Rock Me


18. Avenue One

Olivia's POV

"Welcome back from the land of the dead, darling," Eleanor teases as I slide into the booth at the restaurant all us girls decided to meet at. I look up and see Rydelle, Eleanor, and Perrie all sitting, and realize I'm the last to show up.

"What do you mean?" I ask.

"Olivia... we got home a week ago. The boys have been seeing Harry at the studio, but you've sort of just dropped off the face of the earth," Perrie laughs.

"Sorry," I breath. "I've been running all over since the day after we got home, planning this wedding. I haven't seen Harry in five days."

All their mouths nearly hit the floor.

"Why the bloody hell not?" Eleanor asks.

"He's been staying at home, I've been traveling from city to city planning. I stayed in Hampstead for two nights, then another two in Essex, and last night I was in Brighton," I say.

"Have you at least talked to your fiancé? Rydelle asks.

"Oh god, yes. I never could go five, almost six days without hearing his voice," I say.

"Well have you accomplished any planning?" Perrie asks.

I nod as I take a sip of the sangria Eleanor ordered for me.

"I found a place for the reception, right near the Abbey. And a shop that we'll all be going to after lunch to find my dress and the bridesmaids dresses-" I stop when I notice someone isn't here.

"Where's Taylor?" I ask.

"Oh, her and Liam are on their way back from Birmingham," Rydelle says. "They should be getting back any time now."

"Why were they in Birmingham?" I ask.

"He wanted to take Taylor somewhere where they could figure out what's going on between them without the distraction of everything here in London. So they left yesterday morning and are getting back probably within the next hour," Eleanor says.

"And how did it go?" I ask.

"Taylor says it went amazingly smooth. And that she won't be staying with you and Harry," Rydelle smiles.

"So her and Liam hit it off, then?" I ask excitedly.

"Yup!" Perrie says.

"That's awesome," I smile.

"Okay, okay, so tell us everything you have planned so far. We're all on a need to know basis, and we swear we won't tell the guys anything," Eleanor says.

Harry's POV

"What are we doing here?" Niall groans as he follows me into a restaurant in the middle of London. "You said we'd be going to Nando's."

My eyes scan the busy restaurant without any luck.

"Mate," Niall says.


"Why are we here?" he asks.

Before I can answer, a hostess appears.

"Hi! Table for two?" she asks.

"Actually, we're here to meet the Eleanor Tomlinson reservation for four," I say.

"We don't have any reservations under Eleanor Tomlinson," she says, scanning through her list.

"Perrie Edwards?"

She shakes her head.

"What's Ry's last name?" I ask Niall.

"Rydelle Hesling?" Niall asks the hostess.

Another shake of the head 

There's only one other possible name it could be under.

"Olivia Ingle?" I ask. She shakes her head once again and I rake my head for what they could have possibly made the reservation under.

I sigh, knowing Eleanor well enough to see beyond her innocent act. And knowing she made the reservation.

"Olivia Styles?" I ask, resting my head in the palm of my hand.

"Right this way," the hostess gives a sinister smile, and I know she knew who we were looking for the entire time.

"Why exactly are we wrecking the girls' lunch?" Niall whispers as the hostess leads us through the humongous, dimly lit restaurant.

"I haven't seen Olivia since we got back. She's been so busy and god, I miss her," I groan.

"You make it sound like you haven't had sex in months," Niall laughs. When I don't respond, he stops dead in his tracks. "What."

"Yes, Niall, it's been a month since we've had a sex, when she was in the hospital. We were supposed to the night of the proposal, but I proposed and she wants to wait now until we're married to make it more special," I say, grabbing his wrist and pulling him along.

"Mate," Niall says, still in shock. "You're like... a sex god. And now you're a premarital virgin."

I laugh at his use of words as the hostess leads us to a set of doors. There's another podium in front of them and another host behind it.

He nods and opens the door, letting us in. I literally can't count on my fingers the number of important people in this room right now.

