Love Triangle

Louis's 17 year old sister Rebecca finally meets the rest of one direction, but When she starts falling for two of the boys, and they fall for her what happens? Read "Love Triangle" and watch the drama unfold between One Direction.


5. Fight or Flight

Becca's P.O.V


Instead of going to my room, I go to  the hot tub. I pull off my pjs and just go in the hot tub with my bra and underwear because its just like a bikini. I put the jets on and just relax. I start thinking of this morning's events. 1. I woke up in Liam's bed with his arms around me 2. Harry kissed me and i like it. I sound like a major slut. I can't believe it. What has gotten with me? I have only kissed one other boy and it was a dare at a party. I feel like punching myself in need of a wake-up call! I turn the hot tub off, and grab my towel. Climbing out of the hot tub I hear a noise. I whip my head around and slip I was about to reach the ground but someone caught me. My eyes were closed."You can open your eyes silly goose."

It was Liam, i opened my eyes and smiled. "Can you put me down Liam" 

"oops sorry" He laughed

I was glad it wasn't  Harry because he would probably try and kiss me. Which I probably would not of minded if I didn't like Liam. "Looks like i found you just in time" Liam said. Taking me right out of my day dream of Harry kissing me after catching me.

"Thank you. You we looking for me?" I Blushed.

"Yeah, i wanted to tell you last night was fun and i enjoyed your company"

I could feel my face getting hot. I started walking off with a big smile on my face. Liam grabbed my hand, spun me around in a circle like in those romantic Latin dances. Making my towel fall off. I grabbed it quickly and wrapped it around myself. "Wow , you have a very beautiful figure.l" Liam said.

I felt my blush. I kissed him on the cheek "Bye" and went to my bathroom. I step into the shower  and I screamed ! The cold water was so shocking on my warm hot tub skin. Louis knocked on the door "Becca are you ok!!??" He asks  frantically.

"Who used up all the warm water?" I say angrily. Louis starts laughing, and I hear his foot steps as he walks away.


Harry's P.O.V


I have been laying in the spot that Becca was in this morning on my bed since she left. Liam left the room about an hour ago. I can't get the taste off of her lips on mine lips. I thought she was like the other girls i have "dated". "Becca is special, and i'm going to make her see that." I say aloud.

"Bro, what are you doing with Louis's little sister" Zayn asked.

I guess he heard me. " I'm not doing anything with Louis's sister!" I said almost convincing myself.


Becca's P.O.V


Drying my hair with my towel. I hear Zayn and Harry  talking. I lean my head against the wall and I can hear what they are saying. "I'm not doing anything with Louis's sister!" Harry practically yelled that at Zayn.

"So, Harry is just using me!" I yelled and kicked the wall!

"how could I be so blind!" I was now screaming at the top of my lunges not because I was so furious but because my foot hurt! I grabbed my bag, and put on some black toms. I walked into the kitchen to get the keys to my sliver slug bug which I had to pay for. "hey Becca were you goin?" Naill asked.

"Not now Naill" I bark at him. I don't even now were I'm going i just need to be alone.





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