Rock Me


25. Blank

Harry's POV

My eyes open slowly to the bright sun outside the window and it takes me a minute to remember where I am. I've never been to Greece, not even for tour, and I can't even express how amazing it is to have a first experience with Olivia. To be honest, besides never having seen somebody I love so much close to death, I haven't really had any new experiences with her. 

Wait, that's not true. I've never actually loved anybody as much I love her. And I've never married anybody, so that's new.

I reach my arm out to find her warmth and when I look over, she's curled up into my side, her nose pressed into my chest. Her hair falls angelically over her shoulders and her face has no sign of stress at all. But then again, four straight hours of sex must have that effect on a person. It certainly works on me. 

I wonder if I'll be a good husband. She deserves the world and I just hope I can give her that. I can't help but worry that I won't be able to do things for her or help her with certain things. What if we can't have children? Or me being away on tour for so long just ruins her? All I know is that I can't lose her, and I don't know what I'll do yet, but I need to make sure I never do.

"Harry?" she whispers, her eyes still closed but her grip around my torso strengthening.

"Hey, baby," I whisper, kissing her forehead.

"Hi," she whispers, trying to get closer. She's already as close as it gets, though.

I laugh and grab her waist, then flip her over so that she's laying on top of me. She rests her chin on my chest and looks at me with those big blue eyes that I've fallen so deeply for.

"I love you," she whispers. I tuck a strand of her dark hair behind her ear and smile.

"I love you," I say. 

"What do you want to do today?" she asks. I inhale deeply through my nose in thought.

"Maybe we could go to Aphrodite Spa. You said you wanted to, and it sounds absolutely lovely," I say. She nods her head excitedly, her chin digging into my chest. I wince and she can't help but giggle.

"Sorry," she smiles, tracing the outline of one of the swallows on my chest. 

The light shines through the window at a perfect angle and it bounces in shards of sparkle off the light curls that have flattened since last night. She still looks perfect, though. Angelic, really.

"What are you thinking about?" she whispers, pushing my curls back off my forehead and kissing my chest. 

I smile and close my eyes, rubbing my hands up and down her sides.

"You," I say, not lying even an ounce. "And how you're officially my wife. And how perfect you are."

"Really?" she asks, pursing her lips together. She smiles as I nod my head, and then stands up and without taking the sheet with her, walks across the room and into the bathroom, smiling before disappearing behind the wall. I can hardly help myself when I jump out of the bed and run after her.

Olivia's POV

In a matter of seconds, he has my wrists pinned to the wall above my head with one hand, his other hand skimming up my bare stomach. His lips are pressed to my neck and everything, though moving undeniably fast, is unbelievably sensual.

His lips trail up my jaw, and his final kiss is planted atop my eye lid before he releases my hands and his find their way to my waste.

"Jump," he whispers. I wrap my arms around his neck and jump up, wrapping my legs around his torso.

I laugh against his neck as he struggles to turn the shower on while holding me. He finally gets it on and closes the large arched door that separates the humongous, stone walled shower from the rest of the bathroom. The shower head is mounted on the high ceiling of the shower. Its probably the prettiest shower ever.

He presses my bony back against the wall of the shower, and in a matter of seconds, he's pressed inside of me. With each thrust, my back slams lightly against the stone. My finger nails scrape up his back, no doubt leaving light pink lines across his skin.

"I love you," he moans into my neck. 

I open my mouth to tell him how much I love him back, but the pleasure of his touch and his length inside me is so overwhelming, I can't utter a word. I'm rendered speechless.


"Ready to go?" Harry asks, tossing his newly dried hair into perfection. He's wearing a white t-shirt and jeans, and his stupid leather boots he goes absolutely nowhere without. He wraps a brown bandanna around his curls to hold them back. His cross and Star Of David necklaces are draped around his neck. 

"God, you look hot," I sigh. I'm dressed in high-wasted jeans and a light blue top, which is tucked in. I have my new yellow keds on and may I just say, we both look so... official with our wedding rings. I have my brown hair in a ponytail, simply because it was the easiest thing to do.

