Rock Me


9. Dramatic

WARNING: This chapter is a bit shorter than usual. Its almost like a prequel to the next chapter, when it all goes down. I'd advise that if you don't wish to read sexual content, to stop reading the story after this chapter.

xx- Olivia <3

Harry's POV

I glance at my phone for the hundredth time in the past hour without any luck.

"What's the matter?" Lou asks as she styles up my curls.

"Olivia hasn't called and I'm worried about her," I sigh.

"And why is that? I'm sure she's capable of caring for herself," Lou says.

"She's in the heart of London for shopping and lunch and she refused to let him send a bodyguard with her," Niall explains, glancing at his phone as well, looking just as anxious as me.

"Let me guess... Rydelle is with her," Lou says.

"Yeah," he laughs nervously.

"All the girls are there. But I'm not worried about El," Louis says.

"Louis, I think we all know you're not nearly as protective and possessive as these two," Paul says, motioning to Niall and I.

"I'm not possessive," Niall and I defend at the same time.

"Yeah, okay," Paul scoffs.

A knock sounds at the door and I ignore it, knowing its either Liam or Zayn. When the door opens, I look up from the distraction of twitter on my phone screen and am surprised to see Olivia.

"Hey baby," I say, my face lighting up. She smiles and walks over taking a seat on my lap.

"Why are you back already?" I ask, tucking a strand of loose brunette hair behind her ear.

"I didn't feel like eating vegan for lunch," she says, referencing Perrie's new vegan craze. "I'm not that hungry, anyways."

"Is everything okay?" I ask, massaging her shoulders. She closes her eyes as the force of my hands on her shoulders makes her body sway.

"Yeah, I'm fine, just- oh.." she says as I hit a nerve. I laugh. Its as if I can see the stress roll off her shoulders.

"Whats really wrong baby? Please tell me," I say.

"I don't know... I have a headache, I'm cramping, my feet hurt from walking around London for the past four hours in heels..." she begins a miniature tangent.

"In conclusion, you're a mess with good hair and clean skin," Lou teases. Olivia smiles and nods.

"Do you want to lay down and take a nap while we're in the interview, then go out for dinner?" I ask as I begin to fill with anxiety. I don't like seeing her stressed, let alone sick. She looks up at me, confused, before slapping her forehead then wincing.

"Babe, I forgot you guys are on Chatty Man tonight," she says. "I do sort of want a nap... no. No, I want to go see you on the show. And I want to see Allan. I haven't seen him in a few months."

"Well do you still want to have dinner? Just the two of us?" I ask, knowing she'll invite everyone else out of pure kindness if I don't imply that I want us to be alone.

"That sounds perfect. Just the two of us," she says dreamily, cupping my face in her tiny hands and kissing my lips. I hum into her lips as the kiss gets deeper.

"We're still in the room," Niall says flatly.

Olivia pulls away and lets Lou lead her into the other room for hair and makeup.

"Ready to go mate?" Zayn asks.

"For what?" I ask out of confusion as all the boys grab their jackets and phones.

"We're going to Winston's for something to eat before the interview," Liam calls as he walks out the door.

I grab my stuff and follow the boys out.

Olivia's POV

"You look like you've seen a ghost. What's the matter?" Lou laughs as I take a lazy seat in the chair.

"Nothing, really. I'm just tired and I need a nap," I say as she turns on the flat iron.

"Then why didn't you take Harry up on his offer and take a nap?" she asks as she pulls the flat iron through my thick hair.

"Because I'm sick of hotels," I groan, knowing we'll be going back to the suite after dinner tonight.

"Me too, babe. But you get used to it," she encourages.

"I thought I already had," I sigh.

She laughs but doesn't say anything as she continues to beautify me.

Harry's POV

"She's been telling me how she hates staying in hotels so much. She plans on going back to Wolverhampton until the tour is over," Liam says in a melancholy tone. Apparently, Danielle has been struggling with all the traveling.

