Rock Me


26. I'll Be Your Strength

Song for this chapter...

The Show- Lenka

I'll Be Your Strength- The Wanted (Cry me a river, sweety. The fights were PR stunts.)

Honeymoon Avenue- Ariana Grande

Beating Heart- Ellie Goulding

Harry's POV

"We're doing everything we can to find her," the detective says, his eyes full of fear. "But... its not looking too good." 

I tighten my arm around Liam's shoulders and he lets out a body shaking sob. I glance back at Olivia, who is asleep. Her head rests on Zayn's lap, and Perrie sits beside him on the floor stroking Olivia's hair. 

We've been waiting at our place for hours, anxiously awaiting Taylor to call, or give us a sign.

"What makes you say that?" Eleanor asks. The underneath of her eyes are a deep purple. Her hair is pulled back in a lazy bun and her face is completely clear of makeup.

"We've been looking all day. Its rainy, and its getting dark. Everyone is tired and there's no sign of her anywhere," the detective says slowly.

Liam pinches the bridge of his nose and sighs.

"I just don't know where she could have gone," he sighs. I nod and pull him into a full hug. He doesn't hug back, but I know why. I've gone through similar scenarios. But my love has never gone missing. She's just been way too close to death. On my watch. Multiple times. 

Well, shit.

I pull away when I hear Zayn and Perrie talking. Olivia is sitting up, and Perrie and Zayn are trying to get her to talk.

"Love, how do you feel?" Zayn asks, rubbing her back.

"Olivia, darling, talk to us," Perrie urges. Both my mum and Trisha Malik sit on the couch behind them, watching intently.

I hold my breath as I wait for her to respond to them, and besides all the detectives, officers, and nurses running around the main room, everyone else is, too.

After a moment, she sighs and stands up. Zayn rushes to his feet, but she waves him off gently and begins walking towards the staircase that leads to the bedrooms. I follow quickly and have my hand on her waist the moment she reaches the second step. She looks back at me with empty, gray eyes. The happy, ocean blue beauties that usually look back at me are nowhere to be seen.

Her lips turn up slightly, in a smile not even close to reaching the rest of her fragile face. She places her hand on my cheek before walking up stairs, leaving me helpless at the bottom.

I grab the railing and lean my head on my arm, tears forcing their way into my eyes.

"Oh, love," my mum says rushing over and placing one arm under my chest and one rubbing my back with the other.

"I just... I need her to come back to me. She can't stay dormant like this," I cry.

In that moment, an evil thought shoots through my mind and I turn to face the boys and girls without thinking about my actions.

"This is you fault!" I scream. They all jump back in surprise.

"Harry, what are you ta-" Rydelle begins, but has no time to finish.

"No! You all knew we were on our honeymoon! And yet, you let something like this happen! We were happy! We just got married, for god's sake! And now she can't even hardly look at me!" I sob, falling to my knees. "Why? How could you let this happen?"

I may not have mentioned this before, but all our mums came for moral support; Trisha, Moira, Karen, Jay, and Anne. They all have different ways of comforting, and my mum had to take a step back after my little breakdown. But I'm not surprised when Moira kneels down next to me and lifts my chin up so I am looking at her. After a few moments, I left out a sob. but my eyes never leave hers.

"Hush, love," she says, in her thick Irish accent. "Don't you understand? This ain't be nobody's fault. No body has no control over what happens to the lass. But you need not blame it on ye family." she gestures to my little family, and I smile sadly at them. Niall laughs, always the one to lighten the mood.

"Mum, your accent is funny," he laughs, making everyone laugh.

"Aye, its the same as yours, ye bugger!" she laughs.

"No, yours just got really strong, mum. Must be the stress," Niall says, still cracking up.

She shakes her head, still laughing herself, and looks down at me. 

"It will all be alright, ye hear?" she asks. I nod and smile lightly, grateful for her tough love.

"I'm going to go check on Olivia," Gemma whispers, running up the stairs. I frown at her urgency, but shrug and go to apologize to the boys and girls.

About a minute later, Gemma's loud footsteps are heard running around upstairs, and moments after, she's back down the stairs.

"Olivia's gone," she chokes.

My eyes widen and then I'm pulling at my hair, pacing back and forth, trying to grasp the reality that has become my life.

