Save Me

When Rebecca's car breaks down in the middle of nowhere, she is trapped in earthquake.... until.... She is saved by certain British boy named Harry Styles who is from everyone's favorite boy band One Direction. Will he be her true love or just the boy who saved her? Find out!


8. Harry's pleasure

 We started looking for the lads and found them that they returned to the food court. "What happened to you guys?" "We were hiding in a dirty cave like place " "oh" I started to laugh Niall loooked like a bloated monkey with the in his mouth.  "Chew slowly Niall" Harry said "unless you want to of course die" "shuddup!" 

A/N once again, this is how I say shut up it is fun!!!

after 20 minutes we went home and. I turned on the radio and started singing. "All I want to see is a sky full of lighters...." I started to take my make up off when I felt Harry wrap his arms around me and whispered in my ear, "you know what I want to  see?" I smiled "what ?" He sent his arms flying into my shirt and kisses down my neck. 

~Zayn's POV~

I heard laughter coming from Harry's room and then silence. What? Did they just die? "Lads, what do you think they're  doing?" "Knowing Harry they are probably having a fun time if you know what I mean" Louis said. "Not in this house!" "Liam calm down please" "nope. I tried my best to keep my title!" "Is something wrong Liam?"  "No" he ran to the room. "Zayn I think I know what set him off. "What?" "I was teasing him before for being such a goody goody" "so he plans on getting rid  that memory by walking in on them?" "Nice!" "Not nice Lou" 

~ Liam's POV ~ 

i can't believe this feeling it kinda feels good but I don't know.... "Harry?" No answer. I walked in but they weren't there.  I then heard screams and moans come out from the bathroom.  What am I doing ?! I ran out and sat on the couch.

 ~ Harry's POV~

I thought I heard Liam call my name. Who cares right now? I'm here with my babe, having it. "Harry, harder" "of course.." We were sweating and panting. I leaned in and whispered in her ear "I love the sound of your moans love" 


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