*Paused* The Goddess' Secret

In the land of Eternia, Owen is about to face 3 Beasts alone. Next to him, he finds Gwen, Ethan, Jamie, Dani and Shane, all unconscious thanks to the (very large!) Wolves that came from nowhere. Owen gets saved by a cute, female warrior. Owen instantly falls for her but she seems way out of his league. They go back to camp and go on a quest after receiving a prophecy from Fran, the camps prophet. Will they defeat the small army coming to kill a member of their team? Who is the mysterious girl who saves Owen and co? And what is her secret?

For referal:
Ethan is son of Eknos (God of Lightning)
Gwen is daughter of Urio (Goddess of Love)
Jamie is son of Gretnos(God of water)
Dani is daughter of Thermina (Goddess of all warriors)
Owen is son of Crioni (God of fire and archery)
Shane is son of Hetnos (God of Death and earth)
Fran is daughter of Juropi (Goddess of winds)
Kiromi (Goddess of truth and sacrifice)

Chapter 4 prophecy referal: Skelp means (in this case) to strike.


5. Author's Note: Please Read!


Date: April 7th


Dear readers,

   as some of you may know I was going to enter the Young Writer's Competition with this story. However, I have decided not to enter as, even after writing the first three chapters, I have only managed to write 2,000 word (aprox.) out of the needed 40,000 words. The deadline for the competition is April 18th and haven't the slightest chance of writing 38,000 more words in 11 days, especially if I have no clue what to put in the story :/ . But, just because I won't enter the competition, this does not mean I won't continue the story gradually.


 I'd like to thank you all for reading this story and for your support :) . Good luck on any future competitions you enter and movellas you write. Wishing you all the best,


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