"Where is she?" I whisper, feeling all the sanity Moira built up in me seconds ago, dissolve. 

The entire penthouse is silent, eery, just flat out terrifying. I silently beg someone to say something. I need it.

But what I don't need? Someone to scream. And that is exactly what Eleanor does.

"Love, what is it?" Louis asks instantaneously, his arms immediately around her shaking body. She points a shaky finger towards the open door.

"How could she have..." Niall begins, shaking his head.

"During the whole breakdown, she probably snuck out and nobody noticed," Liam said, the feeling guilt replacing all signs of distress.

"She's hardly sane enough to walk up the stairs, let alone drive a car or be out in the streets of London," Zayn says. At this point, panic is setting in on all of us and the minute I hear the heels of shoes stomping across the hardwood floor Olivia had insisted we get put in, I look up to see Karen Payne rushing to the panoramic window and down at the car park.

She turns back around, a look of fear in her normally happy eyes.

"Her Audi is gone," Karen says quietly.

Trisha grabs her car keys off the coffee table and looks at us all like we're insane when we don't move.

"I don't know about you all, but there's a fragile little girl wondering the streets of London in a very expensive car right now. Anything could happen, and I'm going to look for her," Trisha says, Perrie and Liam following close behind. 

"We'll go in teams," Liam says, waving his hands around in our direction, gesturing for us to form groups to go out and look. Him and Perrie are out the door and we all break into teams; Karen, Zayn, and Rydelle. Moira, me, and Eleanor. My mum, Louis, and Lou. Jay, me, and Gemma.

Olivia's POV

I pull over onto the side of the road and jump out of the car, locking the doors behind me. I don't care if anyone finds me. I just need to help Taylor.

I see her instantly, and smile at how I knew she would be here. Caraway Park. Its exactly like the park our mom and dad would take us to when we were little. 

The park is tucked away in the trees, and there's no signs indicating its here. I bet half the citizens of England have no idea it is here.

Taylor is laying flat on her back, on top of a blanket, underneath the little shelter for picnics. 

I lay next to her after stumbling across the uneven ground. She's drenched, much like me, and her clothes are mudded.

"Hey," I whisper, and she turns to face me.


"What the hell is wrong with you?" I ask, not sternly at all. Just... hurt.

"I don't know," she shrugs.

"Yes you do, now speak."

It takes a few moments, but she's able to form a coherent sentence eventually.

"I just... needed time to think about all of this," she whispers.

"All about what?" I ask.

"This," she motions between us. "The girls who used to follow their parent's orders like puppies. The girls who used to have butlers and lady's maids. The girls who grew up in a rich, conservative family. The girls who used to have a nanny. The girls who went to boarding school and wore uniforms. And now look at us. We're in love with the world's biggest popstars, we're partying, getting married at fucking twenty years old. We've just... we've changed. And we keep changing, at twenty miles a minute. Soon enough, you'll be as famous as Harry, and you'll have no time for him. The two of you will split, and Liam and I will take sides, and it will end ugly for all of us. We're doing this to ourselves, Olivia. We're ruining everybody's lives around us. Before we came into the picture, these boys didn't have such monumental troubles, like seeing you in a hospital bed, or being abused by your body guard, or for fucks sake, me disappearing," she says, her body shaking from her sobs. "What are we doing with our lives? I love Liam to death, and I can't lose him."

"I turned down the record label," I say flatly.

She looks at me. "What?"

"I'll never be as famous as Harry, because I turned down the record label's offers for a contract. We want to focus on starting a family, getting on our feet. We have no time for other things. And as for us splitting? That will never happen. I'm going to start traveling with him on every trip he has to take. And when we have a baby, they will, too. We're going to be a family, Tay. They're all we have left for family, and damn it, I think its a pretty great option."

She laughs and hugs me from the side.

"I love you, cat," she laughs.

"I love you too, bug," I smile.

We sit in silence for a while, and as we're both fading off to sleep, I whisper, "Its a good life, Tay."

"I know."


"I found them," a thick voice say as I fade in and out of my fevered stupor. I hear loud footsteps stomping over and quick, quiet ones following.

Someone's hand is pressed to my forehead, and when I open my eyes, I see Anne.

