Save Me

When Rebecca's car breaks down in the middle of nowhere, she is trapped in earthquake.... until.... She is saved by certain British boy named Harry Styles who is from everyone's favorite boy band One Direction. Will he be her true love or just the boy who saved her? Find out!


3. The Lads

"Thanks-again" "your welcome love" "I really thought I was going to die" "that would be a shame" I heard a voice from the back "hi there" "hi I'm Liam this is Niall Louis and Zayn. "Hi I'm Rebecca" "what are you doing out so late?" Asked the one I think is named Liam. "I Was driving home from my job." "What job?" Niall asked. "Oh... It's nothing" "I bet it's some thing dirty" Harry said with a grin. "Fine I'm a .....stripper" I said in a really low voice "what?" Louis asked. "I'm a stripper " Harry's grin grew larger " now why would you hide that? It would be alot of fun to watch " "sorry about him" Liam said embarrassed. "Nah I'm used to it. I hear it all the time" I saw Harry look into my shirt. "Hey!!!! Do you mind!" I say pushing him. He smiled "no I don't mind" "well I do" "Harry leave the poor girl alone" I heard Zayn say. "Yeah, I mean she almost die and your already trying to steal her virginity!" I hear Louis yell and everyone started to chuckle. You guys are soo immature!" "Thank you" they said together and I had to laugh
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