Highschool (A one direction fanfic)

a fanfic about one diredction in highschool (Dont wanna spoil ;)) but Molly and Sephora are sister's


1. The New Girl's

Molly's Pov


I wake up to the sound of my alarm. GOD DAMN IT SHUT THE HELL UP!! I yelled i slammed my fist on to the alarm and groaned ERRG I don't wanna go to this new school! I thought and sighed then got up and took a shower and changed into a green cardigan,black skinny's,and Green All Stars, i also left my hair naturally curly.


Sephora's Pov


I wake up to the sound of Molly yelling at her alarm. I rolled my eyes and chuckled "Classical Molly." I thought as I jumped out of bed and hopped into the shower. Then i quickly changed into a Blue striped shirt,white skinny's,and also all black Chuck Taylor's and sang "OOOH HOW I LOVE MY CHUUUUCKK TAYLOOOORS!!!!!" And started walking down to Molly's room. "MOLLLY WAKEE UPPP YOU POTATO!!!!!!"I screamed as i ran down the stairs to the kitchen.


Molly's Pov


I just stared at her and laughed a bit then screamed "YESSS IM READY!! And a potato!! And HUNGRY!" I said while walking down the steps studying each step carefully. "OF COURSE YOU ARE!!"She yelled and threw me a banana "Jeee thanks." I said in a sarcastic tone and  saw sephora roll her eyes a bit. "C'mon!" She said while walking out the door to our car fine i said as i skipped out to the red convertible oh how i loved this car  i thought as i hoped in as she started to drive to school i blasted the radio up and heard Thrift Shop on i screamed and laughed then started singing it "I'M GONNA POP SOME TAGS ONLY GOT 20$ IN MY POCKET IIIM HUNTING LOOKING FOR A COME-UP THIS IS FUCKING AWESOME" sephora joined in and we sang then we finally pulled up to the hell hole we all call high school i frowned.



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