Love Triangle

Louis's 17 year old sister Rebecca finally meets the rest of one direction, but When she starts falling for two of the boys, and they fall for her what happens? Read "Love Triangle" and watch the drama unfold between One Direction.


2. Mistake?

Liam's P.O.V


I was preparing for bed when Harry came back from getting water. "Liam, you will never believe this but i just kissed Becca!" Harry said.

"What?! Why would you do that?!" I said in a nasty tone.

"Whoa, calm down i thought you said you weren't into her!"

"I'm not she is Louis's little sister." I lied.

"Fine tomorrow i'll ask him if i can make out with his little sister" He said.

"So, your not even going date her? You're just going to use her!?" I Replied 

" I don't get the problem I do this all the time." He said.

"Whatever lets just go to bed." i said

I got into my bed and slowly drifted off. I dreamed of Harry kissing Becca and she was kissing him back. I woke up about soaked up in my sweat. I went in the shower and let cold water run down my back. After about thirty minutes or so Harry knock on the door"Liam, breakfast is ready". I was still mad at him for thinking that he can just use Becca like that. I get out of the shower and head downstairs to find Louis's mom setting the table with what seemed like could serve a whole army. I sit across from Becca but, as soon as Harry walks in she grabs him and pulls him into the other room.


Becca's P.O.V


It was breakfast, the first time i had seen Harry since he kissed me. I pulled him into another room were no one could hear us talking." Harry no one can know about last night, and it can never happen again!" I say in a hushed rushed tone

"Becca, I like you and I know you liked that kiss last night"

"So what if i did it doesn't matter, I like someone else." I say

"I think i can change your mind" Harry said.

He was leaning in for another kiss, I was pushing him away to stop him but instead i met him halfway. Why did he have to be such a good kisser. Could I be developing feelings for him?I pulled away so i could catch my breath.  He started kissing my neck when Liam walked in. I jump up and got  out of the room so fast. Bumping into Liam on the way out.



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