The Sister I Don't Want To Be

Nichole Horan is Niall Horans little sister. When there parents fight and don't want Nichole anymore Niall has no choice but to let her go with them on tour. Niall doesn't like the thought of a 13 year old shas to go every where he goes. But Nichole thinks its going to be an adventure of a life time !


4. Things No One Knew She Did

Nichole's POV:

 After i finished showering I walked into Niall's room to find Liam sitting on his bed."Do you need something, Liam ?" "Um, I need to talk to you about something." "What is it?" "Well, Niall is kinda going to go on a double date with me and Danielle tonight." "Okay." I said with a smile, but of course it was fake. Liam nodded then got up and left the room. 


I cant believe Niall didn't even have the nerve to tell his own sister. Sometimes I just wish I'd just disappear so I don't have to be a bother. "Knock, Knock" Of course only Louis would say something like that. "Yes?" I replied innocently. "We were wondering if you wanted to watch a movie with us downstairs." "What movie are we watching ?" "PARANORMAL ACTIVITY!" He screamed while throwing me over his shoulder, and running down the stairs. I started laughing at the thought of how strange we might look. "Louis, please put me down!" "Hmm, let me think..... How about no ?"


When we finally got in the living room he threw me onto the couch. I started to smile because it reminded me of my dad before he and mom started to fight." Babe, you okay ? You were zoned out for a second." Louis said shaking me out of my thoughts. "Yeah I'm fine. I was just thinking."      "There's no time for that, now is there ?" "Living in a house full of boys, wont give you time for anything." I said giggling at the end.


Louis put the movie in and sat next to me on the couch. Harry and Zayn are in here now and I'm guessing Liam and Niall were getting ready for there dates tonight. Oh the joy. Anyways, the movie barely started and to tell you the truth I hate scary movies ! But none of the guys needed to know that.


We were about half way through the movie when Niall and Liam walked out of the door without saying goodbye."Well goodbye to you too." I mumbled to myself. Zayn paused the movie and looked at me sympathetically."Babe, I know you're upset about your brother going on a date, but you have to understand its good for him. He needs to get out there more, you just got to understand Nichole." That's where you're wrong Zayn.



Louis POV:


And there goes Zayn telling Nichole something I'm sure shes heard her whole life. But of course to make it worse Harry opened his big mouth. "Zayn she's not even worth your breath. She's to stupid to understand anything" "HARRY!" Zayn and i said at the same time. He just got up and walked away like nothing."Nichole, he didn't me-" "No Lou, he's right I'm not w-worth your guys breath. I'll be u-upstairs if you guys need anything." Her breath was shaky and a a few tears were shed.She quickly ran upstairs into Niall's room. In which we quickly followed.


We got up to the room and tried opening the door to find that it was locked."Zayn, I'll talk to her, you talk to Harry." He nodded and went to find him. "Nichole, please open up. It's just me." She didn't say any, only the sound of her sobbing her heart out."Come on Nichole,just let me talk to you." Nothing in response. There's a key around here somewhere. Ah-Ha the top of the door. Nice place to put a key. Note the sarcasm. 


Once I got in I didn't see her on the bed where i thought she'd be, she was in the bathroom, holding a razor to her wrist............




Authors Note



 I know harry really isn't that mean its just part of the story. :)


I'm really really really sorry about not updating. I was planning to just stop this fanfic, but @Mrs.Malik7  inspired me to do more :) I should be updating alot more since its summer break. So Thank You for reading please Like/Favorite/Comment. Thanks for the support


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