*Paused* The Goddess' Secret

In the land of Eternia, Owen is about to face 3 Beasts alone. Next to him, he finds Gwen, Ethan, Jamie, Dani and Shane, all unconscious thanks to the (very large!) Wolves that came from nowhere. Owen gets saved by a cute, female warrior. Owen instantly falls for her but she seems way out of his league. They go back to camp and go on a quest after receiving a prophecy from Fran, the camps prophet. Will they defeat the small army coming to kill a member of their team? Who is the mysterious girl who saves Owen and co? And what is her secret?

For referal:
Ethan is son of Eknos (God of Lightning)
Gwen is daughter of Urio (Goddess of Love)
Jamie is son of Gretnos(God of water)
Dani is daughter of Thermina (Goddess of all warriors)
Owen is son of Crioni (God of fire and archery)
Shane is son of Hetnos (God of Death and earth)
Fran is daughter of Juropi (Goddess of winds)
Kiromi (Goddess of truth and sacrifice)

Chapter 4 prophecy referal: Skelp means (in this case) to strike.


1. The Right Girl For Me (Owen's POV)

This is it, I thought. Jamie, Dani, Gwen, Ethan and Shane were all unconscious, no thanks to three very powerful wolves. Now it was just me, alone, facing the beasts with nothing but my trusty bow and arrows.

I am so dead. The massive wolves circled me, snarling and drooling. I was exhausted from trying to stay alive. Now my friends were down and I was about to become a dogs dinner (literally).

Just as a wolf pounced to give the deathly blow, three arrows sprouted from it's neck and it fell to the floor. Dead. I looked down at my bow. It hadn't moved.

Wait. If it wasn't my bow..., I thought. Then who's...?

"Holy Eknos..." I muttered

I stood there bemused as another crashed to the ground. A hooded figure came out of the mist. Mumbling with frustration, they dropped their bow and pulled out a set of vicious looking knifes. Breaking into a run, they threw their knives one by one, each hitting the target: the wolf's chest.

"No-one tries to kill my heroes." They said.

As the last beast slumped to the ground, the figure slowed and walked over to it and retrieved their weapons, both arrows and knifes. 

I dropped my bow, it clattering to the ground, as I stood watching in awe of the person who had saved my life. They walked over, cleaning their blades as they did so.

"Are you alright?" The person asked worriedly. I stood there gawping. The person sighed and put back their crimson hood.


My mind exploded at the sight before me. A drop-dead gorgeous girl, around my age, stood only a few feet away from me. Her hair was styled in a way so that it fell down her shoulder. Some loose, brunette locks fell across her face in a naturally beautiful way. Her hazel eyes showed concern, her tanned skin slightly glowing in the mist.

She raised her eyebrow questioningly. I realized she was waiting for an answer.

"Aaa budah," I tried to speak. I shook my head. "I mean yeah, yeah..."

"Good." She said, walking in the direction of my friends. She knelt over Dani, and pulled out a vial from her cloak. She uncorked it and let a drip fall into Dani's mouth. Dani stirred and started to get up.

"What happened?" She asked as she sat up groggily, holding her head. "And why do I feel like I've been hit by a ton of bricks." To her left Jamie, Ethan, Gwen and Shane groaned as they all sat up. The mystery girl stood up and backed off a few feet. All five of my friends got up and turned to the girl.  

"Thanks," said Gwen. Shane nodded in agreement.

"Um... I don't mean to be rude..., or ungrateful, but who are you?" Ethan asked. The girl studied him, and for a moment I thought he saw Gwen tense as she did so.

She really doesn't like others checking out her guy, I thought.

"Hmm... and why should I tell you son of Eknos?" She questioned. Now it was Ethan's turn to tense.

"How do you know what I am?" He asked wearily.

"I know who you all are." She smiled. "A son of Eknos, a daughter of Urio, a son of Gretnos, a daughter of Thermina, a son of Crioni and a son of Hetnos." Three of the friends stepped back, only Shane, Dani and me remained where we were. Me mostly because I was frozen by her beauty.

"I think I recognize you..." Shane stated. Dani nodded.

"Me too..." Dani said.

The girl came forwards.

"I'd be surprised if you did. Most don't recognize me without my wings." She said.

"I am Kiromi. Goddess of Truth and Sacrifice."

Oh great, I thought. Again I'm in love with a goddess. I sighed and shook my head. When will I learn that all girls are outta my league. I stopped. Well, maybe, I could find the right girl for me... And maybe, just maybe, Kiromi is that girl. I was sure of something. Unlike other girls, who were just crushes, I felt a warm feeling spread through my body. I knew Kiromi was the only one for me. And I would do anything to get her.

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