I wonder if Olivia is, too. But she's part of the tour...

And I won't let her go back to Kansas without me. Not happening. Quite honestly, I'm hesitant to ever let her go back to Kansas. Back to her parents she tells me so much about. Not that she really does tell me anything about them, other than that they were never very involved with her childhood. They never went to her violin concerts, or to her gymnastics meets. She had a nanny who would go with her.

"Harry!" Zayn's voice pulls me from my thoughts.

"Yeah," I grumble.

"Has Olivia been talking about wanting to take a break from the traveling?" Niall asks, most likely for the second time.

"No, at least not to me. But even if she wanted to settle down for a while, she would have to wait until the tour is over. She's under contract," I say.

"Better not tell her that," Louis says under his breath.

"What?" I say.

"Nothing," he shakes his head.

"Louis," I warn.

"El told me that Olivia is just really tired from everything. And can you really blame her? She has to be at every show and she has to be awake at three thirty in the morning everyday and she's so stricken with jet lag, it hurts," he defends Olivia in a way only I should be allowed to do.

"We have to do that," I say, surprising myself with the lack of sympathy I have for her.

"Yeah, but we worked our way up to it. This is Olivia's first tour, and its international," Liam says.

"And its with us, out of all the bands it could have been with," Zayn says, referencing our insane schedule.

I look at my lap, deep in thought. Olivia has seemed really tired lately, and I haven't been there for her as much as I should be. After the show the other night, Louis was in the green room watching a movie with her when I walked in. I had been so absorbed in hanging out with the crew and just meandering around that I had forgotten she was even down there. And worst of all, I had promised we would leave right after the show and go back to the hotel and just relax. But instead, I had made her sit downstairs for nearly two hours after the show ended, which was added to the two hours after her set when we went on stage.

"I have to go," I say, throwing a twenty down on the table and running out to my car. I check my phone to see a text from Olivia.

"Where to for dinner? xx-Olivia"

I smile and type in my answer before driving into the traffic.

"Whatever sounds good to you, baby. Tonight is all about you."

"Where is this coming from?! Haha... we'll have to see what sounds good after chatty man."

I don't respond after that.


Olivia's POV

"Where something nice ;)"

I smile at Harry's text, knowing that my hopes of just eating at Nando's will be disregarded.

"Okay doll. You're set," Louis says, spinning me to face the mirror. My thick brunette hair is flat and parted to the side. My eyes have light, peachy eye shadow and a thin line of eyeliner, but my lashes are full and thick. My complexion looks perfect, but I can't help but notice how innocent and childish I look. I'm tired of management wanting the media to look at me this way.

"I know. I wish I could do it more dramatic," Lou says, reading my mind. I spin to face her and smile.

"I like the way you think," she laughs, pulling out the curling iron. She pulls my hair into a high ponytail and pulls my bangs back in a Jersey bump and makes my eye makeup more dramatic. When I see myself in the mirror this time, I look like the perfect image of the Olivia that defies management. And I like it.

I shuffle through the rack of dresses Lou has for me, all of them being a light pink or white. I do come across one, though, that is a peachy color. It sinches right below the bust then flows, but it stops a few inches before my knees and the sweetheart neckline dips much lower than usual for me. The hem is lined with creamy pearls, making it look more elegant. The color and pearls keep it a bit more innocent. I hold it out and Lou nods in approval. I walk into the bathroom to change.

There's a light knock on the door, and Lou slips a hanger with hardly anything on it through the crack. When the door closes, I examine the exotic lingerie.

"Somebody's going to love this," I say under my breath as I shimmy into the lingerie and pull the strapless dress over it all.

I walk out of the bathroom and twirl so Lou can make any final adjustments, but she just nods in approval.

"Here," she hands me a pair of stilettos, and I become excited at their height. Normally I wear flats, and I'm much shorter than Harry. But these have to be at least six inches.

"The paps are going to think Harry is cheating on you with an older woman," Lou teases right before Harry walks through the door.





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