The Sister I Don't Want To Be

Nichole Horan is Niall Horans little sister. When there parents fight and don't want Nichole anymore Niall has no choice but to let her go with them on tour. Niall doesn't like the thought of a 13 year old shas to go every where he goes. But Nichole thinks its going to be an adventure of a life time !


1. The Calls

Nichole's POV:

I was woken up from my parents yelling again. They had been fighting for weeks now. I've told Niall about it and he said to not worry about it but that's all I could think of. I was scared that my dad would lose his temper and take his anger out on me. Since Niall became famous my dad would hit me but he doesn't do it often any more which I'm thankful for. After they yelling kept going on for hours I decided to call Niall.






Phone Call: "Hello?"-Niall

"Niall there doing it again."- Nichole

"How long have they been fighting?"

"For awhile now."

"Has he,you know, hit you?"

"No not yet. When are you coming home,I want you here already!"

"I know baby girl ill be there soon. Just try to get some sleep okay?"

"Can you sing to me please?"

"Sure. Your hand fits in mine………… Goodnight baby girl."

End of phone call

I had finally feel asleep put I was once again woken up by my parents but they were in my room this time. "What's going on?" I asked confused. "Well since you want to go with Niall so bad you're living with him now." She seemed a little mad if you asked me."Wait like right now? He hasn't even gotten home!" "Well he's going to be here any minute so I'd hurry you're ass up if I were you!"


Well I see how much they seem to care. I was almost done when Niall arrived. I ran up to him and gave him a tight hug. "I've missed you so much Nialler!" "I've missed you to baby girl! Go get your stuff and we'll leave." I just lightly nodded.


Niall's POV:


"Do you really have to be rude she's you're daughter !" I was now talking to our mom who was being a total bitch if you ask me. "Well all she does is sleep all day and complains that we're mean to her when were not!" "The only reason she sleeps all day is cuz you and dad argue all night long!" "Just talk the little shit and leave!" "That's exactly what I'm gonna do!"

I found Nichole with her head in her hands crying. " Nichole shh it's okay. You're gonna be okay." "Can we just leave?" She was now staring off into space,"Sure baby girl lets go."



A/N this is my first movella please give me feed back! Thanks xx

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