The Sister I Don't Want To Be

Nichole Horan is Niall Horans little sister. When there parents fight and don't want Nichole anymore Niall has no choice but to let her go with them on tour. Niall doesn't like the thought of a 13 year old shas to go every where he goes. But Nichole thinks its going to be an adventure of a life time !


2. Do You Really Want Me Here?

Nichole's POV: I had heard everything they'd said. I never knew my parents were like that, they didn't want me. And that's how I felt unwanted. "Nichole, are you okay?" Niall asked me I didn't say anything. I felt like I was bothering everyone. Going on tour with Niall was always my dream but I'm just going to be another person for him to worry about. We soon arrived at the airport which was going to take London so we could live with the boys.



"Are you excited to go on tour?" I just simply nodded not wanting to talk right now. When we got in the plane I just went strait to sleep. "Nichole, Nichole wake up we're here!" Niall shouted right in my ear making me fall of the chair. He just laughed. I got up and just walked away, I felt if I talked I would just bother him, don't get me wrong I love Niall it's just easier this way."Come on baby girl you gotta talk sometime." His eyes showed sympathy but the thing was that was the last thing I wanted. He just hugged me tightly after he knew I was going to talk.



Thousands of girls started screaming instantly making my head pound. The girls have never seen me they just knew Niall had a sister and that's it.






Thousands of people throwing insults at me. Just because I have a famous brother makes me a slut oh how wonderful ! Not the sarcasm. I think Niall was to caught up in the thought all these girls came for him he didn't seem to notice the insults. "Niall can we please go?" I wanted to just go to sleep nothing more nothing less just sleep. "Yeah we just got to wait for Louis to come pick us up. Oh and they don't know you're coming yet so it'll be a surprise!"



When Louis came he saw me and ran up to me and scooped me up. This made me smile but it soon faded when he set me down. "Nichole what are you doing here !?" At least someone was happy with me for once. "She's coming on tour with us isn't that great?" Niall tried to sound excited so I wouldn't feel as bad, but I knew he was to stressed to sound happy.



The car ride was silent the whole way making everything seem awkward. When we got to there house Louis and Niall helped me with my luggage. When I got inside I was greeted with warm hugs and 'I missed yous' which made me feel special I heard someone walk down the stairs it was Harry, I missed him a lot he was my bestfriend, despite our age difference. But the words he said made me feel worse than anything.



"What is she doing here?" He said it like I was his ex girlfriend. I ran past him and into the bathroom bawling my eyes out. Those words hurt more than anything. I heard arguing downstairs and soon Niall was by my side once again. "He didn't mean it Nichole. He just broke up with his girlfriend and he's mad." He sounded so calm "Do you want to go to bed baby girl?" I slowly nodded.I was about to get up but Niall gently picked me up bridal style and carried me to his room. He set me on his bed and gently kissed my forehead.



 He took of his shirt and slid in next to me "Niall?" "Yes Nichole?" "Do you really want me here?" "Of course I do why wouldn't I?" "Do the boys?" "More than anything. Try and get some rest okay?" "Okay goodnight Niall" "Goodnight baby girl" I rested my head on his chest I finally realized how much I had missed him.


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