Love Triangle

Louis's 17 year old sister Rebecca finally meets the rest of one direction, but When she starts falling for two of the boys, and they fall for her what happens? Read "Love Triangle" and watch the drama unfold between One Direction.


6. Flight

Liam's  P.O.V


"Wow, Louis your pool is deep for a back yard pool" I said as I did a cannon ball.

I swam up to the surface and Louis Pushes me back underwater. I come up, and shove him down. " You win this round." He said.

"Hey, guys do you know whats wrong with Becca?" Naill asked us?

"No, what happened?" Louis asked.

"Well she just took off. I asked where she is going, and she just yelled at me." Naill claimed.

"Thats weird she never just leaves or yell at people?" Louis said sounded worried. We got out of the pool and Harry came out asking where Becca is. "I wouldn't tell you even if i knew" I whispered in his ear as I walk past him.

"Louis, why don't you call her cell" I said worrying now that it has been an hour, and she has come back.


Becca's P.O.V 


I start driving faster then I should because I know Naill is going to tell everyone I left. Which meant I didn't have long before Louis got worried and start looking for me.I have been driving for an hour and I need gas. I pull into 7 eleven. Two fans recognize me, and ask for a picture. I pull a fake smile and send them on there way. My phone was ringing like every second. It was twitter the two girls posted the picture of me. They tagged me and Louis in it. Louis knows where I am now. Louis is calling. I don't want him to worry so I answer. "Hello" I said

"Why did you just leave without telling me?" he asked.

"Take my off speaker phone." 

"Ok, your off speaker phone" he said.

"Meet me at the park we used to go with dad before his accident." I said.


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