I'm not going to list all of them, but you know you're in an a-list place when Kate Middleton is there.

As soon as I see Olivia, my jaw drops. She looks gorgeous. I mean, she always looks beautiful. But there's something about her today that is simply glowing.

"Wait here," the hostess says. She approaches Olivia's table and makes hand gestures. She's talking, too, but her hands are moving in explanation. Perrie looks in my direction and Niall and I duck behind a table.

"We've been spotted," Niall whispers.

"I realize that, idiot," I laugh. I hear heels clicking against the hard wood floor and moments later, Eleanor is behind us.

"Good lord," she says. We turn around to see her kneeling behind us, a small smile playing on her lips.

"Hi, El," we say at slightly different times.

"Why are you hiding?" she asks. "Harry, Olivia doesn't know you're here."

"Then what was the waitress saying?" I ask.

"She was taking our orders," she says.

"Ohhhhh," I say, tilting my head up in understanding.

"I hope you know that she will be strongly disappointed if she finds out you were here and she didn't get to see you," Eleanor says.

"I know. I came to see her. But it was supposed to be a surprise," I say.

"How did you even know we would be here?" she asks.

"The internet is plastered with pictures of you and Rydelle arriving, then Perrie, but none of Olivia yet," I say. "But she said she was having lunch with you bunch, so I figured..."

"Well come on," she says, standing up. They can't see you from here anyways. Their view is blocked with that massive desert display."

We stand up and follow Eleanor to the table, my nerves kicking in. What if she's mad at me for showing up unannounced?
"I'm back!" El chirps as she slide into the booth beside Rydelle. Rydelle looks up and notices me and Niall and says, "Hey, baby!" Niall breaks out in a goofy smile as Eleanor and Rydelle switch places so he can sit on the end by his girlfriend.

Olivia turns around and her face lights up at the sight of mine. She gets out of the booth and practically jumps into my arms.

"I missed you," I say as I inhale the familiar scent of 'Our Moment' on her neck.

"I missed you more," she says. "You should probably travel with me next time."

"Agreed," I sigh, sitting down beside her in the booth.

"So are the boys crashing our girls day?" Perrie teases.

"Well..." Olivia turns to me and raises an eyebrow. "It depends on if they want to go with us to pick the bridesmaids dresses?"

"We could even make a day out of it and invite the whole wedding party, pick out the tuxes while we're at it?" Eleanor suggests.

Olivia looks at me with hopeful eyes, the idea of a day with our wedding party sounding brilliant to her. But I suppose that makes sense because we'd be the center of attention and she'd love that.

"Why not? I'll go call the guys..." I say, getting up.

Olivia stands and follows me to a quiet corner of the room, her hand in mine. I rest our hand embrace on the small of my back, something I learned a Girl loves from Louis, who does it to Eleanor.

"Hello?" Louis asks as he answers his phone. I hear Zayn and Liam in the back ground.

"Put it on speaker," I say.

"Alright," he says. The phone is soon on speaker and I'm talking to all three of them. "Tay is here too, mate."

"Okay. Um... erm.... so I need you all to be at Avenue One in 30 minutes. We're having a wedding party thing and we're picking the tuxes and dresses," I say. I hear Louis groan, knowing Avenue One is a fancy ass restaurant, so I think of what I can do to bribe him. "All the girls will be with us. And Grimmy will be there."

"We'll be there in 30, mate," Liam says and the line goes dead.

"Yeah. Okay! Yup, we'll see you soon. Bye, love," Olivia says.

"Who was that?" I ask.

"Gemma," she says. "She says she can't wait to see everybody."

"And Taylor is already taken care of because she was with the rest of the guys... Grimmy just texted saying he'll be here soon... and Tom and lou are coming as well."

"This should be fun, yeah?" she say, one hand on the small of my back, the other on my chest. The top of her head barely reaches my chin.

"We'll see," I laugh, leaning down and kissing her.

We'll see....





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