I always felt the same

Kiara has a great relationship with her boyfriend Harry Styles but brakes up with him when she finds he's been snooping with her aunt Caroline Flack and later has to face the fact that she always loved him.


1. Return

Kiara's P.O.V
        "Please!"Aria begged. "Listen for the sixth time NO!, I don't wanna go to a concert ok."I said. "Bu-"I cut her off. "But nothing Aria I'm not going." She pouted , "You don't even know who the band is!!"She said. "Ugh."I sighed,"Fine......who is it?"  
"ONE DIRECTION!!!"she yelled scaring my cat Lucy.
"Omg really!?!?!"I responded
"Yup!"She said clapping her hands this time.

"Well......in that case N-O! NO!" I yelled scaring Lucy again.I rolled my eyes as Aria tugged my arm acting like a baby."Cut the fuck out."I said."No not until you say yes, plus I already bought the tickets! Which mean you have one and you have to go!"she said.I was about to attack her when my phone beeped.How the hell can she do that! I unlocked my phone and made my way to the bathroom so Aria wouldn't see. The text read:

Harry-Babe please answer I'm really sorry ok I didn't know I really regret it please Ki, just respond :'(

Me-...Fuck you :)

Harry-Look what do you want me to do I'll do anyting to have you back in my life.

Me-Leave me the fuck alone and stop seeing my aunt!!

Harry-I can't I love her....But I love you more <3

Me-Cut the shit Styles,If you really loved me you wouldn't be seeing Caroline.

With that I locked my phone.I hear a knock on the door,"Ki, I'm sorry it's that  love One Direction and well it was rather you or that weird nerdy girl from science."Aria was sobbing by now.Drama Queen.I open the door and walked past her."Fine...you crazed bitch."I mummbled the last part but she knew I didn't mean it,she walked past me and laughed half way up the stairs she yelled."Dress to impress!!!." I went up the stairs into her room."What do you mean what time is the concert?"I asked. "In like 45 minutes so hurry the fuck up and get dressed lazy ass cow."she responded I rolled my eyes."What ever."and walked out of her room and got changed by then there was only 27 minutes left...I think.

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