The Sister I Don't Want To Be

Nichole Horan is Niall Horans little sister. When there parents fight and don't want Nichole anymore Niall has no choice but to let her go with them on tour. Niall doesn't like the thought of a 13 year old shas to go every where he goes. But Nichole thinks its going to be an adventure of a life time !


3. She's Not Getting Replaced

Nichole's POV:

"Nichole, wake up!" Niall screamed in my ear causing me to fall off the bed. "What was that for Niall!?" He burst into laughter cause me to get a head ache. "Niall!!" I whined but he still wouldn't listen "Niall!?" He just continued to laugh even though it wasn't funny any more. "Niall shut up!" Finally! He stopped laughing and helped me up from the floor." I'm sorry baby sis, do you need anything?" He said sarcastically. I stuck my tongue out making him chuckle. "Come on let's eat !" "Carry me Niall" I put my arms out waiting for him. "Okaaaaaayy." God someone's happy this morning *cough* *cough* Niall. 


He carried me down the stairs and set me on a chair next to Louis. "Someone's sleepy" "Shut up Louis" I mumbled laying my head down on the table. "Someones grumpy this morning" "Im not a morning person" As Liam came skipping down the stairs and went strait to Niall pulling him out to his room.This made me curious, hey don't blame me I'm just a 13 year old this is what we do. 


I went up to there door, not feeling tired anymore, and listened to them "Niall are you still up for the double date tonight?" "I don't know, I really don't want to leave Nichole here alone after what happened." "She'll be okay. Come on its just one night, so what do you say?" "Fine but you have to tell her." "Okay I will" I booked it downstairs not wanting to be obvious of course, but I still didn't know how I felt about this situation. I know I sound selfish but when Niall gets as girlfriend he ONLY talks about her and completely ignores me. And I'm not being over dramatic either. We'll just see how this plays out.


Louis POV:

Niall was really happy this morning and we all knew why, well everyone except Nichole. We didn't want to tell her just yet cause we didn't know how she would react. Just on que Liam came skipping down the stairs pulling Niall out of the kitchen.Way to not be obvious Liam. I noticed Nichole following them can't blame her for being curious. Five minutes later she came down and sat by me again. "Lou?" "Ya?" "Do you think Niall would replace me with another girl?" I knew she was gonna ask that. Shit I don't know what to say! "Uh.." Just then Niall and Liam came in saving me from saying anything stupid "Who wants breakfast!?" Liam said happily "ME!" Nichole and I said at the same time causing her to laugh. 



After we ate Nichole went up stairs to take a shower giving me time to talk to Niall. "Hey Niall?" "Yeah?" "What are you planing on telling Nichole about tonight?" "I'm not sure Liam said he would.Do you think she's gonna be mad at me?" "No, she probably thinks you're gonna replace her." "Why would you think that?" "I'm just saying what I think" he just sighed and continued watching tv. Well there's one thing I'm making sure and that's making sure she's not replaced.



A/N: sorry I haven't updated my Laptop wasn't working :/ Anyways, Feedback? Thanks :)


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