Save Me

When Rebecca's car breaks down in the middle of nowhere, she is trapped in earthquake.... until.... She is saved by certain British boy named Harry Styles who is from everyone's favorite boy band One Direction. Will he be her true love or just the boy who saved her? Find out!


4. First Date?

I was finally able to go in to their house and go throw up,because well, I'm not very good at keeping my food in while In a helicopter. "Are you done love?" "Hang on.... Ok done" I walked out and decided I owed Harry. "Um Harry?" "Yeah?" "What happened was not just like a little problem, I mean I almost died! If you need anything, just ask" "one thing?" "Yep" "ok then, go on a date with with me" "wow, you think fast" "yeah... So we're going on a date?" "I guess if that's what you want" he smiled "tomorrow?" "Sure" did I just agree to go on a date with Harry? I got ready for bed and shut the light and climbed into bed "night Becky" "WAH! Harry! You scared me!" "Sorry I was trying to...." "Sleep with me?" "Yeah" I opened the door " out!" He gave me the puppy face "please" "please dont give me the puppy face!" It started getting sexier "fine..." "YAY!" He took my hand and pulled me close to his body and kissed my cheek. "Wait...are you NAKED?" "I like being naked" "what ever" I put my head on his  chest "night" "night" ....... we were woken up by Louis who yelled "guess what?! We're going to a photo shoot" "guess what?! You blew out our eardrums!" I said. We got ready and drove to the photo shoot. I saw a lady follow us and when the boys left me she came up to me "hello" uh,hi?" "I'm from the Summer Surf Magazine" "oh my god!" S.S. magazine is the one of the most famous and best magazine full of beach looks, fashion and latest gossip. "Would you like a job as our lead model? We've been looking for someone for weeks!" "Of course!" She gave me the address and company number "what was that?" Harry asked "I got a new job " "aww I wanted to see you strip" "oh quiet" he drove me home and took me to the back which was lighted by candles and we went into the hot tub "I love you" "aww I love you to Harry" he kissed down my neck and slipped his fingers in my bikini top. "Harry..." "Sorry cant help myself " he gave me a kiss and I put my head on his shoulder. I guess we must have fell asleep because  the sun was out bright and I woke up Harry. It wasn't a perfect first date but I'm not sure what Harry did  at night because he has his hands in my bikini bottom .

A/N remind you of sponge bob?! :)  

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