Save Me

When Rebecca's car breaks down in the middle of nowhere, she is trapped in earthquake.... until.... She is saved by certain British boy named Harry Styles who is from everyone's favorite boy band One Direction. Will he be her true love or just the boy who saved her? Find out!


6. Ugh, not again!

Niall decided we should go to the park because apparently they have a new mini food court. What is this world coming to? "Harry " "yesh?" "I want your hair" "I know it's flawless!" He sounded like a model  or what ever. "Oh please shut it" he kissed my nose and we all decided to walk to the park. "Look at the ducks!"  Niall said "ow!" I started to laugh one of then was biting Louis's bum "they really like your bum Louis" "get it off Liam!!" Liam pulled the duck off. "Where's Niall?" "He ran to the food court" Zayn said backing away from the pond slowly "your seriously scared of water?" "We all are scared of something!" "Yeah well-" I was cut off by swarm of girls and Niall running to us. "What happened?!" "Well Rebecca you see when people realized how much food I ordered, they started to yell at me which atracted attention and them!" "You gotta love the girls" Liam said all ready to run, Harry grabbed my hand and we were off! I tripped over a stupid duck and fell down hurting my butt. Is this what you meant?

A/N yes just wait till what's next!

thanks a lot. I knew I was going to get trampled until I felt Harry put me on his back and continued running. "WOOOO!" Louis screamed. why do they like this?  

A/N Harry ruined it!

WHA? YOU WANT ME TO DIE? Are you kidding me?

A/N just saying it would have been interesting.

.... Anyways I couldn't believe I was going to die again. I have such great luck don't I? "Hold on tight Becky" "don't worry Harry" after a few minutes I felt Harry slow down "Harry... Hurry it up!" "Your heavy!" "Are you calling me fat?!" "No but I don't think this is the right time to argue!" "Yeah your right " he stopped but we fell rolling down the hill I was still holding on, Iuckily we landed into a small cave- like place. "We'll at least we are safe for now" "they aren't that bad Becky!" He said laughing "yeah your right, they almost ran over me but they are still like my closest friends!" "What's up with you?" "We'll I'm not 13!" "What I'm just lost" "I guess you will find out sooner or later" "whhaaat?" "I'm not a fan of one direction I never learned about you" I saw Harry get up. "Where are you going?" "Your not a fan of me not a fan of the lads... Not a fan of the fans!" "Harry that shouldn't bother you" "well it does" " Harry is it my fualt that I never learned about you?" "..." "This is ridiculous!" "I can't date a girl who hates my fans and the lads" "give me time. I'll warm up to them, Iuckily mean I'm already friends with the lads" "really?" "Yes" I saw him get a smile and he gave me a passionate kiss.  "I'm sorry I should have told you a long time ago!" "No, I guess it isn't your fault" "thanks" he kissed me one more time and we walked out. I guess it felt good to tell him the truth.

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