Rock Me


3. An Item


   I wake up in Harry's warm embrace and smile. I can't believe I had 'it' with Harry Styles.

"Good morning, gorgeous," Harry says without opening his eyes.

"Good morning," I say, leaning in to kiss him. This gets him to open his eyes.

"Did you enjoy it as much as I did?" He asks.

"I probably enjoyed it more," I answer.

"I doubt it," He laughs, kissing my neck.

I get up, wrapping myself in the sheets so I wasn't totally naked. Harry gets up, wrapping his arms around my waste from behind. 

"Olivia?" He asks, kissing the back of my neck.

"Yes, Harry?" I reply, laughing as he continues to kiss down my neck to my shoulder.

"Will you be my girlfriend?" He asks, planting more kisses on my shoulder and attempting to pull off the sheet.

I turn to face him, letting the sheet fall to the floor. "Of course," I answer, kissing him passionately.

"Im going to shower," I say.

"Can I join you?" He asks.

"Absolutely," I say leaning into another kiss. We walk into the bathroom, not pulling away from the kiss. I turn on the water and harry leans me against the wall, pushing into me. I moan as he slides in and out. He pushes a little harder in this time, hitting the right spot, almost making me scream in pleasure.

Once we're done, he kisses me and then leaves the shower, letting me wash off.



  I get dressed in a white V-neck and black jeans. As I'm getting dressed, I realize Olivia doesn't have any clothes in here, and she can't walk through the hall with just a towel. So I decide I'll just move all her stuff in here. I walk down to her room and get her suitcase and Cosmetics bag. I bring them back to my room -Or, our room, now- and bring her cosmetics bag into the bathroom, where she is drying off. 

"Thanks babe!" She says, shaking out her hair.

"No problem. Hey, I was thinking. Maybe you could stay in this room, with me," I say, walking up and running my hands through her dark, wet hair. I notice she has naturally curly hair, just like me.

"I would love that. And as much as I would like to make-out right now, I need to get ready," She says, walking into the bedroom. She grabs a pair of white skinny jeans and a yellow blouse with no sleeves that goes to her mid-thigh in the front and right above the back of her knee in the back. It has a black collar. 

She walks into the bathroom and applies her make-up, but as she is about to put on her eyeliner, I grab it away from her and say, "I can't bare to watch you put make-up on your already gorgeous face."

"Okay, fine. No eyeliner," She laughs. She side parts her curly dark hair. She turns to me.

"And I'm done. How do I look?" She asks.

"I think I just died and went to heaven, because I'm looking at an angel," I say, wrapping my arms around her waste.

"You're so cheesy," She laughs. "But I love it."

We walk out to the kitchen, hand-in-hand, and see the boys. All of them look like they were hit by a bus.

"Have fun?" Zayn grumbles.

"Yes. Yes we did. I'm sorry, did we keep you up?" I ask sarcastically.

"I hate you so much," He grumbles again. All of them look bad, but Zayn has a room right next to mine, so he looks the worst.

"So are you two, like, an item now?" Louis asks.

"Yup," Olivia says, grabbing down a bowl for cereal.

"Awesome!" Liam says as Olivia sits down next to him.

She looks at the black and silver watch she has on and almost chokes on her frosted flakes.

"We need to go! Your press conference starts in fifteen minutes!" She says, getting up and dumping out her cereal. Everybody else starts rushing around, putting on their shoes, getting their phones, stuff like that. I just stand there and smile, because I already have everything. Olivia slips on some black flats and grabs her purse.

We all rush downstairs and before anybody else can, I jump into the passenger seat, next to Olivia, and hold her hand as she drives.

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