*Paused* The Goddess' Secret

In the land of Eternia, Owen is about to face 3 Beasts alone. Next to him, he finds Gwen, Ethan, Jamie, Dani and Shane, all unconscious thanks to the (very large!) Wolves that came from nowhere. Owen gets saved by a cute, female warrior. Owen instantly falls for her but she seems way out of his league. They go back to camp and go on a quest after receiving a prophecy from Fran, the camps prophet. Will they defeat the small army coming to kill a member of their team? Who is the mysterious girl who saves Owen and co? And what is her secret?

For referal:
Ethan is son of Eknos (God of Lightning)
Gwen is daughter of Urio (Goddess of Love)
Jamie is son of Gretnos(God of water)
Dani is daughter of Thermina (Goddess of all warriors)
Owen is son of Crioni (God of fire and archery)
Shane is son of Hetnos (God of Death and earth)
Fran is daughter of Juropi (Goddess of winds)
Kiromi (Goddess of truth and sacrifice)

Chapter 4 prophecy referal: Skelp means (in this case) to strike.


2. Trouble (Dani's POV)

"That was amazing how you took down those wolves!" I told Kiromi, after Owen described what happened.

"Thanks! But I think Owen might have exaggerated slightly." Kiromi smiled. Shane, Jamie and Gwen called her over to talk to her. " I'll be right back guys." She said dashing off to join the others.

I think I was the only one to see Owen expression on his face. He was blushing! Oh my gods Owen! I thought. He was in love with her! Kiromi! A goddess!

"Holy Eknos Owen. You like her don't you? I mean as in like like her!" I whispered to him. 

"Shut-up." He grumbled. "No I don't. It's not like she'd like like me anyway." He sighed. That's our Owen, I thought. Always going the extra mile to sell himself short.

"Are you kidding!" I exclaimed quietly. "She would love you! Stop selling yourself short, OK?" He sighed.

"OK." He paused and turned to me studying my face. Probably to see if I was joking. " You really think I have a shot with her?"

"Of course!" I smiled. " A great guy like you...," I said pointing to him. " Could get any girl he wanted. Just don't try to be someone your not. Just be yourself." He smiled at me. A warm friendly smile that I would never get tired of seeing on his tanned face. His smile showed in his blue eyes as well. I could tell because they were sparkling like sapphires in the afternoon sun.

"Thanks Dani. You are a true friend." I smirked, he could get real soppy sometimes. I lightly punched his shoulder.

"Come on Mr.Soppy. Lets join the others."

Me and Owen walked over to the rest of the group. I could heard them describing camp. It was small and only contained only a few tents and a campfire. But it was good enough for us. Our group consisted of Me, Owen, Gwen, Jamie, Ethan, Shane, Fran and now Kiromi. We trudged along the dusty trail that led to our home, Jamie occasionally tripping over. He is very clumsy, but... that one of the reasons I love him. I sighed, We've been together for two years now, after he saved me from the dragon that was trying to eat me whole. I smiled. Jamie had been truly heroic that day.

"Well, here we are. Home sweet home." Said Gwen spreading her arms to show the sight before them.

"Yep. Welcome to our humble abode." Added Ethan.

Before us stood a Ethan, Gwen, Shane and Fran's tents. The four in front of us each contained some possessions that Ethan, Gwen, Shane and Fran owned. Mine, Jamie and Owen's tents lay further back, past the campfire.

Kiromi tilted her head back slightly and spun on the spot, taking in the beautiful surroundings. Over-head birds sung in the trees that were dyed orange from the sunset.

"This is beautiful." She muttered. I smiled as the others walked on the the rest of the tents, laughing and joking, leaving me and Kiromi behind in the clearing.

"Yeah... it is isn't it? Did you know tha-" I was cut short by a cry in the distance. From the direction the others went. The smile vanished from my face.

"Come on." I said grimly to Kiromi. We ran, shoving rough branches out of the way, and dashing past the first group of tents. As we got closer I knew something was wrong. Smoke was billowing and yet the campfire was empty. We stopped just before we bumped into the others. In front of us stood Owen's tent, fire licking at the door of it and starting to swallow it whole. Next to it lay Fran, beaten and bloody. Shane rushed towards her and knelt by her side.

"Her life is starting to fade," He reported. He could sense stuff like that. Being the son of Hetnos. Before anyone could stop him Owen rushed into his tent. We knew the fire wouldn't affect him, because he was son of the fire god. As we tried to revive Fran, he darted out just before the tent collapsed. In his arms was a picture of his mother, before she was destroyed by dark forces and a picture of all of us gathered around the campfire. I remember that day well, even though it was two years ago. It was the day Jamie saved my life. The day we formed a family. Admitted it was a slightly complicated family, but it was the only one we had, as we were all abandoned as kids. We all stood in a worried and protective circle around Fran as Kiromi took out the vial she used to awake up me and the others. She knelt down and left a drip fall into Fran's mouth before corking it and slipping it into her cloak. We watched nervously for a few silent minutes. Kiromi looked grim and opened her mouth, as if to speak, when Fran gave a weak, little cough. Ethan helped her sit up as Gwen handed her a water bottle. Fran took a little sip and groaned slightly.

"What happened Fran? " Asked Jamie.

"I... I tried to stop them I really did..., but they were to strong. They struck me down and started searching the camp. They... they were looking for someone..." She trailed off as she started to lose consciousness. I tapped her lightly on the cheek, trying to stop her from leaving.

"Come on Fran stay with us." I coaxed. " Who were they looking for and who were they?"

"I didn't see their faces, they wore masks... In my tent are the answers. I'm sorry." Fran said shakily.

"And as for who they were looking for..." She lifted her shaking hand and pointed to someone in the crowd of her friends. Then her arm went limp and her body relaxed. A choked sob escaped Gwen.

"She gone." reported Shane, as he and Jamie stood shakily.

Then we turn to the one Fran had pointed to. The one the men were after. Owen. None of us knew what would happen. Owen stood there, looking defeated.

"What do we do?" He asked.

"We check Fran's tent. She said the answers are there." I answered, my voice filled with grief from losing my best friend. " We will honour her as the hero she was." All of them nodded and looked down dejectedly. Jamie knelt down by Fran, closed her eyes and muttered an ancient blessing. Then he slid his strong arms underneath her and picked her up. Kiromi stood a few feet away from the group muttering to herself, as tears streamed down her face. "Let do this." I said, trying to motivate the others. I felt a cold breeze pass along my neck. I shivered, as we all made our way slowly back to camp. I had a feeling something was about to happen. Something I would not like. Not one bit...

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