Save Me

When Rebecca's car breaks down in the middle of nowhere, she is trapped in earthquake.... until.... She is saved by certain British boy named Harry Styles who is from everyone's favorite boy band One Direction. Will he be her true love or just the boy who saved her? Find out!


5. New job

"Curly fry,  wake up!" "Huh? Morning angel" I was freezing when I came out of the water so he wrapped his arms around me and we went inside. "There you guys are!" "Yeah..." I checked my watch "oh god I've got to get ready ill be late for my job!" "Then go ahead" Zayn said eating from Niall's  plate. I put on my hot pink jeans with a white tank top and curled up my hair, you can really see the red color come out when it's curled "Louis start the car!" "Ok ok." We all jumped into the car and I gave Louis the address. "Finally!" "I'm glad you made it" "thanks uh..." "Shelly" "thanks Shelly " "here you go" I had a hand full of swimsuits, which surprisingly, pushed me down a bit. "Go to the dressing room and try each one until you find one you like" "ok" the boys followed me into the dressing room, I guess I probably should have kicked them out but there like brothers to me well, except Harry, so I didn't having the 5 lads watch me change but still, it doesn't seem right. "Leeyyuuummmm you coming?" "Nah, I'll stay here Niall " "pfft, and this is probably the only time you'll see a girl naked" "I have Danielle" "what ever! Your lose" it's sweet how Liam has some respect for women, unlike these pervs. I heard some oops and aaaaws "um , look at the bikini not the body" "love we can't help it" Louis said with a large smile. "Oh shush" they finally agreed to look at the bikini only, but I know they still watch.  "That one" Harry said. "Really?" "Yeah" "it is nice" Niall said. They all Liked it even I did. "Finally what took you so long?!" "Couldn't pick one " I said with a smile. "You know... We wouldn't mind Having one direction in some pictures!" Shelly said. "Lads what do you say?" "Ok Becky" " great! Here you go" she the boys each a swim suit and they went to change.  I have one word for you when they came out. Sexy. Just plain sexy! I stood in the middle of the lads and put one arm around  Harry and another Zayn, and i felt the rest of the boys pick me up by my legs. " good! " we did pose after pose some times together other times two people at a time. Two hours later and now Niall is hungry. "Shelly do you mind if we leave early because Niall here is really hungry?" "Fine but only today" we went out for ice scream you should have seen the guy's face when Niall bought 3 cones with six scoops! "What? A guy is supposed to eat!" "Niall maybe we should put you on a diet!" Liam said. "You stuff those words back into your mouth Liam Payne!""ok ok, Niall" Liam said. This was great, I'm here with the 5 greatest guys ever with the greatest job ever! .... Wait that means some thing bad will happen right? -_- 

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ohdobr smile! Lets hope we make it through the day....


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