Rock Me


15. American Football

"But you know... we're on each others team," I sing along as we drive through Downtown Kansas City.

"You really love this song," Harry laughs.

"Yes, yes I do," I say as we drive past a strip club. When Harry looks at the burlesque window display, I slap his chest.

"Pig," I tease

"Pig? I picture myself as more of an ostrich," he laughs.

"Whatever, Harold. We both know all men are pigs," I say.

"Except me. And Niall. And Liam. And Zayn," he defends.


There's a moment of silence before we both erupt in laughter.

"He's a bit of a pig," he says.


The rest of the ride continues like this. It's not a long trek from Kansas City to Lawrence, but we're taking the scenic route, as Harry calls it. We drive through Olathe, Overland Park, all the way down to Manhattan, taking our time at each of our stops. KU doesn't play until seven, so we're in no rush.

"Take a nap, love. You look done in," Harry caresses my cheek with the back of his hand once we're back in the car after exploring the small town of Manhattan and touring K-State, where I was planning on attending college before I met him. He's right, I am tired. But we still have three hours of driving.

"We probably won't stop anywhere else, love. It's already two, and you're going to want to get all dolled up for our appearance," he says gently. I nod and rest my head on his shoulder. As I rest my eyes, I can feel the muscles in his shoulder move with every turn of the wheel. His steady breathing is soothing and rhythmic. God, I love him so much.

Its moments like this I wish I could just pause and live in forever.

"We're here, beautiful," he whispers as we pull to a stop. When I open my eyes and look at the clock, it's nearly five thirty. Time really does fly. So much for capturing the moment and living in it.

"I love Kansas," Harry sighs as we enter the extremely luscious hotel he had to pick over camping. Then again, it is November and relatively cold.

"Reservation for Styles," Harry says to the young girl at the front desk, not letting go of the grip he has on my hand.

"Oh my god, you're Harry Styles. And that's Olivia," she begins to get giddy.

"Hi, love," Harry says, smiling that brilliant smile. "I would love to chat, honestly. But Olivia needs to go up and get ready, so could we have the key?"

The young girl, her name is Sandra, hands Harry the room card without a word, her eyes huge and bulging.

"Thanks love," Harry says, pulling my hand away, towards the elevator. I smile and wave at Sandra right as Harry pulls me into the lift.


"Olivia, we have to go," Harry calls from the living room impatiently.

"I know," I say, rolling my eyes.

"Like, now," he calls back, making me roll my eyes again. As I finish applying a touch of hairspray to my artificial curls, he saunters in, looking smooth.

"Hello, handsome," I say, turning around to face him. He's wearing the KU t-shirt I bought him and some black skinny jeans. Even with the shirts crimson, blue, and red colors, he still looks so freaking sexy and rugged with his necklaces and boots.

"Hello to you, beautiful," he purrs, walking up to me and kissing my neck. He pulls back to examine my KU V-neck and miss me jeans, which I cuffed at the bottom, and my silver Sperrys he bought me for Christmas. "You look amazing."

"Thank you," I gasp as he sucks at the base of my neck. "Not now," I laugh.

"Afterwards," he says.

As we walk towards the rental car, only two small groups of girls attempt to approach us, but we get to the car too fast and it breaks my heart at their disappointment.

"We'll have to say hi to some fans at the game," I say as he pulls out of our parking spot.

"Babe, we'll be in a private section at the game," he says.

"Right," I nod.


"Holy shit," Harry says in awe as we drive up to the campus. "That's a huge ass stadium for a college."

"Baby, college is different here than it is in England," I laugh.

As we walk into the stadium, we're approached by a lady in a crimson polo and khakis.

"Hi there! I'm Barb, and I'm here to help you find your seats!" she says kindly. She has to be about 50. Her hair is in a boy cut and she's wearing small framed glasses.

"Hi," Harry says is his calm tone as he hands Debbie our tickets. Her eyes widen before she looks up and realization hits her.

