Highschool (A one direction fanfic)

a fanfic about one diredction in highschool (Dont wanna spoil ;)) but Molly and Sephora are sister's


2. The Meeting ;)


Sephora's Pov

As we pulled up to the school i saw Molly frown a little. "Potato, it will be okay. Promise." I lied. I wasn't exactly sure how things are gonna turn out, I mean its high school. She looked up at me and smirked. "I highly doubt it" She said. Me and her both hopped out of the car and walked into the school. While i was walking while Molly was skipping as usual i face palm lightly as i see everyone staring at her while shes being an idiot.


Molly's Pov

As I was skipping around i saw lots of people staring at me. And I blushed a little and looked back to sephora who was walking slowly behind me then i yelled "Hurry the Fuck up." I said jokingly "Oh shut up" she said back to me but then I bumped into someone and dropped all my stuff "shit " I said "i'm so sorry.." I apologized to who ever i bumped into then finally i had picked up all my stuff and looked up. It was a very cute Blondie with beautiful blue eyes. I caught my self staring at him then blushed "Um i'm sorry"I apologized to him once again. "Oh.. um...its...qqquite aalright love." He said as he stuttered and blushed which made me blush cause i thought it was cute. "My names niall." He said to me "Oh i'm molly" I smiled at him he blushed then i looked back to were Sephora was but she left me "Jesus Christ sephora" I said to myself "Oh whats wrong love?" Niall asked me "Oh just my sister left me" I sighed a bit "Ahh.... do want me to show you around a bit to some of your classes and locker?" "yes please!" I answered and smiled as we walked.


Sephora's Pov


As i watched Molly bump into some Blondie that kinda looks like her type i laughed at bit at the thought "She's such a clutz" I say to myself  and i walked down the hall to the office i saw this really cute boy he had blue eyes and brown hair. He was wearing stripes and toms and was sitting in the office smiling to himself. I wonder why hes in the office I think to myself as i walk to the front desk. I could feel his stare it kinda felt uncomfortable... but what ever i shook the feeling off but as i turned around he was right there. "Um..hello" I said kind of uncomfortable "Hello Love" he said perkily smiling. "I'm Louis what's your name?" He asked still smiling "Oh my name's Sephora." i answered "But if you don't mind me asking why are you in the office?" I asked him "Oh well you see i kinda got in-trouble by gluing all the teachers stuff too her desk" he says smiling proud "Oh i see" I laughed a bit so he's the class clown i thought to myself just my type.


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