up, eyes bright, smile on," Corrina, our wedding planner says, turning around. "Olivia."

I look up from my phone, which I'm texting Harry on, and look at her.

"What?" I say.

"You're turn. Chin up, eyes bright-"

"Smile on," I say, breaking out in a large grin. She does final prepping to my dress, and I'm glad I chose to have party dresses for the girls and I.

The sound of Martin Garrix's "Animal" is playing loud and clear, and I begin to regret arguing with Harry when he wanted to do this song for the runway entrances, because its really cool.

"Put your hands together, and help me welcome Mr. and Mrs. Harry Styles!" the DJ says.

Harry appears from behind the curtains on the other half of the stage and I smile. He nods and we both start walking out at the same time. We join in the middle and begin our walk down the runway.

We ended up choosing the O2 arena for our reception. Large curtains are drawn over the arena seating and the usual concert stage has been replaced with a fashion show runway. Tables are spread out around the floor plan and everything is either gold or metallic white.

I smile at everyone, their applauding and cheering drowning out my thoughts.

Harry turns me to face him and kisses me, making everyone erupt into, if its possible, a louder applause.


"Well, mate. You're no longer a free man," Zayn says into the microphone, making everybody laugh. He volunteered to be the first speech, and I can already feel the tears coming on.

"I remember when Olivia came to us. It was the third night of having her there, and we were staying up pretty late, trying to get to know her. Well Harry, Olivia, and I were sitting in the living room, the last ones awake. Olivia finally had had enough and excused herself for bed. Harry and I said goodnight about twenty minutes later, but I stayed in the living room. Don't laugh... I was watching the oh-so-addicting America's Next Top Model. We had boxing with Mark earlier that day in the hotel gym, and my gloves were still on the counter. I was grabbing them to take them to my room, and go to sleep. I heard footsteps behind me, and when I turned around, Harry was standing there. He was shirtless, wearing his title boxing shorts, his gloves stapped to his hands.

"He told me he wanted a rematch, since I whooped his ass that morning. I put on my gloves and we just started wacking at each other, laughing and having fun, really. It had been about a minute and a half, and I heard a little laughter coming from the living room. Keep in mind, Olivia and Harry had... hooked up, so to say, the night before," everyone laughs. "So we all knew they liked each other. A lot. She had her phone, and she was video taping us. I knew, right then and there, she was the one for Harry. Not many girls are going to take to being woken up at midnight to two guys punching each other, but Olivia made light of the situation," he turns to Harry. "I could see how you looked at her when we saw her, you were all smiles. There was a genuine look in your eyes that I've never seen before when it came to you and a girl. You ran over to her and just tickled the hell out of the poor thing, and she let you! 

"Mate, I know you love this girl more than anything. So I'm truly being genuine when I say that I am so, extremely happy for you two. To Olivia and Harry," he finishes. Everyone raises their glasses, and tears are rushing down my cheeks. Harry kisses my forehead.

"Cheers," Zayn smiles.

"Well that is not going to be easy to follow up on," Eleanor sighs as Zayn hands her the microphone.

"Olivia, Harry, you know I love you both. But there's times when I wish I could be a bit maternal and tell you two to draw the line, because you are monstrous thinkers. You must be pretty freaking rich, though, because you truly out-did yourself with this wedding. This is not one of those times I wish I could draw the line for you.

"Now, Harry... I have constructed a list," Eleanor pulls a folded up piece of paper from her bra and I laugh. "I've titled it 'Things to do to ensure Olivia's happiness.'"

"There are thirty steps," Eleanor says, making everyone laugh. "But I'm not going to read them out loud, because if you know me, you know I elaborate on everything," Louis laughs out loud and nods, knowing it better than anyone.

"But.... I need my own copy. Just because it might be useful for all of us at times. So I framed a copy for you," she continues, pulling a silver frame with pearls (go figure) around the edges. Inside is a list of things to do to make me happy. Eleanor hands it to Harry and he reads the first step, then laughs out loud.

"Keep in mind, Harry, that you're marrying all of us if you're marrying Olivia. We've all taken this girl in like a sister and a best friend, and we will be at your house everyday from now on to see her, so don't get irritated when the whole 'You married all of us' thing kicks in.

"In conclusion, I love both of you with all my heart and I am so incredibly happy for you," she finishes. "To Harry and Olivia."








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