"Oh, right! You're that celebrity couple every bodies been talking about! All the girls who go to school here have been freaking out!" Barb laughs as she leads us further into the stadium. She guides us to a closed off section with glass walls and cushioned seats.

"Olivia, Harry!" a familiar voice calls and I turn around.


"Hey, daddy," I laugh awkwardly. I look behind him to see Perrie and Zayn looking out the window and sipping drinks, Eleanor and Louis engaged in a conversation with my brother Chis, Rydelle and Niall talking to my mother, my sister Mattie with her boyfriend Cody at the bar, and Taylor sitting beside Liam, telling him about American football.

I turn to Harry and give him a questioning look.

"I wanted to make sure it was okay that we came, so I asked your father at dinner last night. He said they were all already planning on coming," he says.

"Are they at the same hotel?" I ask, shooting him a warning glare. How am I supposed to enjoy the private hot tub with Harry at the hotel if my entire freaking family, both literally and hypothetically, are there too?

"No," he smiles, snaking his arm around my waste and kissing my forehead.

"Heyyy!" Louis calls excitedly when he sees us, causing everyone to look up.

"Heyyy!" they all chorus, making me laugh. I walk over to Mattie as Louis joins Harry.

"I didn't know you two were back," I laugh awkwardly for the second time in the past forty five seconds. Mattie stands and pulls me into a hug.

"We got back this morning!" she smiles. "Olivia Jane Jakobs, look at you! You're dating Harry Styles, living in London, you're all over the press!" her Australian accent is shining clear and I can tell mine will be too, by the end of the night.

"Things have a weird way of working out, don't they?" I laugh.

Harry's POV

"What's going on now?" I ask as the players leave the field.

"Half time," Olivia says. "This is when they do all the fun camera stuff, like kiss cams."

"Oh," I say, nodding. Louis gives me a knowing look as my heart rate begins to quicken. I nod again as "Turning Page" by Sleeping At Last  starts playing and the large stadium screen lights up with me and Olivia. She looks at me in confusion as I take her hand.

"Olivia Jane Jakobs, these past several months with you have been nothing but perfection for me. Even in the bad moments, like when I almost lost, you've been the reason I continue to hold on. I love you to the moon and back times infinity and I promise to love you that much, if not more, for the rest of our lives, together," I say. She shakes her head in confusion and everyone around us is smiling widely. I get down on one knee and pull out the ring. "Olivia Jane Jakobs... will you do me the extraordinary honor... of marrying me?"

Her eyes have glossed over and I'm pretty sure not a single one of the girls has dry eyes. She smiles down at me before saying the one word that will change my life.

"Yes," she nods vigorously. I slip the diamond ring onto her ring finger and stand up , pulling her into my chest. The entire stadium erupts in applause as "Turning Page" fades away and "Marry You" by Bruno Mars begins playing. She laughs and looks down at her small finger that the ring fits perfectly. She leans up and wraps her arms around my neck, kissing me in the process.

"Oh my god, Congratulations!" Rydelle screams as she pulls Olivia away from me and into a hug.

As the girls crowd around my fiancée, the boys pat me on the back and give words of wisdom that I honestly don't need. I don't think they realize I'm the second getting married. Zayn is the only one who knows what I'm going through.

"Well, Harry," Mike's voice says from behind me. I asked him for permission the other night at dinner, so I hope he isn't mad at how I just got engaged in front of the entire stadium and then half the country. But I wanted it to be perfect for her, no matter how private her father wanted it to be.

"Yes, sir?" I ask.

"Congratulations," he smiles, slapping my back.

"Thank you, sir," I say, relief flooding through me.

"Just... take care of my little girl, okay?"

"Always," I say, nodding and smile as he walks away to congratulate his daughter. I sit down and just watch as everyone hugs and congratulates Olivia, and seeing her smile and the happy tears rolling down her face.... it makes me realize why I need and want her in my life, why I'll love and protect her, forever.



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