Save Me

When Rebecca's car breaks down in the middle of nowhere, she is trapped in earthquake.... until.... She is saved by certain British boy named Harry Styles who is from everyone's favorite boy band One Direction. Will he be her true love or just the boy who saved her? Find out!


9. Bad news

It's 3 months since I've accepted job man, time goes by so fast! I just feel so fabulouis here with Harry. We went shopping and Harry said he needed to buy some thing from a jewelry store "for my mum " "we'll hurry up Kay?" "Kay" I walked down seeing every shop and before I knew it I was accidentally pushed down by a excited Shelly, my boss my excited boss. This can't be good. "There you are Becky!" "Ow... Hi Shelly what's up?" "Pack up! The whole company is moving to Paris for a great deal and way bigger space!" "PARIS?!!! What? No we can't go!!!" "And why not?" "My family friends the lads and-and Harry are here!" "That's not my problem, and the crew and I are like your family too!" "I know but.... I'm not going!" "It's my decision and you either come or quit, bye Becky- oh and we leave tomorrow after noon!" I can't quit I love my job but I also love Harry. At the next second I felt Harry come behind me and hand me something in a long box. "I thought this was for your mom!" "Lied" "GASP really?" I said sarcastically and opened it to find a silver necklace with Harry and Rebecca in the center written in tiny diamonds. "Harry... It's beautiful" "like you! I'm not done yet!" He drove us to the beach where we did the corniest thing: walk on it at son down.  "I wish I got you something" besides what I first got you: a broken heart.  "I love you" "I love you too" right after I broke down and started to cry. "Becky are you okay?!" "No ... Harry I'm going to Paris" "what's so bad? " "forever!" "What you can't go!" "I have to If I want to keep my job!" He was now crying with me. "I don't want us to end Harry" I said and crackly voice because of all the tears " me neither Becky" he held my hand and I buried my head into his chest crying so hard. I could tell  People were looking at us because I heard a little girl call out to Harry "is she ok mister!?" We kept walking that way till we made to the car.  Removed my head from his chest but I still held his hand.  We both moved to the back seat. "I won't let go of your hand until you go" "good" we were still crying but I moved myself to his lap and and put my head back on his chest. When I woke up u saw we've fallen asleep in the backseat. "Harry wake up" "I had a dream that you were leaving me" I still felt tiny tears fall from my eyes when I said "it's not a dream" he started the car and switched his hands so one is holding mine and the other is driving.  When we made it to the house we packed my suit case up first so we would have more time. "What's going on? Where were you guys?" Louis said seeing the tears on our eyes. "The beach.... In moving to ... To..." I started to cry another a storm. "She's going to Paris" "what why?" "Work" "oh " "when?" "Afternoon" "are you going to speak in full sentences?" "No" "oh" he gave me a giant hug and left the room. I heard say to the lads "leave them alone" Thank you Louis . "Lets do everything that we were going to do for the years!" "Um ok um probably kiss you-" he then grabbed me  and then started kissing me over and over  again.  "Ok we did that " After painting, putting make up on each others faces, playing naked tag (Harry's choice), and singing each and every one of one directions songs and cooked each other a surprise  lunch it was fun we then did like 50 activities we decided our final was to rest.  The lads gave me hugs and kisses and said good bye but Harry drove with me to the airport .  That's when Shelly pulled me inside the plane. I sat at my seat. "Shelly can I say good bye-" "no just sit. " like 4 seconds later, Harry ran into the plane and pulled me from  my seat" Becky I can't leave you!" He gave me a long passionate kiss and I don't hold back. "Sir you have to get off the plane, sir!" I felt the pilot try to pull Harry from me. Forget it old dude you are not  taking him away. I kissed him once again then Shelly pulled me down. And they took Harry away. "Good bye Harry .... I love you" I whispered. 

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