Rock Me


10. A secret

"You look stunning," Harry whispers in my ear as he guides me through the doorway and towards the elevator.

I feel a deep blush creep onto my cheeks, making Harry's face light up happily.

"Thank you," I smile.

As the elevator begins to drop, the weight of the secret I've been keeping from Harry presses on my chest, and I begin to feel panic set it.

"Is everything alright, love?" he asks.

"Yeah, yeah. I'm fine," I say, forcing my smile.

"I'm surprised management is letting you dress so... sexy," he says, nipping my ear. He begins to kiss a trail down my neck and I laugh lightly, swatting at his chest.

"Babe, the elevator is going to open any second," I laugh. He pulls away from my neck and kisses my cheek.

"I love you," he says softly.

"I love you more," I say, right as the door slides open. As we walk towards the front doors, I'm already being blinded by lights.

"Hey you!" El says as we approach everyone. She pulls me into a hug and then her eyes scan my body as her jaw drops in shock.

"Look at you! I almost didn't recognize you!" Perrie laughs. As Harry migrates towards the boys, the girls surround me. I catch glimpses of the boys staring at me, but I choose to ignore it.

"What did Harry have to say about your new wardrobe?" Rydelle asks as she reaches her hand out and fixes my neckline.

"He loves it. Wait until he sees what's underneath," I laugh, making them laugh too. As the boys start walking towards us, El tugs me by the arm towards the restroom. The other girls follow, making the boys look pretty confused.

"Did you tell him yet?" El asks as we all pile into the restroom. Perrie locks it behind her.

"No," I sigh.

"Why the hell not?" Rydelle asks, her eyes going wide.

Before I can answer, Perrie talks.

"Olivia, Harry needs to know about this kind of stuff," she says, sadness clear in her eyes.

"How bad are they?" Rydelle asks.

"Worse than yesterday. And the day before," I say, fighting back my tears.

"If you tell Harry, he'll make sure that you have a bodyguard at all times," Perrie says.

"Love, I don't know if you forgot but my bodyguard is the one that caused this," I snap.

"He needs to be fired," El says, pulling out her stubborn side.

"Girls?" Zayn's voice calls through the door. "We need to get going, loves."

As Perrie pulls open the door and lets Zayn take hold of her hand, I see Bo standing by the door, next to Mase. Harry begins walking towards me, his smile as broad as ever. Louis is right behind him, but El hooks her arm with mine and pulls me out the hotel, passing Harry and Louis, and then Bo and Mase, who follow.

"I'm sorry, Bo, but only one guard for us is needed tonight," El says.

"I'm sorry, Eleanor, but I'll be going whether you tell me to or not," he says, climbing into the backseat of Paul's car

Eleanor and I get into my car and before I can even buckle up, she's telling me to drive.

As I begin driving off, I see Harry in the rear view mirror and my heart breaks. He looks confused and hurt.

And he can blame El for taking me away so fast.

"He can tell something is wrong," she says.

"I know," I nod. Harry hates not knowing what's going on in my life, and I can tell this is killing him.

"You need to tell him," she says. I nod, knowing she's right but wishing she wasn't. "I'll tell him tonight."

"Good," she says. She gives me a sympathetic look and I smile weakly.

Harry's POV

"I'm sure she's fine, mate," Niall says as we drive off towards the studio that Allan Carr takes place in.

I shake my head, knowing she's not. Louis coughs, but it's completely fake and I can tell he knows something.

"Louis?" I say, my voice shaking.

"What's up?" he says. His voice lacks its normal animation. Something is seriously wrong.

"Louis!" I say urgently.

"Harry, calm down," Perrie says soothingly. We're all crammed into the car, Perrie, Rydelle, Zayn, Liam, Niall, Louis and I, because Eleanor and Olivia took off before some of us could join them.

"Tell me," I plead. He hesitates before looking at me. Liam keeps his eyes on the road, but I can tell he's listening tentatively.

"You know Bo, right?" he starts.

"Yeah, Olivia's bodyguard," I nod.

"Well... whenever he's alone with Olivia.... well.... he's um.... he's been beating her," Louis says.

My chest feels like a million bricks have been thrown into it, and everything turns blurry. Why hasn't she told me.

"Eleanor told me," he finishes. I look up at everyone and see the shock on their faces. All of them look angry, upset, confused. Except Perrie and Rydelle.

"She told you, didn't she?" I ask them.

Perrie nods and I can tell she's trying to be brave.

"Is it bad?" I ask quietly.

She looks down at her lap, then back up at my face.

"The first time she showed us the marks, they were really bad," she says. My stomach drops. "But she said they're a lot worse now."

My sadness turns to anger in this moment, and one look at the other boys, I can tell we all are thirsty for revenge.

"We need to make sure this doesn't happen to the other girls," Niall says, cupping Ry's face cherishingly.

"We're here," Liam says, his tone hard.

I jump out of the car and instantly see Olivia, my precious, perfect, stubborn Olivia. Eleanor is standing next to her protectively. I see Bo and Mase holding back fans, and feel my anger begin to burn.

As I approach the two girls, the fans behind the barriers begin screaming even louder. I force a smile before grabbing Olivia's hand and pulling her into the studio, not stopping for any autographs or pictures.

I pull her towards the dressing rooms and into ours, locking the door behind us.

"Baby, what are you doing?" she asks.

I look into her eyes as I reach down and grab the pearl-lined hem of her dress. She purses her lips as I pull up the hem.

And scattered across her stomach and upper thighs, are deep cuts and violet-blue bruises.




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