"Oh my god," she says, pulling me into her arms. "Thank god you're okay."

She kisses my forehead, and Louis leans down and pushes hair out of my face as Lou examines Taylor.

"You scared us half to death," he whispers, smiling and breathing hard, his hands cupping my cheeks.

"Well what can I say? Isn't that what I'm supposed to do?" 

Louis laughs and shakes his head.

"She's got a fever, but only from being in the cold too long," Anne says, rocking me lightly in her arms.

"That's the same with Taylor," Lou says. Louis reaches down and lifts up my frail body and begins running towards the car. The very backseat of Anne's Land Rover is covered in blankets and pillows, and Louis lays me down and wraps me in a blanket, then runs back down the hill and gets Taylor.

I pull my phone from my pocket and hazily look at the bright screen. There's a few texts... and several missed phone calls... and a voicemail from... El?

I tap on the voicemail and hold it to my ear and listen.

"Damn it. She didn't answer," El's voice.

"Bless it," Harry's voice. Oh my god, Harry.

"I'm sorry," El's voice.

"I just can't believe I've lost her. This is my fault," Harry's voice.

"No, darling its not yo-" the end.

Oh my god. What have I done?


"Yeah, we've got them. We need to avoid going to the hospital, keep everything out of the public's ears for as long as possible," Louis says into the phone, glancing back at me. I can tell he's talking to Eleanor.

"Hi, you've reached Harry. Sorry, I can't-" voicemail. Again.

"Fuck," I curse. Though I'm hardly awake and barely breathing- Anne has to remind me to every few minutes- it seems like nothing has ever been more important than reaching Harry, in this moment.

I almost try calling again, but my brain is so clouded that I've failed to notice we're pulling up to the penthouse building. I can't quite grasp the show going on outside the car, but... its intense, from what I can see. Lou jumps out and comes around to open the trunk, which opens to reveal a hardly conscious Taylor and I. The first person to touch me is unfamiliar... blonde hair, toned body -I can tell as he lifts me up out of the car that he works out- and thick, foreign accent.

"Niall," I hum.

"No, doll. Luke," he says as he pushes through the glass doors to the lobby.

"Luke..." I say, squinting my eyes. Its weird... I can't see anything, but my body is reacting to everything around me like I could.

Luke? Luke who?

"Hemmings," he laughs. Oh. Damn.

"Hey darling. How are you?" I ask, resting my head on his shoulder.

"You're acting like you weren't just found half dead," he laughs.

"Eh. Its not the first time its happened," I shrug, making him laugh harder. "And I feel fine. Just... tired. And cold."

"Well thats what you get for falling asleep in the woods on a rainy, cold day, smart one," another voice says as we get into the elevator.

"Okay, how many Australians were invited to the party?" I ask. I open my eyes, thinking they won't actually open, but they do. "Hello, Michael."

"Well there's the blue eyes we've been looking for!" he coos, tickling my chin. I laugh and swat it away.

"You've made us all frantic," Luke says. "Harry isn't speaking."

"Well he talked to Calum. I'll never understand the connection those two have," Michael says, shaking his head.

"Harry," I say, looking up at Luke. "Oh my god, you all must hate me."

"Yeah," Michael shrugs, earning a punch in the arm from Luke.

"No. We've been frantic because we thought you were dead," Luke says, suddenly serious.

The elevator door slides open and I hop out of Luke's arms, then peck his cheek. 

"Thanks, dear," I smile, then turn to Michael, but stumble. For some reason, my feet aren't really working...

I try taking another step, but nearly fall over, and Michael grabs me by the waist. He inches and arm around one of my hips, and Luke takes the other.

"I'm a wreck," I groan. Michael kisses my forehead and laughs.

"You'll be fine after you get some rest," he promises as we walk down the hallway towards the doors that so ominously seperate me from Harry.

Luke kicks the doors open and sings out, "Honey, I'm home!" The apartment is empty, but a rush of footsteps comes from upstairs, and Harry appears at the top of the staircase.

"Oh my god," he says, tears swelling his green eyes. He runs towards the three of us, and Luke and Michael step away as he crashes his lips to mine. 

"I'm okay, I'm okay," I whisper, caressing his cheek. "I'm okay. I'm home."

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