"And you, my love... you look gorgeous," he smiles, kissing my shoulder as he walks past me and up to the dresser. He spritzes his Armani Code Cologne that I bought him on his neck, and as I join him, I reach for my perfume.

Lets just say you know that you're overly supportive when you wear your boyfriend's fragrance. That, and Our Moment smells kind of like Heaven.

His hand works its way down my back to my bum and I laugh when he frowns as I pull away.

"Cheeky devil," I laugh. I reach for my light sweater and pull the sleeves up my arms. Its not necessarily cold in Santorini, but being right by the sea, you get a bit chilly.

It takes ages for Harry to get his barrings as we walk down the little road towards the lobby of the resort. We were both in a bit of a haze last night as the concierge showed us to our house thing, and we've now discovered that we're staying in nearly the back of the resort. 

It took a while to realize that, since Harry had the map upside down and we were only walking further and further away...

"You look tired," Harry says, snaking his arm around my waste and kissing my temple as we continue to walk down the side walk. 

"Yeah," I sigh. "You kept me up quite late," I say, elbowing his ribs. He smirks and tightens his grip.

"I meant to do that," he says.

I laugh wrap my arm around his waste, too. My phone begins ringing and harry rolls his eyes.

"Who is it?" he groans.

I looks at the screen of my phone after pulling it from my back pocket.

"Zayn," I sigh.

"Why the hell are they calling? They know we're on our honeymoon, why can't they leave us alone," he groans again.

"They said they wouldn't call," I huff in annoyance.

I slide the pad of my thumb across the screen and press it to my ear.

"Hello?" I say, acting nonchalant.

"Olivia," Zayn says.


I hear a lot of commotion in the back ground and a white noise comes over the line before he's back.

"Whats going on?" I ask, stopping. Harry puts his hands on my hips and looks down at me questioningly.

A loud sob comes through the phone and my heart jumps into my throat.

"Zayn!" I say urgently.

More shuffling.

"Olivia," this time it's Perrie.

"Perrie, whats going on?" I ask.

"Love, I'm so sorry," she says shakily. "The last thing any of us wanted to do was interrupt your honeymoon, and we all already agreed that we'll pay for you to go on a real one when this has all blown over."

"Perrie, what the hell is going on?"

She chokes out an audible sob and I grab Harry's forearm for support.

"Taylor... she, um..."

"Perrie," I say, my knees weakening.

"She's gone."

I can't remember much of what happened after that. But everything turned black.


Harry's POV

"They said that maybe she just went for a drive and got caught up somewhere. They're doing everything they can to find her," Eleanor says, the minute she sees us waiting in the airport. Olivia has her head in my lap, and I'm tying little knots in her hair, but they're meant to be braids.

"Oh, sweety," she whispers, kneeling down in front of me so she's eye level with my wife. "Everything is alright. The boys are out looking for her right now. We're doing everything in our power to get her home."

"How is Liam?" I ask when Olivia remains unresponsive.

"He's fine. He's trying to stay in good spirits. He said she's still alive, that he can feel it," she says, looking up at me with hopeful, yet sad eyes.

"Do the governor and governess know about this?" Olivia asks flatly. I furrow my eye brows in sadness as she resorts to calling her parents by their professional names. She went from calling them mum and dad, to Cora and Mike, to Coraline and Michael, to Mr. and Mrs. Ingle... and now governor and governess.

"I made sure that they weren't notified," El says. "And it will stay that way until Taylor is-" she stops. "If Taylor is dead. But she's not."

I smile lightly at her attempt of reassurance.

"Come on, Mrs. Styles. Lets get you home," my mum sayd as she walks up behind Eleanor. Olivia looks up and as my mum opens her arms for a hug, Olivia bursts into tears. 

I nearly cry myself as she jumps up and collapses in my mum's arms. She's been unresponsive. Completely emotionless, for the last three days. And now she's opening up. She's slowly coming back to us.

"Shh, love. All is well that ends well," she says. "Don't cry, my love. It will be alright."

I can't restrain myself when I leap up from my chair and wrap my arms around the two most important woman in my life. I kiss both of them on the head and sigh.

Please, god. Give me the strength to get through these next few days.




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