I always felt the same

Kiara has a great relationship with her boyfriend Harry Styles but brakes up with him when she finds he's been snooping with her aunt Caroline Flack and later has to face the fact that she always loved him.


3. Back On

Harry's P.O.V

            I leaned in and kissed her, the love of my life, and those warm lips that I've missed for a long time.We pulled away at the same time."I...I Love You.."Kiara said.Damn I've missed her and her voice  Those words were what I thought about every night."I had always loved you ever since I layed eyes on you."I replied  making her smile.We kissed again for a long time when I pushed her to the wall and she ran he fingers through my hair I kissed her a little more roughly and she did the same.I ran my hands down to her thighs when I kissed up to her neck then sucked the part I kissed and she let out a little moan but managed to say."Harry not here maybe later."I groaned I seriously wanted her badly but waiting for her was worth it plus I didn't want to force her to get into anything she didn't want to so I let go of her.We went over to the mirror."Damn I look like a mess."She said.I let out a light chuckle. And said "Your hair look at mine..I guess you enjoyed it huh?"She rolled her eyes playfully,"Pig."She said.This time I laughed and she giggled."Babe,I really missed you."I said."Babe?"She said kinda shocked."Yeah well if you want to give it another shot."I said hoping she wanted to."Yea I'd love to."She smiled.I picked her up and twirled her in the air.She giggled then I set her down and went for another kiss when there was a knock on the door it was Lou,"Mate are you done,and I thought Kiara had to use the bathroom not you...."there was a short silence when Kiara headed towards the door opened it and walked out leaving Lou and I there. He winked I smirked I guess best mates can tell what they each do without even having to be together.Lou and I walked to the other lads."Well aren't you in a jolly mood."Liam said."Shut up."I replied.The boys laughed.I looked over at the girls who were smiling and I smiled back in return."Wanna watch a movie?"Zayn suggested."Sure I'll get the popcorn."Niall said."NO! knowing you you'll probably eat it in less than 3 minutes how about I get it."boobear said. Niall frowned"Fine."We laughed and went over to the girls.I motioned my head as in telling Ki to sit with me so she got up and sat with me on the couch or as some people call it 'the love seat' "Uh what movie?"Liam said going through some choice."Nightmare on Elme street!"Kiara and Aria both called out I shook my head in agreement."Anythings fine with me."Zayn said."I just want popcorn."Niall added.I guess Caroline left while Kiara and I were having a little session but I didn't really care cause I have my 4 best buds 1 best girl friend and the love of my life with me and that's all I could ever want.Louis walked in with 4 bags of popcorn he handed one to Kiara and I,then Zayn and Liam, and Niall and Aria.And one for himself.The movie started Kiara and I cuddled and she fed me most of the time cause the rest we were kissing and weren't watching the movie but we didn't care since no one payed attention but I did spot Louis sending us some winks and Aria and Niall throwing popcorn at us then kissing too.After the movie finished it was show time.We did the concert, read a few tweets and fooled around on stage.Then after that was done we all headed back to the hotel including the girls but later on left and Ki and I texted all night,called eath other and video chatting.The morning came and I had to get ready for London and say bye to my love.


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