Love Triangle

Louis's 17 year old sister Rebecca finally meets the rest of one direction, but When she starts falling for two of the boys, and they fall for her what happens? Read "Love Triangle" and watch the drama unfold between One Direction.


1. Good Morning

Rebecca's P.O.V


I wake up to the smell of bacon. I ran down the stairs in my pj's and hair in a bun almost knocking Louis over. Louis  my brother, from one direction. I rarely ever see him in fact this is the first week i have seen him in 4 months.  "Whoa, slow down" Louis says.

I give him a dirty look, as i grab some bacon from my mum. There's a knock on our door. "Louis, i thought they were coming over at noon not 8:30 a.m!!!"

I run back up stairs and through on a nice yellow dress, and light make-up. I go to our living room and one direction is sitting on my couch. "Act cool", i think to my self.

I introduced myself and it was like they already new me because when i went to shake their hands all of them would pull me  for a hug. I thought meeting them would give me butterflys in stomach, but that never happened except when i look at Liam.



Liam's P.O.V


"We are here" Zayn says.

 Louis's mom greets and we all sit down on Louis's huge couch, in his huge house. "Hi my names Rebecca Tomlinson, Louis's sister But, you can all call me Becca" Becca said

We all greet her with hugs because thats just us. When i hugged her i felt something but, i can't have feelings for my best friend's little sister. Louis is giving us a tour of the house when randomly i hear beautiful singing coming from another room. I knock on the door and I hear Becca's Voice say "come in"

I froze and quickly got back with the others. I couldn't believe how wonderful her voice is, it's like i could listen all day on repeat and wouldn't get bored. She is special.



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