Save Me

When Rebecca's car breaks down in the middle of nowhere, she is trapped in earthquake.... until.... She is saved by certain British boy named Harry Styles who is from everyone's favorite boy band One Direction. Will he be her true love or just the boy who saved her? Find out!


2. My Hero

It is 1:37 at night and by now, my parents would be telling at me, "Rebecca!your are only 19! You shouldn't be out driving!" But I moved out a year ago (thank god) and now here I am, driving home from my job. But....I don't really have a good job, it's actually a bad job unfortunately, to make money I work as a stripper. Hopefully I will find a new job. Sorry, it's just that I love talking. "What? I can't be out of gas" oh lucky me, my car just broke down, what's next a earthquake?! Of course. I felt the ground under me start shaking. I started running hoping to find help but find myself tripping and rolling down. "Help!" I guess this is how I'm going to die. Great. Well goodbye. I'm gonna die now. I Covered my face with my arms but when I removed them I saw a boy looking at me. " are you ok?" "A little bruised but fine" he picked me up and lead me to his car. "I'm Harry styles " "where have I heard that name?" "From one direction" "ohh yeah!" "Yeah" "well thanks for saving my life which your still doing" "I wonder if it is possible to out drive an earth quake!" "Nope" "ok then" we then saw a helicopter and guess what? We got on it. I guess my life is officially saved
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