I always felt the same

Kiara has a great relationship with her boyfriend Harry Styles but brakes up with him when she finds he's been snooping with her aunt Caroline Flack and later has to face the fact that she always loved him.


2. Caroline

Kiara's P.O.V

      I wore this http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/app and Aria wore this http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/app. "wow you look hot!"Aria said to me.I smiled,"And you do too." She smiled."Now lets go!!!!!!!"She yelled.She threw me the keys and we went into the car then drove to the concert.I guess we got there early cause a van pulled up and yup you guessed it 5 boys came out.Louis,Zayn,Liam,Niall then Har-"OMG KIARA IT'S ONE DIRECTION!!!"Ari yelled catching their attention the boys smiled at us and walked towards us as we got out of the car and since Paul recongized me he let it slide.They all hugged Aria then me one by one when it was Harry's  turn he hugged me and I pushed away quickly.I glanced over at the boys Zayn was biting his lower lip,Louis scratched the back of his neck,Niall looked at the ground with his hands in his pockets and as for Liam he looked at Harry and I in a worried way.I hoped drama wont occur."So...Kiara how have you and your lovely friend been doing?"Louis asked making Aria blushed."We've been good how 'bout you guys?'I responded. "Good" they all said at the same time but Harry stood there quiet looking at me up and down."Uh are you guys here for a concert or something?"Zayn finally asked."Yupp your concert."Aria said."Oh cool...umm follow us."Zayn said.We followed the boys.Harry was behind me with Lou and I could hear them mummbleing to each other."Here we are,you beautiful girls can stay in our dressing room."Niall said opening their dressing room door leading us all inside."The concert doesn't start till another hour actually so you guys can hang here."Liam said."Ok thanks."I said sitting with Aria on the couch "I thought you said it started."I whispered."Sorry I just wanted to be on time."She said "what ever just please act normal their just 5 teenage boys who happen to sing."I repsonded,"Easy for you to say they already know you."She replied,"And how do they know you?"She added."I...I..I used to go out with...Harry.."I said studdering."Oh my fucking god are you serious!?!?!"She said this time out loud catching everyones attention."Thanks alot."I mummbled. There was a knock at the door and Liam went to go get it by then everyone had their attention on the person walking in.Thank God."Hey Ba-"Caroline, said but stopped at my apperance.Why the hell is she here.I mean sure I'm happy to see my aunt but Harry said he finished it.Wait why do I care I don't have feelings for him.....I hope not.Caroline and I eyed each other. The last time we saw each other we got in a fight cause of Harry.I got up off the couch the boys looking worried about what would happen next.Caroline walked up to me and hugged me.Uh ok?The boys sighed in relief."I'm so glad to see you!"she finally said."Uhh yeah me..me too."I said,"Lou where's the bathroom?"I teared up."Oh uh this way he was about to grab my hand when Harry stepped in and took me to the bathroom pushed me in then locked the door behind him."Kia-"I cut him off."Save it you said you were done and you lied to me Harry."I said this time a tear streamed down my face.Harry grabbed my waist and pulled my close to him so this way our bodies were closer to each others.He wiped my tear with his thumb and placed his hand on my cheek."Please don't cry going out with Caroline was the worst thing I've ever done."He said choking and the last words."Harold I'm not mad about that I'm mad that you went out with her a day after we broke up."I said He knew I was serious and was hurt when ever I said Harold because I never called him that unless we argued."I..I know please forgive me and I didn't even know she was coming I swear if she was I would of tried to stop her from coming even if you weren't coming because I knew either way it will hurt me just to see her knowing I actually went out with her beloved niece but didn't go after her when I hurt her I'm really sorry."He said leaning in then placing his warm lips on mine.

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